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Benefits of Using Python Language for Development

benefits of python

You need to be familiar with the benefit of the Python language. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of the Python programming language.

We can create robust apps by understanding the Python disadvantages and advantages. Let’s begin with the Python advantages and disadvantages.

7 Benefit of Python For Developers

Let us first learn about the advantages of Python.

1. It is easy to read, learn and write

Python is a high-level programming language with English-like syntax. This makes it easier for you to understand and read the code.

It is very easy to learn and to Python. This is why many people recommend Python to beginners. To accomplish the same task, you will need less code than other major languages such as C/C++ or Java.

2. Increased Productivity

Python is a very productive language. Because Python language is so simple, developers can concentrate on solving the problem. Developers don’t have to spend too much time understanding the behavior or syntax of the programming language. You can write less code, and accomplish more.

3. Interpreted Language

Python is an interpreted programming language. This means Python executes the code one by one. It stops execution if it detects an error and reports the error back to you.

Even if Python has many errors, Python will only show one error. This makes debugging much easier

4. Dynamically Typed

Python doesn’t know what type of variable we are using until we execute the code. It assigns the data type automatically during execution. Programmers don’t have to worry about declaring variables or their data types.

5. Free and open-source

Python is licensed under the OSI-approved Open-Source License. It is free to use and distribute. It is possible to download the source code and modify it, as well as distribute your Python version. This is useful for companies that need to modify a specific behavior or use their version of Python for development.

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6. Vast Libraries Support

You can find nearly all functions you need in the Python standard library. You don’t need to depend on other libraries.

Even if you don’t, a Python Package Manager (pip) makes it easier to import great packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI). It contains over 200,000 packages.

7. Portability

You will need to modify yours in order to run C/C++ programs on different platforms. This is not true for Python. It is possible to write once and then run it anywhere.

Bonus – More Benefit of Python LanguageĀ 

  • Prevalence of modules from third parties
  • Comprehensive support libraries (NumPy to perform numerical calculations, Pandas to do data analysis, etc.)
  • Community development and open source
  • Multipurpose, easy to learn, read and write
  • Data structures that are user-friendly
  • High-level language
  • Dynamically typed language (No need to mention datatype based on the value assigned; it takes datatype)
  • Object-oriented language
  • Mobile and interactive
  • Ideal for prototyping – Provides more functionality with less code
  • Highly efficient (Python’s object-oriented design makes it easier to control processes. The language also has excellent text processing and integration capabilities. It also has its own unit testing framework which makes it more effective.
  • (IoT),Internet of Things Opportunities
  • Interpreted Language
  • Mobile across all Operating Systems

Disadvantages of Python

1. Slow speed

As we discussed, Python is both an interpreted and dynamically typed language. Slow execution is often the result of the line-by-line execution of code.

Because Python has to perform extra work while it executes code, its dynamic nature is responsible for the slow of Python. Python is not recommended for projects where speed is important.

2. Memory is not sufficient

Python must make a tradeoff in order to provide simplicity for the developer. The Python programming language requires a large amount of memory. When we want memory optimization, this can be a problem when building applications.

3. Mobile Computing: Weakness

Server-side programming is where Python is most commonly used. Because of these reasons, we don’t see Python on the client-side or in mobile apps. Python is slower than other languages in terms of processing power.

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4. Database Access

Programming with Python is simple and pain-free. However, when we interact with the database it is difficult to keep up.

Python’s database access layer for data is primitive and poorly developed in comparison to other popular technologies such as JDBC or ODBC.

Large enterprises require smooth interaction with complex legacy data. Python is rarely used in enterprises.

5. Runtime Errors

Python is dynamically typed, so any variable’s data type can change at any time. A variable that contains an integer number could hold a string later, which could lead to Runtime errors.

Programmers in Python must ensure that the applications are tested thoroughly.


Python is a basic, flexible, and complete programing language. This is the best choice for both beginners and professional developers. While it does have some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh them. Many benefits of python language in the development. Google even made Python its primary programming language.

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