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Top Most Popular and In-Demand Design Jobs & Salaries

Top Most Popular and In-demand Design Jobs & Salaries

Aquent says that designers are the most in-demand [creative professionals] because the user experience is vital to the industry’s survival. Design is responsible for the websites and mobile apps we use, our entertainment, and even our grocery shop experience.

We have done extensive research to find the best design jobs. There are many design jobs available, whether you’re looking to create tangible products or animation design.

These are the top-demand job titles in design for 2022 and beyond. To jump to the role you are most interested in, use the clickable menu.

Top Most Popular and In-demand Design Jobs & Salaries

1. Product Designer

Product designers are flexible in their roles and sometimes are considered full-stack designers. You might find them responsible for UX, UI, and coding. They may also be responsible for project management and problem-solving. The product designer solves problems that may arise during initial design and development.

Startups, large corporations that are product-based, and software companies are the most sought-after markets for product designers. The automotive industry is also looking for product designers with specialization. Nearly all car companies are looking for product designers to help them design the software, apps, and user experience for their new models.

Average product designer salary:

  • US: $112,610
  • Germany: EUR30.976
  • UK: PS41,579
  • Australia: $112,756
  • Canada: $65,625
  • India: Rs2,70,264

Positions for Open Product Designers by Country (41,208).

  • US: 17,611
  • Germany: 5,219
  • UK: 8,937
  • Australia: 2,138
  • Canada: 6,555
  • India: 7,478

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2. Frontend Web Developer

The front-end developer codes the portion of the website that users interact with. They program the layout, navigation, interactive elements, and other aspects of the website. They use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to bring the designs of the web designer to reality. They also ensure that the design is displayed correctly on all devices and browsers, as well as testing for bugs and technical SEO.

Front-end developers are required in all industries and they can find entry-level positions almost anywhere in the globe. Front-end developers are needed in every industry. Anyone who has a website will need them.

Average front-end web developer salary:

  • US: $104,842
  • Germany: EUR55.503
  • UK: PS48,464
  • Australia: $112,122
  • Canada: $79,429
  • India: Rs5,95,752

Positions of front-end developers by country (37.551):

  • US: 16,046
  • Germany: 559
  • UK: 5,580
  • Australia: 891
  • Canada: 2,077
  • India: 12,396

3. Digital Designer

Digital designers create solutions for websites, email templates, product graphics, branding campaigns, photography, and social media graphics. A digital designer can work in a team or freelance. Although the digital designer title is often associated with another title, it can also be performed as an independent role, especially in the freelance market.

Many industries are looking for digital designers. Digital designers are needed by many industries, including marketing departments, finance companies, tech hardware companies, and cloud-based software and fintech companies.

Average digital designer salary:

  • US: $76,912
  • Germany: EUR63.000
  • UK: PS33,182
  • Australia: $102,563
  • Canada: $55,571
  • India: Rs2,95,730

Positions as a digital designer in the open (34,162):

  • US: 16,046
  • Germany: 3,617
  • UK: 5,889
  • Australia: 1,431
  • Canada: 3,147
  • India: 4,032

4. Designer for User Experience (UX)

UX designers are focused on creating a positive user experience. UX designers design with users in mind. They ensure that the product is always easy to use and usable. They do research, test, make wireframes and work in a team to produce the best product.

UX designers are highly in demand within the tech industry. Most open positions can be found in web apps, mobile apps, and software development for companies from almost every industry. UX designers are being hired by hardware companies to create the perfect smartphone, tablet, phone, or watch with an operating system.

Average UX designer salary:

  • US: $90K
  • Germany: EUR51k
  • UK: PS59K
  • Australia: $90K
  • Canada: $70k
  • India: Rs5,68,876

Open UX Designer Positions by Country (24,752)

  • US: 8,941
  • Germany: 5,081
  • UK: 2,966
  • Australia: 647
  • Canada: 3,437
  • India: 3,680

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5. User Interface (UI) Designer

UI designers create the screens that a user uses in apps, websites, and video games. They design visual elements and interactive properties such as buttons, menus, and forms. UI designers control how users navigate from A to B using different visual touchpoints.

