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Artificial Intelligence! This term has been used by many businesses across all industries for several years.

Artificial intelligence has the greatest advantage of reducing the time it takes to complete a task. This is an enormous advantage for many businesses. We all know that time is money.

The AI-enabled software can learn the patterns and workflows of the most common tasks and take over repetitive tasks that might be tedious or boring for manual workers.

Today we will find out some popular and very effective and creative graphic design tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.


UIzard is an AI-based tool that aids UI designers. This article explains the importance of UI/UX for designers.

The tool was created by an international group of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. It can convert a hand-drawn wireframe to a sleek digital design with front-end code. automatically.

To take a picture of your sketch on paper, all you need is a smartphone and a camera. UIzard will quickly transform your sketch into a precise prototype in just a few seconds.

Once the digital version is complete, you can edit the style guides and export the sketch to create the front-end code.

UIzard uses machine learning models, Computer Vision (technology that allows artificial systems to extract information from images and multi-dimensional data), and deep learning networks to perform the magic of transforming your sketch into code and design.

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Graphic design is largely about the clarity of the visuals used in the design. If the design isn’t clear enough they won’t accomplish the purpose for which they were created.

Let’sEnhance, an AI-powered tool created by a Ukrainian startup, allows you to improve images and zoom in (without making them pixelated).

The platform, which is mainly their website, uses machine learning to improve images of low quality. The website learns on its own and can remember how to improve a photo.

There are primarily three filters in the tool.

  • Anti-JPEG Filter, which removes JPEG artifacts from the image and converts it to the PNG format.
  • Boring filter: This can upscale your image by 4x and preserve all details.
  • A magic filter that allows you to add important details to your images.

Overall, an excellent AI tool for image editing that is free!


Fronty is another AI-based design tool that allows front-end developers to simplify their lives by converting images into HTML/CSS codes.

you have to Simply upload an image of the design. Fronty will generate the front-end code (HTML/CSS) within minutes after your design has been loaded.

You can also modify the design and content of your website online using their UI editor. Fronty generates clean code using semantically correct HTML. Source code is powered by powerful SCSS.


If you’re one of the many admirers of famous image artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali, then this AI tool is for you. This AI tool will be a blessing to you.

Deepart lets users create artistic images by using an algorithm that redraws each image using stylistic elements. Deepart transforms your images into masterpieces by using machine learning techniques.

The AI helps to determine how pictures will look and maintain the chosen style. This application is perfect if you want your website to look like Van Gogh’s.


The success of your graphic designs is dependent on the color.

Khroma, an AI color tool for designers, helps them to find and save the most popular color palettes. This tool uses AI to automatically create a palette for your future designs.

This is a great way for designers to save and separate color palettes for different clients when they use their brand colors.

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Special Mentions

Front-end developers can use a variety of AI-based graphic design tools, such as Fronty and UIzard, to quickly and precisely create designs.


– Artyline

– Zecoda

– Sketch2Code

To Conclude…

These AI tools are for front-end developers and graphic designers. They clearly demonstrate how quickly technology is changing and reaching new paradigms.

Professional graphic design agencies, as such, have skilled designers who not only have a basic understanding of how to use graphic design elements, But they also have the knowledge to use advanced AI tools to create brand-friendly designs.

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