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16 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

16 Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

We reviewed the new Firefox browser for developers a few months back. Most of our developers have kept Google Chrome their main browser since then. Chrome gives us access to a vast repository of Chrome extensions that make daily tasks easier. There is no need to add more tools with the integrated developer tools. But, I would like to share 16 of the best Google Chrome extensions that developers can use.

Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

1. Web Developer

Chrome’s web developer extension adds a toolbar that contains various tools. This Chrome extension for developers was inspired by the PNH Developer Toolbar.

Google extension web developers offer a variety of useful tools that developers can use in their daily work. These tools are available for both programmers and designers. You can do so much more than the Chrome Inspector. It lets you add outlines to elements by simply clicking. It also displays rulers and allows you to find all broken images on a webpage.

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2. Hiver

This tool allows teams to manage their group inboxes, such as engineering@ or bugs@, from Gmail. Hiver allows you to send critical emails regarding technical bugs and support escalations. These inboxes can be assigned to developers automatically and tracked in real-time, Continue to do so until the point of resolution.

3. f19N Obtrusive Live Test

This Chrome extension is for developers and allows you to test web pages on a sandboxed basis. This extension allows developers to test pages against predefined best practices, such as SEO and web performance. The tests can be created by you easily.

Direct visual feedback is provided to you so that you can see what’s happening on the browser during page loads or render lifecycles.

4. Window Resizer for Developer

Window Resizer allows you to resize your browser window instantly. By clicking on the icon in your menu bar, you will see a drop-down list of window sizes that you can customize, the Window Resizer offers the option to launch it in a pop-up. This lets you switch between different resolutions and check if your media breakpoints work as they should. You can rotate the screen and set presets.

5. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick eyedropper is a simple tool to pick colors. it allows you to choose color values from any webpage.

6. Usersnap

The Usersnap Chrome extension allows you to capture and annotate any webpage directly from your browser. This Google extension makes it super easy to give visual feedback on prototypes and report bugs.

All screen recordings and screenshots created are stored directly in your project dashboard. This makes bug tracking and feedbacks much more fun!

7. CSSViewer

CSSViewer is a simple CSS property viewer. It displays a floating panel with information about the section being viewed. This includes its identity, font, text, color background, box, position, effects, and positioning. CSSViewer provides the essential CSS information that you need quickly. This Chrome extension should be installed.

8. Lorem Ipsum generator

The lorem-ipsum generator does exactly what it says. This generator makes it easy to quickly create default text. This is an easy way to create placeholder text.

9. actiTIME

ActiTIME Timer allows developers to track their work hours from any web browser or web app such as Jira. This tool is used by freelancers and companies to analyze performance and control the project’s progression and profitability.

10. Ghostery

Ghostery, a Google extension, detects pixels and trackers on websites. It immediately shows you which plugins or trackers have been installed on the page that you visited. Ghostery allows you to protect your privacy. This Chrome extension doesn’t require registration.

11. Wappalyzer

The Wappalyzer Chrome extension, similar to Ghostery allows you to identify any software installed on a particular website. It identifies technologies and. It can be used to manage content, eCommerce platforms, web servers, and JavaScript frameworks.

12. IE Tab

Do you need to manually test IE but don’t want all the different Internet Explorer versions installed? The IE Tab extension for Chrome emulates IE using the IE rendering engine in Chrome. Chrome browser allows you to test your website for IE6, IE7, and IE8 as well as IE9, directly from your browser.

The IE Tab Chrome extension for Windows is currently unavailable.

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13. Site Spider

Site Spider is a tool that allows you to search broken links on your website and restrict spidering to a particular directory.

14. Session Manager

Browser tabs management is an essential skill when you work on the internet. Session Manager Chrome extension is the best. It saves your browsing history and allows you to re-open the session later. This is especially useful if you frequently open the same web page repeatedly.

15. Clear Cache

This Chrome extension is extremely useful and allows you to clear cache from your toolbar. It works behind the scenes, meaning that there are no confirmation dialogs or popups to distract you. You can set how much data you wish to delete, including downloads, file system, app cache, history, local storage, and passwords.

16. JSONView

It can be difficult for a developer using RESTful APIs to read raw JSON data in a browser. It is much easier to view JSON in tree-view than it is in its raw form. Chrome extension JSONView allows you to view JSON documents from the browser.

Conclusion- Chrome Extensions For Developers

Chrome extensions, also known as Chrome add-ons or Chrome extensions for Chrome, are small software programs that enhance your browsing experience and introduce new features. These add-ons allow users to customize the functionality and appearance of their browsers to suit their preferences. Coding extensions can be done in a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JS.

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