What Is Azurewave Device and Its Purpose on My WiFi

What Is Azurewave Device

What is the Azurewave Device?

We use the internet and other IoT-related tools every day in our daily lives. Most people use wifi to connect to the internet or access other devices wirelessly. We need wireless devices that can meet our daily needs. There are many that are companies that manufacture wireless connectivity devices.

Azurewave Technology Inc. is among these top-ranked companies. It provides wireless connectivity solutions as well as image processing methods. It manufactures wifi modules for IoT devices and Desktop PC Devices. Their modules can be used in your home automation project. Azurewave products allow you to combine up to 6 wireless devices. They create small modules and devices in their unit.

These modules can be used for wireless purposes in any device by being enhanced with computerized processing. You can find out more about Azurewave Devices in our section.

Azurewave and its Devices

Azurewave was founded in 2005 to provide software solutions, design, and production services. The company’s headquarters is located in Taiwan. The manufacturing unit they are making PCs, laptops and home appliances, and other devices. This page contains all information regarding Azure wave devices and products.

Azurewave Technology manufactures wireless modules so that you can find them on your mobile or PC. They offer a variety of products and services, including camera and wireless modules as well as digital image handling products, solders, and M.2 sockets. IoT Modules, Home Automation Systems, and new R & D modules such Bluetooth, wifi, Digital Cameras, and DTV. They currently offer services in six different countries.

  • Short Guard Interval of 400ns.
  • Spatial Stream Transmissions.
  • Support for different Network Bandwidth.
  • Spatial Propagation.

Their devices can be found in many products, including 3G, Wifi and Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, DTV, and Digital Camera Modules.

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What Devices Use Azurewave Technology

Azurewave Technology, a provider of wireless and image processing solutions and devices, is what it says. There are many devices for both home and business that use Azurewave modules. These are some of the devices that use AzureWave Technology.

  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras.
  • Laptop/PC.
  • Home Automation Systems
  • IoT-Based Projects
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wifi.
  • GPS
  • DTV

Azurewave Modules

Are you curious about the modules that Azurewave Technology works? Here’s your answer. These are the 4 Azurewave Modules.

1. Wireless Modules

Azurewave Technology’s popularity is due to its ability to manufacture different wireless modules. For a variety of products, the company makes WLAN (WIFI), Bluetooth, and WWAN modules. These modules include M.2 1630/2230 socket module, MM.21216 solder-down module, Stamp type of solder down Module, IoT module (WiFi/BT + MCU), Sip molding module, and Voice/audio SoM. These modules are useful for hosting software and turning on/off wireless networks using other devices.

2. Camera Modules

For the best quality photos, we require a 360 experience in our day to ensure that we have the most productive and enjoyable photo-taking experience. Azurewave Technologies launched the 360 Panomorph Camera Lens for all of their smartphones, cameras, action camera, and other photo-capturing devices.

This lens can also be used in IoT-based devices that allow for emotion detection and image processing. You can create high-quality videos on social media with the Panomorph 360 lens from Azure. This camera module is the best in quality.

3. IoT Modules for Amazon Web Services

Any IoT-based device or project requires that you use any wireless module to connect your project with any cloud server. AWS Cloud is the most popular IoT platform for developers. Azurewave’s IOT Modules provide the best connectivity via wireless modules with AWS cloud.

These IoT modules provide long-lasting connectivity and stability. Multiple IoT devices can be attached to the AWS cloud at once.

4. MCU Modules

Modern technology allows you to automate your home without having to replace any appliances. Azurewave offers a microprocessor unit that will turn your regular devices into IOT-based devices using WIFI. It is possible to convert an old phone or camera into a new device. MCU Modules come with 2 units, AWCU300 and AWCU427-P. Both can be used with or without a host.

We hope you’ve found enough information on Azurewave working modules. In the next section, we’ll discuss its top products.

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What is AzureWave Home Automation and how can it help you?

AzureWave Technologies Inc, a Taiwan-based tech company, manufactures many IoT and wireless products for end-users as well as different companies. They offer Home Automation solutions because of their IoT-based solutions that incorporate AWS Cloud connectivity.

AzureWave Home Automation can use MCU Modules. MCU Module turns ordinary devices into fully-automated devices. Units AW-CU300-P and AW0CU427–P are available for operation.

