6 Most Common Video Problems and Easy Ways to Fix Them

6 Most Common Video Problems and Easy Ways to Fix Them

We never know what can happen while shooting a video or during its editing. Hopefully, most of the problems are easily fixable and, in our guide, we are going to tell you about a few handy ways to save your footage and make the quality of a video better.

  1. A video file can’t be loaded. This is one of the most terrifying issues that can ever happen while working with a video. It can happen if your file turns out to be corrupt or crashed while downloading. To fix it, firstly, make sure that your video player supports this media format. If not you can either use a different program to play your short movie or convert your video to the necessary format. One more way is to download this video from the Web once again or copy the file from the memory card or from your camera’s or phone’s built-in memory to your PC one more time.
  2. Bad quality of the audio or completely missing sound. This problem can happen if your video was corrupted or the microphone of your camera got broken. Well, in case the audio file is so badly damaged you can grab a new recording and add it to your footage. Alternatively, you can overlay your clip with a tune or royalty-free song.
  3. Blurry or distorted image. Even not clear videos can be improved. The easiest way to do that is to increase the brightness and bring the contrast down a little. If it doesn’t help a bit, you can use powerful video editing software to deblur your video.
  4. Shaky footage. Sometimes the built-in camera stabilization fails or isn’t enough to render a steady video clip. There’s the only way to fix this issue is to use a powerful video editing computer program. The software can have an automatic or a manual stabilization feature, so you can try both and go with the best result.
  5. Poor lightning. Dark video can be the result of overexposure or shooting with not sufficient light. But there’s a solution to this problem as well. You can employ built-into your PC video-editing software or purchase a different program and then increase the brightness and color correct your video.
  6. Too long video. We film a lot, but then it turns out that we do not need so much video material. Or maybe a movie seems to be too long for viewers to watch it till the end. There’s a sure way to make a clip more engaging to cut out the unnecessary parts of the video.

Whatever video problems can come up, most of them are easily fixable with a powerful video editor. Let’s have a look at some of the best programs that can save your footage in mere minutes.

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We’ll start our list with CyberLink PowerDirector 365. This is a full-featured video editor that can help you to improve video quality, join or trim your videos, split clips and delete some unnecessary sections. You can also improve colors and add some transitions and effects. The program is not available as a one-time purchase since it has a monthly subscription. After you’ve paid for the software, you can access royalty-free stock videos and images and use them in your projects. Due to the regular updates, you can easily catch up with the new features of CyberLink PowerDirector 365.

In case you wonder how to enhance a video on a mac-OS-based device, then have a look at iMovie. Being an entry-level video editor this program allows you to turn some different clips into one video. The default program allows you to trim, crop, and rotate your videos. In case you want to enhance lightning or tweak the colors of your footage you can do it with an autocorrection mode. Then you can choose from 14 titles and transitions. The program comes pre-installed with mac-iOS.

We can’t skip the famous Adobe Premiere Pro. This professional video editor can help you to enhance the video quality but this software is too difficult for newbies due to its steep learning curve and complex interface. When you’ve mastered the program you can use 47 transitions by default or install a plugin to get some more. The software also allows you to improve shaky footage, to make your video faster or slower. There are no sound effect samples in the editor. The program is designed for both PC and Mac and gives its users a seven-day free trial. After that period, you can purchase quite an expensive monthly or yearly subscription.

One more video editor that can easily help you to fix your videos is Clipify. The program can boast both a user-friendly interface and a wide toolkit. You can easily improve colors in your clip, apply more than 450 effects and filters, and add some meaningful captions. With the help of this handy video editing program, you can make your clips faster or slower, trim and cut them. There’s a built-in library of royalty-free tracks that you can easily add to your short movie. The recording feature allows you to record your own voice-over and use it in your video. Want to learn more about how to make the quality of a video better? Then follow the link and explore lots of easy-to-follow tutorials.

Now you’ve learned not only 6 ways of how to make a low-quality video look better but know 4 different editors that can help you to improve your clips all by yourself.

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