How Do You Put Text at the Top and Bottom of a Video?

How Do You Put Text at the Top and Bottom of a Video

Videos may be the preferred content nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that the text part isn’t important anymore.

Do you not believe the text on videos is really that essential? Learn about the benefits you can get when you adding text to your video as well as how you can do it yourself.

Why Should You Add Text to Your Video?

There are many circumstances when adding text to your video will add more value to it, such as:

You want to boost the views on your videos

If you’re producing videos for digital marketing purposes, you know just how important videos are. The more views a video gets, the more powerful it is in helping build your following or improve conversion rates.

Subtitles have been proven to help increase views. So if you feel that your numbers have stagnated for a while, this can make a difference. Think about it this way: if your hearing isn’t that good, you’re going to choose a video that’s not going to force you to lip-read.

This is even more important for YouTube videos. There, the videos will autoplay without the sounds, even without you clicking on them. Having subtitles to give context to the video can help build interest.

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You want to emphasize certain ideas or words in the video

How do teachers help facilitate learning for children? They put emphasis on concepts and ideas that matter the most. It helps get rid of the noise while also improving memory retention.

In a sense, this is what you also want to happen: make the concepts easier for the audience to grasp. This way, you can attract an audience that resonates with your message more easily.

It adds cue points that the audience can use to understand your content.

Sure, you already have sound and video. But what’s wrong with adding more cues? Anything that helps better understand the message should be welcomed.

Remember when you were still in high school? There were probably a few times that your mind went off somewhere because you didn’t find the topics interesting. If your target audience ignores you, you have to work even harder to make sure you send your message across.

It allows people to play your videos on mute.

Did you know that 69% of viewers watch videos with the sounds off? In public places, people are more mindful of the noise they make. But even in private, 25% of people still watch videos on mute.

This means that without the text, all your hard work in conceptualizing, shooting, and editing the video goes to waste. People will always find alternatives fitting their preferences, and you don’t want to get replaced for something as trivial as video text.

You want to protect your copyrighted material

You’ve probably seen a few videos that were reposted or re-uploaded somewhere without permission or proper attribution. And given that you put time and thought into making your video great, it can be very disheartening to have this happen to you.

The best course of action is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If there’s a text indicating that it belongs to you, it will be harder for anyone to steal your content.

Adding Text to the Top and Bottom of Your Videos

The exact process by which you can accomplish this will vary depending on the software you use. But regardless of the software, the first thing you should do is make sure that there’s no editing left to be done. Adding the text should be the final part of the process.

Also, for all cases, remember to drag the text box to the top or bottom of the video. That is where the text you produce will appear. The next step will depend on what you want to accomplish:

Adding a Watermark or Title

Simply use the Add Text feature or its equivalent in the app. Then, type in the desired text. Once it’s positioned where you want it, just save and download your work. That’s it!

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Adding Subtitles

Now, this one is a little more complicated. For the subtitles to make sense, they have to be timed well.

But before making the actual subtitles, it would help to have the video transcribed first. This will make the process go faster as you can just copy and paste the text.

Then, create the first line of subtitles. Proceed like you would with adding a watermark. But here, it should only appear while the line is still being said. Be mindful as well of the size of text and opacity that you’re going for. You want it to be readable, but it shouldn’t obstruct the view.

Do this same process up until you’re done with the video.

Add Words to Complete the Picture (or Video!)

Now that you know how to add text to your video, we strongly suggest applying it to all your video projects. It’s quick, simple, and straightforward. And with the benefits of doing so, the return on the efforts is surely worth it.

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