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Top 5 Coding Jobs

Top 5 Coding Jobs

There is a growing demand for coding jobs these days. Because of this, more and more programmers are brushing up their skills in coding. These days, you will find several coding training programs and boot camps that teach people how to become coders. But, before you enroll yourself in any of these programs, are you aware of the type of jobs you can do out there?

Below, check out some of the top coding jobs in the market. Anyone with the right coding skills can pursue these jobs.

1. Python Developer

Python is used in machine learning, web development, artificial intelligence (AI), and scientific computing. Thanks to the growing community of data science embracing machine learning and artificial intelligence, this programming language has become popular. If you work as a Python Developer, you will be responsible for the coding, deploying, designing, and debugging development projects mostly on the backend. In some cases, you may be tasked to assist organizations with their technological framework.

As a Python Developer, your role can span a variety of duties. You could be tasked with creating applications for your employer, designing the framework for your code, and building the tools necessary to get things done. In some instances, you may be required to publish new services and build websites. A Python Developer will also be required to work with data collection and analytics to provide valuable insight.

Like with the other programming positions, the specifics of the job will vary according to your employer’s needs. Some developers work as independent contractors taking up freelance jobs instead of working for a single company.

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2. C ++ Developer

A C++ developer is a software developer specializing in the coding of the C++ language. The work primarily involves working on a computer in a quiet office setting. Some developers will also choose to do freelancing C++ contract jobs and work from home. Sometimes, C++ developers will work in teams. Now that the world is becoming more technologically advanced, the demand for C++ developers is expected to increase over the coming years.

As a C++ developer, you are considered a software engineer, but you will be using several languages over the course of your career. While your job is not physically demanding, working as a C++ developer in some industries, such as the gaming industry, will require long work hours.

The typical entry point for working as a C++ developer is a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, such as software engineering, computer science, and computer engineering. You will be working with programs written in multiple computer languages. While writing code is not the main focus of education at the bachelor’s level, a C++ developer should have some background in coding.

3. Linux Developer

Linux programmers are responsible for developing software powered by Linux operating systems. The job would include creating new software, adapting existing software to run with Linux, or performing other computer development tasks.

To fulfill some of your duties and responsibilities as a Linux programmer, you need to plan out projects, determine which build of Linux to test the software you are working on and translate client requests into specific programming goals. Most Linux developers work as a team, but you could be working on your own if you will choose to handle smaller projects.

If you want to become a Linux developer, you must possess various qualifications, including having the right educational background and job experiences related to coding and programming. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field is also required. As a Linux developer, you should have a strong working knowledge of Linux operating system distributions and be familiar with different coding languages, including Python and C++.

4. SQL Developer

SQL means Structured Query Language. It’s a type of programming language used to manage relational databases and perform various operations on the data within them. If you work as an SQL developer, you should be adept at using SQL. You will be responsible for developing databases and writing SQL queries using the SQL program.

SQL developers are also responsible for applying organizational security measures used by specific systems that run on applications like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle SQL. You will be tasked to monitor the execution of processes and ensure that each process follows the best practices.

As the world continues to lean towards technology use, the demand for SQL developers remains high. In fact, they top the list of the most in-demand coding jobs. If you want to work as an SQL developer, you must possess an associate degree in computer science, although most organizations would prefer those who have a bachelor’s degree.

When it comes to skills, you must have a working knowledge of Transact-SQL and .NET frameworks. Since your work will require migrating database details from old to new systems, you should be capable of detecting issues during conversion. Thus, you should be knowledgeable about all versions of the SQL programs.

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5. CSS Developer

CSS is a specific computer language that cannot exist on its own. It needs HTML to make sense. Therefore, the first thing that CSS developers will do is write HTML code. Writing clean and organized HTML is important since it’s the first thing you deliver to your end-users.

The main duties of the CSS Developer are to create, update, and refine websites. Your responsibility focuses on front-end web and application development. You will develop and program sites using CSS and HTML languages. In most cases, you will be working within an existing framework where you will add or edit the code to create websites or systems that can fit the client’s needs or upon the request of your employer.

CSS developers will also need to use computer software to add visual elements to the website and test the code. Sometimes, you will have to configure webmaster-facing applications for data collection purposes or advertisements. Aside from coding skills, the main qualification you need to become a CSS developer is a computer-related degree.

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