Walmart Call Out Number: How To Report an Absence at Walmart?

Walmart Call Out Number

Do you work at Walmart but feel too sick to go to your shift? Need to stay home? If so, you need to call the Walmart Call Out Number to report your absence.

This article explains the easy ways to Walmart call in sick number. We will also talk about Walmart’s rules for taking days off. And we will tell you what to do if you need a long medical leave from your job.

How to Report an Absence at Walmart

It’s genuine that we got sick someday. But reporting your sick leave or inability to come to Walmart is important and necessary. You can ask for a medical leave of absence for big health issues. Most leaves are unpaid but you may get disability pay.

Here are two methods that you can follow to call in sick at Walmart.

Method 1: Use Walmart call out number to Report Your Absence

  • Call 1-800-775-5944 to report you are sick over the phone
  • When asked, enter your Walmart ID Number (WIN), date of birth, and store number
  • You will get a confirmation number. Write this down or note it

You will then talk to your store manager. Give them the confirmation number and explain why you are calling out. For example, say, “I am not feeling well” or “My daughter is sick, and I’m taking her to the doctor.”

Try to call Walmart Call Out Number at least 3 hours before your shift if you can. You do not need a doctor’s note. You only have to say something like, “I am feeling sick.” You can report an absence walmart if you or a family member is ill or hurt. Only call Walmart absence number if you are really sick.

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Method 2: Report Your Absence Online at Walmart One

  • Go to to report you are sick online.
  • Click “Login” at top right.
  • Enter your Walmart ID Number and password.
  • Choose “Report an Absence” at the top.
  • Pick which shift you will miss.
  • Give a short reason, like “I have a fever” then, click submit.
  • Write down the confirmation number you see.

Try to report at least 3 hours before your shift if you can. Call your manager, too, so they know you will be taking off.

Information Required Before Call for In Sick Leave

Let’s summaries the information needed for calling in sick at Walmart. This information is important to submit when trying Walmart call out number.

  • Your Walmart Identification Number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Walmart store location number

Walmart Identification Number (WIN) is the unique identification number allotted by Walmart to its associates and employees. It’s a nine digit number that you may often see in your WalmartOne profile.

Walmart Rules for Taking Days Off

You Get 6 Paid Sick Days per Year with No Penalty

You get 48 hours or 6 paid 8-hour sick days off per year with no penalty. This is called Protected Paid Time Off or PPTO. All Walmart workers get PPTO – full-time, part-time, and temporary. If you report an absence before your shift with PPTO, it does not count against you.

New hires do not get PPTO right away. You earn PPTO based on hours worked and time at Walmart. PPTO comes out of your regular Paid Time Off or PTO. So, using lots of regular PTO may leave you with less PPTO for sick days. Leftover PPTO rolls over to the next year.

If there is No PPTO, You Get Warning Points for Calling Out

If you are out of PPTO, you get 1 warning point for each absence. Points track conduct. Each point stays on your record for 6 months. Points make discipline like write-ups or firing more likely.

For example, if you report an absence Walmart sick twice in January and once in March with no PPTO left, you will have 3 points in March. The 2 January points will go away in July. The March point will go away in September.

You also get 1 point for missing over half a shift by coming late or leaving early. With no PPTO, you do not get paid for shifts you miss.

You Get 2 Points If You Do Not Report an Absence Walmart

You get 2 points for not reporting even with PPTO hours left. This includes not showing up or calling in late. Avoid this by calling in before your shift. If an emergency stops you calling, have a family member contact your manager ASAP. They may help depending on the situation.

5+ Points Could Mean Losing Your Job

You can lose your job quickly if you miss multiple shifts in 6 months. So, only report an absence if unable to work. Talk to your manager if worried about points from illness/injury or a family member’s illness. Ask if they can accommodate you, like fewer shifts. If an injury or chronic health issue causes missed work, consider a medical leave.

Walmart Call Out Number: Key Things To Remember!

  • Always report your absenteeism three hours in advance.
  • Use Walmart call out number (1-800-775-5944) to report your inability to present for your shift.
  • Use WalmartOne application to check holidays, work schedules, and payroll, and report an absence.
  • Even if you call your store manager, it is your responsibility to inform your inability to Walmart corporate.
  • Keep information like WIN number, date of birth, and store code/address arranged before calling in sick at Walmart.

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Should You Take a Medical Leave from Walmart?

Step 1: Think About a Leave If You Cannot Work for a Long Time

You can take a leave if a health condition stops you from working, like injury, illness, surgery, mental health issues, or substance use disorder (including rehab). All Walmart employees can take 12 weeks unpaid leave and return to their jobs afterwards. This is the law.

You can also take leave to care full-time for a severely ill child, spouse, or family member. Go to to request leave. Provide your Walmart ID Number, work schedule, etc. Get medical paperwork from your doctor supporting the leave?

Based on your state, you may also qualify for paid sick leave or short-term disability pay in some cases. Ask a Human Resources manager if you might qualify.

Step 2: You May Qualify for Walmart’s Short-Term Disability Program 

If you have worked at Walmart for 1+ years and cannot work due to illness/injury, you can apply for short-term disability payments from Walmart. If approved, they will pay you 50-60% of your average weekly wages until your leave ends. Apply when you submit your leave request.

These payments are taxed like regular income. This program is part of your employee benefits like health insurance and vacation time. It is different from state disability programs.


It is easy to call in sick at Walmart using the Walmart Call out Number online or by phone. One walmart report an absence online at least 3 hours before your shift. Understand the rules for paid and unpaid time off. And consider a medical leave for long-term health issues. This guide explains the steps to take so you can focus on feeling better and return to work when you are able.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walmart's call out number?

A person working at Walmart can report their absenteeism using walmart call out number 1-800-775-5944 by providing their WIN number, date of birth, and store code.

What to do when Walmart call out number not working?

If calling sick at Walmart using 1-800-775-5944 is not working, you can report your absence via the WalmartOne application.

Can I inform my absence at Walmart without calling?

Yes, you can report your absence at Walmart without calling by heading over to the WalmartOne portal or an app. You can request absenteeism immediately.

What times can I report absenteeism at Walmart?

Surprisingly, you can report your absence at any time of the day using the WalmartOne application. If calling in sick at Walmart by dialing 1-800-775-5944 you can report your absenteeism only on weekdays between 7 am to 8 pm.

What is the attendance policy at Walmart?

The attendance policy of Walmart is based on points. For instance; If you call out for one day, you get 1 point and for half day, you get 0.5 points. If you are a no-call-no-show person, you receive 2 points for a day and 1 point for half a day.

What happens when I get 5 points for attendance policy?

At 5 points, Walmart has grounds to fire you. Be careful with taking leaves at Walmart.

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