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Top 9 Analytics Apps to Boost your Marketing Campaigns

Top 9 Analytics Apps to Boost your Marketing Campaigns

Analytics platforms allow marketers to track user demand and analyze factors such as app usage and social media activity. These tools allow marketers to monitor the popularity of their content in real-time and gain insight into it. Their app versions allow them to do this anywhere they are. Here is a list of marketing analytics apps that will help you better monitor your promotions

1. Buffer

Businesses today cannot afford to ignore social media in marketing. It can be tedious and time-consuming to analyze everything, from the popularity of your Facebook business page posts to the number of tweets, which is both a burden and a waste. Enter Buffer. Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media activity from one place.

Buffer can be used by marketers to post updates on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Google+, and others. This allows you to track what content resonates on various social media sites in one place. Buffer can be used to manage multiple accounts.

  • Blog posts and other updates can be scheduled on a weekly, or monthly basis
  • Every update should include interesting imagery
  • Share links
  • Popular updates can be re-buffer

Buffer, like most platforms, offers a freemium option. If you want to get the best out of Buffer for marketing analytics apps, however, the paid version is recommended.

2. Klout

Klout, social media management, and analytics platforms can also be very useful for marketers. This tool allows you to share relevant content and also shows how many people have liked your posts. This tool will suggest content your audience may like, which can help you improve your marketing efforts.

Klout is a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to attract new customers and engage existing audiences with engaging content. You will be able to use the app to calculate your ‘Klout Score’, which can be used for online influence assessment. Klout Score refers to a number from 1 to 100 that measures your ability online to drive action. Your Klout Score will increase the more popular your posts, the better.

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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is especially popular among marketers. It also offers a freemium edition, where you can test out some of its services. Hootsuite, however, is better if you need to reply to comments on your posts.

The marketing analytics apps allow you to manage social media campaigns from anywhere. You can also use the app to –

  • Monitor and track keywords and mentions
  • Schedule posts
  • You can schedule assignments tools for your team
  • Analytics modules allow you to analyze and measure social media traffic.

The app allows you to access the HootSuite Application Directory. You can choose from more than 50 extensions in the Directory. These extensions can all be added to your dashboard to further customize your experience. Although the free version of the tool is available, you should consider purchasing the paid version if your goal is to get the most out of Hootsuite.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot provides marketers with all the tools they need to analyze and improve their marketing campaigns. It offers you everything from analytics and CRM to social media management, blogging, call-to-action testing, and even landing page creation.

This platform is especially popular among small- to medium-sized business owners. The platform offers marketers an integrated platform that includes a full set of tools that allows them to generate more leads online. The app version allows you to manage all your HubSpot stacks from your smartphone.

This app can be used in your marketing efforts to –

  • All your data is available wherever you are
  • Enhanced marketing analytics can help you monitor your efforts and make better decisions.
  • Make your landing pages, blogs, and emails professional.
  • Keep up to date with all sales activities

5. Google Analytics

Every online marketer has either heard about or used Google Analytics. It’s not hard to see why. This marketing analytics tool provides all the advanced analytics features that most platforms have, but at no cost. This tool allows marketers to view how their websites and apps perform in one place. The data can be used to create a detailed analysis of your target audience and share it with your team.

The app version is equally useful. You can track the online progress of your business from anywhere you are. The app allows you to:

  • Use reports that have been built in to check metric data
  • Monitor data in real-time
  • You can customize your reports with any segment, dimension, or metrics that you desire
  • To save reports to your dashboard, you can look at them later

It is completely free to download.

6. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the latest addition to this list. This tool is ideal for marketers using AdMob or AdSense to track how their ads and mobile marketing efforts progress. The mobile version allows you to see key data from both your AdMob and AdSense accounts right on your phone.

Google Adsense by itself is a fantastic platform for publishers who want to have more control over their inventories and the resources to manage optimizations. It is therefore well-suited for those who are looking for advanced features and don’t have to deal with too many technicalities in order to optimize their experience. It is convenient in that users can monitor their progress without needing to log in to their AdSense accounts from a computer or laptop.

7. Salesforce Wave Analytics

Salesforce is a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management), that uses cloud computing for enterprise software. It is a well-respected software and its analytics cloud app is one of the perks for customers.

Salesforce describes the Salesforce Wave Analytics app, which is integrated with Sales Cloud. It makes it easy to access the data you need directly from the dashboard. Wave Analytics software was designed to work on any device, including tablet, smartphone, and watch.

This app is a must-have for any sales team who are often out in the field and need sales data at the moment. It allows members of your team to monitor, analyze, and process data instantly without needing to be in the office. Imagine the benefits. Customers love instant gratification and appreciate fast responses. This app can help you achieve it. This marketing analytics apps gives marketers valuable insights that can be used to improve their campaigns.

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8. Zoho Social

Zoho offers a range of online SaaS apps and online productivity tools. The social media management app Zoho Social stands out to marketers looking to increase their online presence. You can also manage multiple social media accounts and schedule posts. Multiple users can collaborate on the same platform using this application.

This tool allows you to interact with followers on multiple accounts and track what’s being said about your brand online. This marketing analytics tool saves users from having to go through each social media account individually. It also saves them time, which they can use to improve the brand message. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Pre-scheduling your posts using smart scheduling features will help you target the right audience at just the right time.
  • Reports on Monitor Statistics
  • You can work offline on drafts and then sync them once you have internet access
  • Real-time interaction with your audience

9. Flurry Analytics

Apps seem to be available for almost everything. App development is not a new field for businesses. There are analytics platforms available that can help business owners track how their apps do in the marketplace. Flurry, Yahoo’s mobile app analytics platform, is one example.

Flurry allows you to analyze the usage of your app, set notifications that notify you when your app performs poorly, and track your favorite products. The platform’s mobile app lets you do this from anywhere. These are just a few other noteworthy features:

  • You can create custom alerts for app metrics that fluctuate according to predetermined amounts
  • To share usage graphs of apps with your team, you can text, email, or use another messaging platform.
  • You can track metrics such as new users, timeframes, and active users in your applications

Marketing analytics apps provide marketers with a 360-degree view of their marketing efforts and give them actionable insights about visitor and customer response. Their app versions allow users to perform all of this without having to be restricted to their desktops or workspaces.

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