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5 Major Machine Learning Projects That Can Help Beginners

5 Major Machine Learning Projects That Can Help Beginners

Machine Learning is a major technology that is dominating the market. This technology can be used in tablets and computers that can learn all types of data, including programming languages. It uses a futuristic approach to address all major requirements, such as speech recognition and virtual assistants.

These major projects can help you get started if you are interested in a career as a Machine Learning professional.

1. Movie Recommendation

During the pandemic, people have begun to watch movies online and on television. This has meant that the recommendation process is at the forefront of its game. Experts are now able to recommend movies based on the user’s search history and previous viewing history. This is possible with Python or R programming languages.

2. Sort Tweets

Twitter is very popular among users. With the help of a small tweet project, it is possible to filter them out using quick and easy access. This will allow beginners to gain a better understanding of trends and projects using algorithms and Natural Processing Language.

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3. Stock Predictions

The ML Project is able to predict stocks and shows investors the growing awareness. These can include past prices, volatility indexes, and fundamental indicators. You can also use stock-market data to make and design predictions.

4. Breast Cancer Prediction

Machine Learning can help predict breast cancer risk. This project can determine the likelihood of breast cancer in an individual and show if it’s malignant or benign.

5. Human Activities Recognition

This project is able to track user activities like running, walking, and cycling. It can also be used with Machine Learning. This project is able to solve multi-classification problems quickly.

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