7 Best Apps That Help Me Concentrate When I Write My Papers

7 Best Apps That Help Me Concentrate When I Write My Papers

Paper writing doesn’t have to be daunting and extremely time-consuming. With the right approach and some amazing apps, you can make this process faster, easier, and more productive. If you were thinking, “What tools can help me write my papers for college?” this article is exactly what you need.

This is the ultimate solution to any type of problem or difficulty students might have with college assignments. It is a professional academic writing app that offers services for students in need. So if you found yourself asking, “Is there someone to help me write my papers?” – the answer is WritePaper.

Here you can get writing, editing, and proofreading assistance almost immediately. Professional authors are here to assist with all types of college papers, from an essay to a dissertation. Thanks to years of experience, they can create original, thought-provoking, and properly formatted assignments according to your requirements.

The platform has a great team of writers that specialize in various subjects and topics. They can help polish your work to excellence or do it all for you from scratch. And the best part is that students get to collaborate with experts that deliver valuable advice and insights on academic writing.

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Writer Plus

This is an amazing application to make the writing process more focused and productive. It works on iOS devices and offers a slick and distraction-free interface. It is suitable to work on any type of text and has several great features, namely:

  • Minimal battery consumption;
  • Fast performance;
  • Live word and character count;
  • Folder-based organizational structure;
  • Wireless keyboard support;
  • Night mode for comfortable work in low light conditions;
  • Support of several languages besides English (Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, and Spanish).

Overall, it is a powerful word processor that ensures higher productivity and concentration.


Grammarly is one of the best proofreading apps out there. It is accurate, has relevant suggestions, and goes beyond spelling and grammar. Basic functionality is available for free, and it is enough for a lot of student needs. The advanced functionality is more suitable for professional authors and those who need advice on narration, audience, and style.

One of the great benefits of Grammarly is that it gives suggestions with explanations, which helps to become a better learner and writer. Here are some of the best features of this app:

  • Immediate grammar, punctuation, and spelling check;
  • Live-checking with updates as you make edits and corrections;
  • It can be used as an addition to correct your writing on emails, social media, or other apps;
  • It gives an overall score for the text;
  • It supports multi-word text predictions.

With a premium subscription, you also get suggestions on synonyms, tautology, and word usage.

Wordtune Read

If you ever spend too much time researching for a college paper, you need to try this one. Before you get to the point of “it’s time to write my papers,” you need to do a lot of reading. And Wordtune Read helps to save a tremendous amount of time.

It analyzes any text and summarizes it in several sentences or paragraphs. So instead of reading through the whole article, you can get a clear idea of what it is about in a couple of minutes. Students can paste the text into the application or paste the link to an article online. And that’s it – you get a summary to know whether the source is relevant and worth your time.


This solution is all about making your text more comprehensive. Readability is an important factor in college assignments. If your essay is too convoluted, it can endanger the grade.

Hemingway is a free in-browser app that analyzes your text and shows the overall readability score. This means how easy it is to understand for a reader. It evaluates passive voice usage, adverbs, hard-to-read sentences, and complicated phrases. Based on the suggestions, students can advance their assignments and make them clearer.

The general rule is that the score should be 9 or lower for a paper to be easy-to-read. Using this application regularly, students can become better authors and learn how to present their ideas understandably.

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Pure Writer

This is another helpful word-processing software to make the process less stressful for students. One of the best things about it is the minimalistic interface. There are no distractions to get your attention from the text. This helps boost focus and avoid procrastination.

Among other great features is the line and paragraph spacing. So you can easily type, scroll, and proofread the text. It also has a keyboard functionality, which allows students to work on papers on different devices. The digital keyboard can be collapsed with one swipe if you do not need it.

It also saves all your work until you manually delete it, so there is no risk of losing progress. And students can safeguard their papers with fingerprints, which makes it one of the safest processors out there.

Free Mind

This is a fantastic mind-mapping application. It is perfect for working on various academic projects because it promotes easy brainstorming and working on complex ideas or concepts. Here students can create various diagrams to structure their research or notes logically.

A free Mind allows for creating projects and tracking progress. You can save all your sources here, and color code them according to relevancy/topic/or period. Overall, it is ideal when you have a lot on your mind and need to put it into perspective.

In Summary

Although academic writing can sometimes be challenging, with the use of these apps, you can nail all your college assignments without stress. Whether you need a better word processor, a faster research tool, or professional help with an essay – they are going to come in handy.

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