7 Best Websites to Find Virtual Hackathons

7 Best Websites to Find Virtual Hackathons

Programming doesn’t matter what language you use. How can you improve your programming skills and develop soft skills at the same time? Virtual hackathons are the answer.

Virtual hackathons combine learning with networking, socializing, and having fun. This article will show you the top websites where you can find virtual hackathons that allow you to challenge yourself and meet like-minded people.

What is a Virtual Hackathon?

Hackathons don’t always revolve around cybersecurity or hacking, despite the fact that they are called such. Hackathons are a type of competition where programmers compete to solve specific technical problems and code.

Virtual hackathons work in the same way as traditional hackathons but are hosted online. Participants can register as long they meet all requirements. A company might host a virtual hackathon, where participants are asked to solve a problem or identify a flaw in an app. These events offer rewards that range from cash prizes to tech products. Some hackathons are not available online, and some have geographical restrictions.

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Benefits of Participating in a Virtual Hackathon

Virtual hackathons are more than just a competition that rewards you with prizes. Participating in one can be a learning experience that will improve your skills as both a developer and programmer.


You might be required to join hackathon groups to meet like-minded people and network. Many tech companies host them to recruit. There may be mentors who are willing to work with you at the hackathon’s end.

Team Building Skills

Participating in virtual hackathons is a great way to improve your team-building skills. Participate in a virtual hackathon that lasts 24 hours without sleep. This will test your cooperation and communication skills under pressure.

Resume Construction

If you are new to the tech industry, virtual hackathons can be the best place. You will gain more knowledge and experience by working with people from different parts of the globe on time-sensitive projects. Your interviewers will be impressed by the challenges and lessons you have learned during these events.

Cash Prizes

Hackathons can bring you thousands of dollars if you win. You may also be able to earn more if the host gives you additional opportunities.

Requirements for Participating in a Virtual Hackathon

Hackathons are organized by companies for both beginners and professionals programmers. You can search for one based on your qualifications and programming experience.

Top Websites for Virtual Hackathons

These websites are reliable, offer great prizes, work with tech giants like IBM and Microsoft, and offer a variety of virtual hackathons for all levels.

You can also get programming tutorials, webinars, event-planning advice, and real-time support from professionals.

1. Devpost

Many organizers are using Devpost to host virtual hackathons. This platform is simple to use due to its great search system. You can view upcoming events online and filter them by interest, host, or in-person. Nearly 60 hackathons were active or in the works at the time of this article. At least one offered $1 million in prizes.

Devpost is not just a platform for hosting virtual hackathons. Devpost can be used to showcase your project during a job interview.

2. Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking works with high schools and universities around the world to host hackathons. However, virtual events are open to all. Companies like Meta sponsor and support the platform, so your name will be considered when you apply for a job within the tech industry.

Major League Hacking helps programmers and hackers to find full-time and internship jobs. To view job openings, visit the Careers & Internships Section.

3. Devfolio

Devfolio, a startup from India, keeps track of exciting hackathons. The site’s focus has changed to virtual hackathons due to the pandemic. You’ll find many options around the world. You can search for your favorite hackathon themes on the website and sign up. Devfolio helps mentors and organizers manage all requirements for virtual and on-site hackathons.

4. HackClub

HackClub identifies hackathons targeted at high school students. It allows them to represent their school and socialize with professionals from the largest tech companies.

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5. ChallengeRocket

ChallengeRocket partners with tech giants such as Nvidia, Samsung, or Bosch to host diverse programming hackathons. Software engineers can participate in hackathons that are specific to their sector. This will allow them to evaluate their problem-solving skills and program design abilities.

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite allows you to host and join various events, including hackathons. Online workshops, conferences, and programming classes are all possible. You can filter the search system by topic to find a virtual hackathon and other programming events.

7. Facebook Groups

Hackathon Hackers consist of coders and programmers like you who are interested in hackathons or communities for programmers.

These hackathon groups can be found all over the internet and offer valuable insight. Members of these groups often provide links to virtual hackathons. With minimal effort, you might be able to find what you’re looking for.

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