As you can see, UI designers are highly in demand in the tech industry. UI designers are needed by niche tech companies such as startups, cloud-based software, customer relations tools, artificial intelligence, and sales platforms. Marketing, branding, as well as web development agencies that work in a variety of industries also need UI designers.

Average UI designer salary:

  • US: $80,074
  • Germany: EUR56.125
  • UK: PS42,404
  • Australia: $97,783
  • Canada: $59,844
  • India: Rs2,88,207

Positions for Open UI Designers by Country (13,056):

  • US: 4,539
  • Germany: 1,395
  • UK: 1,028
  • Australia: 276
  • Canada: 1,005
  • India: 4,813

6. Motion Graphics Designer

Motion graphics designers create animated artwork that can be posted on the internet, television, social media, and augmented reality technology. They create trailers, movie clips, ads, special effects, and title sequences. To bring their creations alive, they use graphic design, animation, and visual effects.

Most in-demand motion graphics designers work for AI companies, the entertainment and marketing industry, startups, marketing agencies, creative agencies, digital journalism organizations, e-commerce platforms, and the automotive industry. Agencies offer many opportunities for motion graphics designers.

Average motion graphics designer salary:

  • US: $49,597
  • Germany: EUR22.311
  • UK: PS33,182
  • Australia: $102,563
  • Canada: $71,701
  • India: Rs2,85,236

Positions of Open Motion Graphic Designers by Country (17,322):

  • US: 16,046
  • Germany: 84
  • UK: 443
  • Australia: 68
  • Canada: 231
  • India: 450

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers design visual concepts, including layouts and production designs. Graphic designers can work in a group, as an individual, or freelance. Graphic designers create marketing materials, branding assets, packaging, and website graphics, as well as signs.

Graphic designers are available in almost every industry, from publishing to construction, marketing to startups. Graphic designers are needed in every industry, from publishing to marketing to startups.

Average salary for a graphic designer:

  • US: $49,597
  • Germany: EUR28.355
  • UK: PS24,237
  • Australia: $71,722
  • Canada: $58,048
  • India: Rs2,41,934

Positions as a graphic designer in

  • US: 5,968
  • Germany: 340
  • UK: 1,128
  • Australia: 306
  • Canada: 1,044
  • India: 3,381

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8. Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style and design of many media, including newspapers, magazines, packaging, and movies and television productions. They are responsible for the overall design of a project. They are also responsible for directing the work of the teams that create the final artwork, layouts, or deliverables.

Advertising and public relations agencies, magazine publishers, specialized design agencies, and the entertainment industry are all looking for art directors. Art directors are in high demand, particularly freelancers and independent, in certain retail and eCommerce areas.

Average art director salary:

  • US: $66,939
  • Germany: EUR41.731
  • UK: PS45,399
  • Australia: $87,910
  • Canada: $77,702
  • India: Rs5,24,901

Open Art Director Positions by Country (5,984):

  • US: 3,252
  • Germany: 1,463
  • UK: 147
  • Australia: 487
  • Canada: 135
  • India: 500

9. Animation Designer

Animation designers design, animate, and storyboard. They often work in a group. They often work in a team, creating mockups and 2D or 3-D visual imagery.

Digital marketing is a hot market for animation designers. This role is available in almost every industry, from apps and startups to real estate and healthcare. Animation designers are in high demand in the entertainment sector, especially in the United States.

Average animation designer salary:

  • US: $41,971
  • Germany: EUR22.311
  • UK: PS24,237
  • Australia: $69,021
  • Canada: $71,701
  • India: Rs4,62,430

Positions for Open Animation Designers by Country (4,604):

  • US: 1,693
  • Germany: 352
  • UK: 835
  • Australia: 152
  • Canada: 635
  • India: 931


Design careers are rapidly changing, with a shift in our reliance on eCommerce platforms and a shift in how we consume entertainment. Global pandemics have impacted the workforce, particularly designers. Climate change is also causing a shift in shipping and transportation, which will create more jobs in these specialized fields.

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