Top 10 Email Finder Tools

Top 10 Email Finder Tools

Email is a very important form of communication for professionals, including marketers, salespeople, and other professionals. One email can open up new business opportunities. It is difficult to find an email address. Certain email finder tools can help with this.

The following is a list of the Top Email Finding Software, with links to their websites and popular features. This list includes both commercial and open-source (free) software.

Top 10 Email Finder Tools

1. Hunter

Hunter has been rated as one of the top free email finder tools. This software allows you to select the type of email you are looking for by typing in the domain name. The email locator allows you to locate all public email addresses.


  • You will receive the most popular email format in your organization from dozens of combinations.
  • Businesses can save money by using CRM integrated into their business systems.
  • Search results are sourced.
  • Type a name and you will get the email address that is most likely or proven.
  • You can save any lead profile for exporting or synchronizing them with your favorite CRM.
  • Exports lead to email marketing software.
  • Email format finder allows you to share your email lists with other users. This is useful for large email marketing departments.
  • You can find out the latest discovery dates by contacting every email address.

Pricing Plans: Starter plan: $49 for 500 Searches per Month

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2. Growmeorganic

Growmeorganic offers a comprehensive email finder, sales automation platform, and more. It allows you to search for unlimited emails from B2B or B2C companies. This is one of the best email scrapers to simplify the sales process so that you can convert qualified prospects into clients.


  • You can extract emails from B2B networks using this tool
  • Send unlimited personalized and highly automated emails.
  • Connect with professionals who are interested in automation
  • You can extract an unlimited number of emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator
  • 14 Days Free Trial

Pricing plans: Plan to start at $39 per month

3. Leadfuze

LeadFuze is one of the best email finding software that offers an email validation service by a third party. No need to clean your list or worry about adding current customers.


  • It provides double-verified emails that are verified in real-time.
  • This bulk email finder allows you to build and find mailing lists based on the criteria that you specify.
  • Sending leads automatically to third-party tools is possible.
  • You can target your leads by using a search based on the market.
  • You can search for specific people by using key statistics and account-based searches.

Pricing plans: Starter price – $132.30 with 500 Lead Credits/month,

4. Clearout

Clearout Email Finder provides guaranteed results, backed by a confidence score for building a robust database of customers. There are many ways to search for email addresses, including by name of business or person and domain.


  • It checks the email address and sees if it’s from a disposable provider.
  • You can easily identify email addresses based on roles, such as admin, sales, or support.
  • Allows you to check the status of a given email address, without having to compromise on turnaround time.
  • Email addresses are free of typos and spelling mistakes

Pricing Plans: Start at $21 for 3000 credits/month

5. Uplead

UpLead provides a simple-to-use tool for lead generation. You can search through 56,000,000 contacts and filter leads using more than 50 criteria options. You can download them in bulk. This email finding tool help to verify emails in real time and enrich your database with information about your leads.


  • Find the best leads for your business.
  • This tool will grab your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers.
  • You can get the mobile and direct dial phone numbers of prospects.
  • Saves time by synchronizing leads with your CRM.
  • You can capture leads while you are browsing the internet.
  • You can scale up your prospecting using a powerful API.

Pricing Plans: Starting at $99/month with 170 monthly credits

6. Lead gibbon

LeadGibbon is one of the best email finders that makes it simple to find someone’s email. This tool allows you to quickly find emails from LinkedIn with just one click.


  • Lead Database allows you to search for emails of prospects in certain industries and positions.
  • Chrome extension helps you find email addresses on LinkedIn with just one click.
  • Email Enricher can help you find emails that are working for your prospects.
  • You can search for emails by domain and name.
  • You will only be charged when you locate a valid email.

Pricing plans: Starting at $49/month with 1,000 monthly credits

7. Snov

Snov is one of the best free email finder software. It’s a quick and affordable tool that is part of a cold outreach automation platform.


  • You can integrate the API into your CRM or app to search for emails.
  • It can find the full profile of a prospect, including name, social profile and location.
  • You can export your prospect list to CSV, XLSX and Google Sheets.

Pricing Plans: Starting at $33 per month 1,000 credits

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8. Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach is the best free email finder software that allows you to connect directly with decision-makers. Find the right contact faster than your competitors.


  • You can find verified real-time data on 450,000,000 professionals in 17 million companies around the world.
  • You can use this to boost your marketing efforts and attract attention to your business, clients, or pursuit.
  • You can empower your sales team to directly reach out to the decision-makers.

Pricing plans: Starting at $49 per month 1920 credits

9. VoilaNorbert

ViolaNorbert allows you to find corporate email addresses by using your first name, last name, and domain. This email marketing tool will send a message to the mail server to verify email addresses.


  • Fill your pipeline with qualified prospects
  • You can reach out to blogs, build links, get in touch with authors and distribute your content.
  • You can create lists of people you want to contact and build relationships with.
  • This API allows you to integrate email finding with your software.
  • Results reveal social media data to prospects

Pricing plans: Starting at $49 per month 1000 credits

10. Aero leads

Aero Leads is an email finder tool that helps you find the email addresses and phone numbers of businesses and people. This email address generator helps you generate accurate and relevant leads in real-time.


  • Find corporate email addresses with high accuracy and speed.
  • The Aero Leads tool can be accessed directly via online API.
  • This tool allows you to import and export data in CSV format.
  • You can find prospects on LinkedIn, Crunchbase Angellist, Xing, etc.
  • You can find out the full name, email address, phone number, and URL of the prospect.

Pricing plans: Starting at $49 per month 1000 credits

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