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How to Choose the Best Translation Management System?

Best Translation Management System

Businesses used to do manual file handling and translation management. This was a slow process that resulted in a lot of work and a slow workflow. Manual translation management was more susceptible to errors. Things have improved. Advanced translation management systems that use AI technology have allowed businesses to manage large volumes without compromising quality. There are many translation management system services on the market. But the real question is how do you choose the best translation management software?

Businesses, regardless of the size or nature of the products/services offered, have access to new opportunities through globalization. Businesses should think about localization to ensure their brand is a global success. With its flexible workflow and translation management processes, the translation management system can also help you manage large numbers of translated.

This article will help you choose the right TMS to fit your business’ expansion needs.

Choose the best translation management system

Usability & Ease

A TMS can help you save time, reduce your workload, and make the translation process more efficient. However, a complicated TMS will accomplish the exact opposite. TMSs can be so complex and confusing that it is difficult for non-technical people to use and understand them.

A user-friendly TMS makes it easier for translators to use. Your TMS should be interactive and simple to use so that localization teams can work with it. It won’t take too long to teach your team how to use the TMS.

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Advanced Translation Features

TMSs can now deliver high-quality translations much faster thanks to AI technology. Your translation’s quality is directly related to the features it has. A professional translation management system will simplify and speed up your translation process. It should include the following features:

Translation Memory

This is an important feature of your TMS. It will help you keep your content in context, and ensure that your translation does not contradict the original intent. Translation memory is a TMS database that stores approved translations and reuses the segments for future projects. These features improve the quality and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes in translation.


It’s a terminology database that contains all industry-specific terminology that will enhance translation quality. It contains all approved terms and definitions that can be used for in-context translations. This glossary is useful, especially when dealing with specialized content.

Automated File Formatting

Manual formatting translation files takes a lot of time. TMS makes this process much easier. It will preserve the layout and produce a translated document that is easily downloaded and printed.

Fast Communication

This is something that most businesses ignore, but it’s important to make sure your TMS allows for good communication between clients and team members. Your translation team must communicate effectively to discuss new projects, updates, and changes, as well as the overall progress of the project.

These are some things to consider when assessing whether your translation management system offers good communication features.

  • Access to certain documents by the team under your control
  • Collaboration in translation editing in real-time
  • Controls for versioning and branching

These features make it easier for employees to communicate via email for any new updates on projects. These are the features that cloud-based TMSs can offer.

Customer’s Feedback

Get feedback from existing users about the usability of TMS and any problems they have. You can read reviews about your TMS on Google or look at the social media pages for TMS providers to get a better idea of its credibility. You can see the comments made by previous customers and current customers to get real feedback. This will allow you to see the satisfaction of customers and their complaints about a particular TMS.

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Data Protection

Businesses are concerned about data security and privacy. You may need to translate confidential business assets. It is important to ensure that security is a top priority. It is important to consider the safety precautions your TMS provides to protect your data from being stolen when choosing your TMS.

It is crucial to ensure that your data does not get lost if you use cloud-based translation management software. It is essential to have a TMS that protects your data and keeps it confidential.


You can’t outspend your budget, no matter how great a translation management system may be. It is important to find a TMS that fits your needs and your budget. Hidden costs are something you should be aware of as some companies don’t make their prices clear. Ask your company about their pricing for TMS and any hidden fees that may not be listed on their website.


A TMS is crucial to expanding your business internationally. A reliable translation management system will ensure that you do not have to worry about content being translated into different languages. It is important to select the right TMS system for your business. This will help you save time and give you the content quality you need to win over your competitors. To choose the best TMS for your business.

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