Which Products Make Azurewave Technology Inc?

Let’s talk about what products Azurewave Technology Inc makes. These Azurewave Devices are connected to my WIFI network and other wireless devices.

AzureWave AW-CU429:

This is an enhanced Bluetooth 5.1 solution that is more flexible and cost-effective. It also offers a simpler software and hardware platform. AzureWave AW-429 was created after the success of Dialog’s Bluetooth LE 5.1 system. Its key features include:

  • FCC and ETSI approval.
  • Single 2.4v to4.7v power input
  • 32 MBIT SPI Flash.
  • Embedded antenna

AzureWave AW-CE123H:

AzureWave AWCE123H is the best option for a high-speed, secure Bluetooth system. This is a combination solution that provides a comprehensive 24GHZ Bluetooth System with Bluetooth 40, v21, and 30+ HS. The following are its most notable features:

  • High-Speed System.
  • Rapid Connectivity
  • High-secure Wireless Connection
  • 24GHZ Speed.
  • Bluetooth bt3.0, bt4.0 units
  • Higher Data Rate with 2mbps or 3mbps Transfer Support

AzureWave AW-NB087H:

It is the best device for home users who don’t use high-end IT systems. AzureWave AWNB087H has been designed for both home and business users. It does not require any additional IT administrative devices. Below are its features:

  • Made for both home and business.
  • Ideal for normal Devices
  • You consume less power
  • Higher Data Rate with 2mbps or 3mbps Transfer Support
  • Excellent Performance.

AzureWave AW-NB037:

It is an IEEE 802.11b wireless solution. AzureWave AW–NB037 is a combination WLAN module that allows digital content to be sent wirelessly using advanced wireless technology. Below are its features:

  • Advanced System
  • Rapid Data Transfer
  • There are fewer wires required
  • Daily Use: A Cost-Effective Solution
  • High Performance
  • You will consume less power.
  • Suits for the USB Combo Half Mini Card or PCI Express.

AzureWave AW-CB178NF:

AzureWave AW–CB178NF is a data and audio communication network. It can be attached to Bluetooth 4.2 and provides a 2.4 GHz data transmission rate. These are the highlights of this device:

  • Identifying Radar Beats in Five GHz
  • It can handle 802.11h Dynamic Frequency Select.
  • Higher Data Rate with 2mbps or 3mbps Transfer Support

AzureWave AW-CM235NF:

AzureWave AWCM235NF can be used in smartphones, fixed devices, and other devices that support the operating system. It combines PA, PMU, and LNA. These are its features:

  • Ideal for devices that consume low power.
  • 802.11i AES, 802.11e QoS, and BT5 Support
  • It is made up of Power Amplifiers and Power Management Units.

What is AzureWave Module Used in Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a Google project. Chromecast allows you to stream videos and apps from your iPhone and Android phones to your led TV. This device uses a simple software program and some casting modules. It allows you to watch your favorite videos on a big screen.

It’s a wireless module, which is why the initial documentation of Chromecast states that it is powered by Marvell Armada DE3005 as well as AzureWave 2.4 GHz Wireless N Chip. Chromecast uses the AzureWave Technologies Inc Module.

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What is the AzureWave Device on My Wifi?

You can check your system settings to see if you are using the AzureWave device. We know that AzureWave Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Wireless Modules and Devices. Many companies use Wireless modules from AzureWave in their Bluetooth systems and wifi.

Your wifi AzureWave device is a Bluetooth or wifi connectivity module used by the manufacturer of your device for wireless connectivity. It is described in the content above.


Let’s conclude our discussion with AzureWave Technology. It is the best supplier of software, design, manufacturing, wireless, image processing, and production products to a tech market. This company works with giants of the technology industry like Google, GoDaddy, and Amazon. AzureWave produces Wifi solutions that are compatible with PCs/ Laptops, smartphones, IoT-based systems, and home appliances.

They also offer solutions for camera and Wi-Fi modules such as USB Interface, MIPI Interface, slim and wide MIPI, biological cameras modules, and ultra-thin and narrow NB. There are many other products available that serve the world in various ways. We hope you found this article helpful. You can post any questions about AzureWave Devices and Technology in the comment section below.

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