5 Backlink APIs to Automate Link Building Strategy

Backlink APIs

A marketing strategy that is effective means you cover all bases. Ranking high in search engines is a key goal when you think about the future of your site. Backlinking is essential as search engines can pick up many metrics.

Backlinking is a continuous process and requires a detailed Inbound Marketing Strategy. You can take immediate action by having access to your performance and the approaches of your competitors.

This is where a backlink API can be of great help. This API allows you to access data about who is linking to your competitors’ sites and to whom they are linking in their strategies. You can also see who they are currently collaborating with and who their past partners were.

Let’s first discuss API basics before we get to the top picks on the market.

What is an API?

APIs (application programming Interface) are systems that developers use in software products to access various types of information quickly. The weather app on your smartphone, for example, collects weather data from weather APIs that have been created by developers.

It facilitates communication between applications.

A team of developers first creates an API for a specific software product. They decide what information the API will offer its users. A different team of developers can then access the API data feed and call it to their product.

APIs are used for information exchange in a majority of the applications we use today. Because it makes communication between programs easier, APIs have become a standard within the IT industry.

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Why should you use one?

The biggest benefit to using different APIs is the ability to access a large amount of information in just a few clicks. It’s also a time-saver as it automates the entire process. Previously, you would have to manually search for information.

An API allows your software tool to request data from another system. You get all the information that you need.

You can also develop your app to connect with multiple backlink APIs. This would allow you to use one tool to access data from multiple APIs in one location.

This step will speed up your internal processes, as your team can centralize all data. These tools have the potential to provide many benefits for your company.

  • Productivity increases
  • Lower costs
  • The improved internal organization of processes
  • Multi-API collaboration allows for team flexibility
  • Access to copious amounts of real-time data

Different APIs can be used to help your teams work more efficiently. This is a good investment that will help you grow your company.

Top backlink APIs picks

Let’s now talk about APIs and how they can help your business. These APIs can be used to audit your website and provide you with useful information. backlink data are essential ranking factors.

There are many options on the market today. Let’s take a look at a few that offer outstanding APIs.

1. DataForSEO

DataForSEO provides a rich backlinks API. The DataForSEO team provides a lot of value for their clients with the ever-growing backlink index.

It’s as easy to use and convenient as it is practical. It gives real-time information for millions of subdomains and domains worldwide.

You can get the following information by performing an audit of your website or that of your competitors:

  • Backlinks — Search for all backlinks to the pages of the website that you are auditing. It will allow you to see the patterns your competitors use. You can also see the weak points of your competitors and develop a more effective backlink strategy to get a higher ranking.
  • Related domains — Examine how domains link to each other. This will allow you to identify which domains are interlinked.
  • Link intersection — Use the API to find websites linking to other websites in the same niche. Analyze data to find backlinking opportunities that will benefit your brand.

DataForSEO API is a valuable tool to add to your SEO tools. There’s more. The company provides assistance with integration and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The number of API requests you make will determine the cost of your API. Your usage will determine how much you pay for API services.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs has been a major player in the SEO industry. They take great pride in their crawler, which they claim is second to other large companies like Yahoo and Bing.
This means you can access their API to get a lot of indexed backlinks. Although the API subscribers have many options, the price is affected by the sheer volume of data.

There are three plans available for the API: Standard, Plus, and Premium. You will be charged extra if you exceed the API request limit of any plan.

This tool is an option for businesses looking to increase their backlinking score. It will however require a higher investment.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush, another major name in the SEO field, counts large amounts of backlinks, indexed websites, and keyword data. The company is currently working to release version four of their API. This API focuses heavily on security and features.

Integration is made easy by the company, which allows brands to quickly use their API and make the most of it. The API access is not available to all subscribers to the Business plan, just like Ahrefs. This comes at a high price.

Additional costs may also be applicable depending on how many requests are made to the API.

You also get keywords information, which can be used to generate keyword ideas for your content.

SEO users will find a lot of useful resources on the company’s website.

4. Mozscape

Moz is an integral part of the SEO industry. SEO professionals are familiar with the Domain Authority browser extension from Moz. Mozscape API has over 40 trillion links.

You will also be able to see all backlinks. Additionally, you can access additional information about them such as their anchors or whether they are do-follow links.

These insights will help you see the competition and how you can improve your market position.

You can also see information like Page Authority and Domain Authority in the API. This will give you an instant picture of what rank something is most likely to be.

Although the Entry Level API plan costs less than other plans, it comes with many limitations. Users should choose a low-volume plan at the same price as Ahrefs or SEMrush. Enterprise or Mid Volume plans are for the most demanding users.

Overall, Mozscape has a rich backlink database and is an excellent API for backlinks.

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5. Majestic

Majestic is a robust platform that offers an API that has a large index of backlinks. Majestic, like the other companies mentioned above, is also an expert in SEO. You can see the quality of your website through features like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Flow Metric score.

Developers will also find a lot of useful API documentation to help them integrate the API with their software more efficiently.

Only Full API plan subscribers have access to the powerful backlink API. The plan’s cost will increase as the analysis units are increased.

Majestic’s API cost is higher than SEMrush and Ahrefs, but it is still a lot cheaper than Mozscape or SEMrush.

How to pick the right tool?

Depending on your business requirements, you will choose one of these backlink APIs. It is important to choose a tool that does the job without spending too much. Value is a key factor to remember. However, that’s just one aspect. There are many other factors to be aware of:

  • Features — Determine what data you have access to with a specific API. Choose one that allows you to access additional information beyond the backlink analysis.
  • Backlink Index — The Backlink index size measures how useful the tool is. You won’t get the most accurate data if you choose one on a small basis.
  • Easy implementation Ensure that your team is capable of handling the API implementation. Avoid complex solutions that will waste your time.
  • Experience — How long have they been in business? Choose a backlink API provider that has been in business for a while. Their service is the reason they have survived. Their API is likely to be excellent.

These things will help you choose the best backlink API for your company.


Access to big data can greatly improve your business. Data analysis is vital to stay competitive in today’s market. It allows you to better predict your next business move.

A great backlink API can help your website rank higher. You will get the best results by choosing one of the options that we have discussed in this article. You can take your time to find the right option for you. This will help you to find areas for improvement.

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