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How to Create Animated Videos to Enhance Productivity

How to Create Animated Videos to Enhance Productivity

How to Create Animated Videos to Enhance Productivity

To be in the race businessmen need to do a lot. Digital means and approaches help businesses to enhance their productivity rate. Businesses, especially the small business sector have to find their own ways towards success.

When we are up to business explanation videos or advertising videos there is nothing better than illustrated animations. But most entrepreneurs and small business owners do not know how to create animated videos.

Doratoon: the Best Animation Maker

Most businesses pay a lot to others to create animated videos but a small business may not afford it. Most people don’t know much about video editing and they think they can’t do this. But Doratoon has made this possible where a layman can create a highly professional animated video.

Doratoon offers a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to perform the desired task on it easily without having any professional skills and knowledge. Moreover, all the tools are easy to use and freely available.

It provides highly efficient and up-to-date tools that can take your simple idea to a high level. It provides a variety of templates and animation designs that can save a lot of your precious time. To guide its users, Doratoon’s official website contains tutorials and easy processes.

Doratoon does not only enable the users to create an excellent animated video but also customize it to the maximum extent. By using Artificial intelligence technology a businessman or entrepreneur can make an eye-catching animated video.

Animated videos play a significant role in any business growth. Where a brilliant animated advertisement can enhance the customer rate and a business explanation video can affect the growth cycle. So we suggest you visit Doratoon to give it a try.

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How Doratoon can help entrepreneurs to enhance productivity?

It is Doratoon’s specifications and features that make it best to be used in enhancing the productivity approach. It contains bundles of features and the latest tools that facilitate any business to create a masterpiece.

Another advantage of using Doratoon is that as compared to its rivals it is very budget-friendly. So cut it short, it is the best choice for beginners. Following are the features and tools of Doratoon that make it an incredible animated maker:

Variety of animated characters

Relatability enhances the look of your animated video and attracts viewers. Doratoon contains a huge collection of different animated characters which you can choose up to your choice. Moreover, you can also choose a lot of supporting props in your animation.

For instance, you are going to make an advertisement video regarding your coffee cafe, then you can choose coffee beans or mugs from cartoon characters or can add props to enhance the visual quality.

Subtitling and text management

As described above you are allowed to customize your animated videos to make them more relatable. Doratoon provides subtitles options by which you can add subtitles to your animated videos that make them more understandable.

Many other animation makers enable you to add text into your videos but managing text manually is a very hectic task. Doratoon provides a text alignment option by which you can easily align the text with less chance of error.

Artificial intelligence Dubbing and Voiceover

If you are creating a video explanation or an animated video for a training session then you can add your voice into your video easily by using Doratoon. Additionally, you can add any other audio files or music into your video that will be played in the background.

Doratoon also provides you with a dubbing feature that will make your animation experience more worthy. You just have to enter the text and Doratoon will create a dubb video and will handle all the rest by using artificial intelligence technology.

PPT conversation

Presentations are boring and the presenter needs to do a lot of effort to attract the audience. When you are creating a business plan then you can use Doratoon PPT as a video converter.

This feature will convert all of your PPT slides into an amazing animated video. Moreover, you can also customize the video according to your choice. You can convert all of the slides or take a few of them and add them to your animated video.

image 1

Other tools

Besides the above-mentioned tools, Doratoon provides a lot of other interesting and remarkable tools that can help the user to create an eye-catching professional animated video.

Such as you can add filters or change the opacity level of your animated videos. Moreover, you can show your drawing and coloring skills by using the drawing option. You can also add footage and pictures into your animated videos to enhance their relatability rate.

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How to create animated videos to enhance productivity?

Above we have discussed all the features of Doratoon and now for your guide, a step-by-step guideline is given here. We have described the whole process for you, just go now and give it a try. The process is very straightforward and easy if you are dealing with an efficient Animation Maker like Doratoon.

Step 1. Open any internet browser on your device and navigate to Doratoon’s official website. Click on the sign-up button present at the top right corner of the main Doratoon interface.

Step 2. After signing up you will be able to access all the tools and features. Now go to the workbench Tab by clicking on “workbench” from the top menu.

Step 3. On the next screen, click on create a new video option present at the top side of the left pane. This will take you to the editing screen where you can create your video.

Step 4. On the next screen, create your animated video by using the tools present at the top and left sides of the screen. When you are done hit the export button to save the video.

image 3

After following the above-described process you will be able to create an awesome animated video to enhance your business productivity. Doratoon permits you to save the video in MP4 format. You can also give a title to your created video while exporting it so in the future you can easily find it.

Ending Remarks

Doratoon works as an excellent platform that lets a businessman and entrepreneur create incredible animated videos that can enhance the productivity rate. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets the user create animation without hindrance.

As far as the process to create animated video to enhance productivity is concerned, this is the far best option a businessman can use. So it is suggested to try Doratoon and get benefits.

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