12 Best Free Stock Video Websites

12 Best Free Stock Video Websites

High-quality video content used to be a costly investment. There are many options available. Free stock video websites allow bloggers and marketers to reach their audiences without spending a fortune.

Not all free stock video websites offer the same level of quality. Although some claim they are free, you can find download limits and content with watermarks that are not always accessible for commercial use.

We’ve compiled a list of top free stock video sites, along with key points and takeaways to help you in your search.

Stock videos are royalty-free and high-quality clips that you can use for film production, business, or personal projects.

These assets are useful when you have problems with your video production. You may have had to travel far or inaccessible places to capture your shots.

In such situations, it is possible to bring your video projects to life with the help of well-placed stock videos.

We’ve compiled a list of the top websites that offer high-quality stock videos for free to help you. here best free video clips.

These websites offer stock video clips that can be used to create cityscapes or wildlife clips. this article helps your free video download website.

12 of the best websites for free stock videos

1. Freepik

Freepik strives to be the one destination for all your multimedia requirements. With a constant flow of free-to-use HD stock footage and the support of other visual elements such as stock images, fonts, and vector designs, video production just got a little easier for personal and commercial projects.

Free content will need attribution however, premium members will benefit from no need for attribution, a much wider selection of footage, and full access to a cluster of features designed to streamline your creative workflow.

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2. Videvo

Videvo provides thousands of free stock video footage, as well as motion graphics and music created by their users.

Videvo clips can be downloaded in many different license types. Some you might not be allowed to use for certain types of projects. A complete list of the different license types is available here. But here’s a brief summary:

  • Videvo Attribution License allows for the free use of a clip, but you must credit the original author.
  • Clips that are Creative Commons 3.0 compliant can also be freely used with credit and maybe remixed, adapted, or shared.
  • Public Domain licenses are yours to use as you please!

3. Pexels

Pexels started as a photo site. However, it has grown to include a large collection of HD and 4K stock videos.
All photos and videos are free to use with the Pexels license. However, credit to the videographer would be appreciated. You can edit and modify videos as you wish.

Check out their “trending free stock videos” for the latest stock videos. This includes this relaxing footage of hair being braided.

4. Videezy

Videezy offers a wide range of video clips that can be used for commercial and personal purposes. However, you should always check the specific licensing information for each clip to ensure your favorite footage is available.

Many require you to credit for any footage. You can purchase credits to allow you to use footage even without credit.

You have a large selection of high-quality videos to choose from in HD and 4K resolutions. Any results marked “Pro” in a search result are premium clips that can only be purchased by using credits.

5. Life of Vids

Life of Vids is an assortment of stock clips, loops, and videos that Leeroy, a Montreal-based advertising agency, has made available to the public. Redistribution on other websites is allowed free video clips download, though there are no copyright restrictions. If you are so inclined, you can buy them a beer and give them a shoutout via your website.

They add new videos every week and have a wonderful collection of stock images that you can download for free.

6. Coverr

It was started by entrepreneurs and filmmakers who wanted the high-quality video to promote their products. Coverr is designed to fulfill the same need for up-and-coming brands. It’s a gift to the world.

It now offers thousands of videos for free and has been downloaded over five million times. All videos are available in HD and can be downloaded in MP4 format.

You can instantly download free video footage without signing up and no attribution is required. These sweet clips can be used in personal or commercial video projects. You can also copy and modify them as you wish.

7. Splitshire

Splitshire was created by Daniel Nanescu, who is a web designer and wanted his videos and photos to be free for personal and commercial use. These photos and videos are more unique than other stock site content because they were created by the same person.

These videos feature drone footage of stunning outdoor scenes. You can download the videos by clicking on each title. They can be used across all social media channels. However, you cannot sell them or use them for projects that contain inappropriate content like violence, racism, and discrimination.

8. Clipstill

Clipstill offers a few of its web-quality “cinemagraphs”, which are free to download each month. It’s well worth the effort and keeping a record of your favorite clips for future reference. It’s impossible to predict when you might need footage of a hot-air balloon going down the road.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect footage (and you don’t have the money to pay), you can sign up for unlimited downloading for $49

9. Dareful

Although it isn’t a compilation of thousands or even millions of clips, there may be something in the hundreds of 4K royalty-free stock videos available here that tickles your fancy.

Previously known as Free Stock Footage, Dareful provides stock footage that is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0, which means that as long as you give proper credit and indicate whether any changes were made. Till then you are free to share and customize.

Joel Holland is the videographer who shot it all. It’s all shot by Joel Holland. Although we may never be able to know the truth, we can still watch this time-lapse video of ominous clouds while we contemplate.

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10. Vidsplay

Vidsplay is updated every few weeks with new videos. This makes Vidsplay a great resource to keep your social media content current. It’s been around since 2010, so there is plenty of older content you can also explore.

Any video can be downloaded and used without any royalties. However, you will need to give credit. you can download free stock footage from these websites.

11. Mixkit

Mixkit has many options to stock up on content. Mixkit offers stock video clips, sound effects, and music, as well as video templates. This is a collection of resources that Envato provides as a subscription service for the creative assets. However, this batch is completely free and unlimited. Every week new content is added without any attribution.

12. Mazwai

Mazwai calls its free stock footage, and moving images, “hand-picked,” but it doesn’t specify who. Regardless of the mysterious reasons behind the videos you will find here, high-definition content is available under either the Creative Commons license (use it for whatever purpose, but credit to the author) or the Mazwai License. (use it for whatever purpose, no credit necessary).

After you have your stock footage, follow our 10-step guide for creating amazing social videos. Don’t forget to monitor your social video stats and see how your content resonates with your audience. you can download royalty-free video clips no cost.

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