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Traits to Look for Before Hiring Software Developers

Hiring Software Developers

1. Introduction

The world might look like it is on hiatus as the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds, however, technology is still progressing, and the unseen rift between talent and job demands is growing.

In this digital era, the most in-demand experts are software engineers, and software development service providers are one of the ways to hire those experts; they render their experts to provide various development services. For instance, a prestigious software development company such as TatvaSoft is known for providing these services:

  • Custom software development
  • Web development
  • Dedicated development team
  • Product development
  • Mobile app development
  • eCommerce
  • Software testing & QA
  • UI/UX Design

Though we all need to understand that software engineers are not built equal, and they are the ones to drive your company ahead compared to others.

Microsoft predicts that the number of several tech-related jobs will reach 149 million by 2025. Also, the number of privacy and trust jobs will be 1 million and 6 million for cyber security along with 20 million for data analysis, ML, and AI, 23 million latest cloud and data functions, and around 98 million software development projects.

The difficulty for recruiters is that they aren’t completely technical, so they don’t constantly understand what the ideal software engineer resembles. To support, with a Quora thread on this specific problem, some extremely best engineering directors explained the characteristics of an excellent software engineer.

However, skills are not just a subject of not having sufficient professionals to fulfill these tasks, but it’s including developers and workers not having the required skills to race in a digital role.

As a consequence, there is so much required attempt to upskill employees and give new programs and services to develop new talent.

The action will act to get in-demand jobs and the jobs required to supply them, provide a free way to learn ways and content to support people develop abilities, and low-cost certification and available job-seeking tools.

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2. Why hire Software Developers?

Developing a software app is similar to constructing a building. For instance, if you want to raise the frame or install the plumbing, first you need to build the foundation. And after finishing the foundation, if it requires to be redone, it wrecks the due date and budget of the whole project. To evade delays, you need specialists for every part of the process.

Software development is just as functional. While completing a software project if there is any type of buggy or inoperable code developed by a team member can damage the productivity of the whole team—and possibly the whole product they’re developing. This is one of the reasons why we need to hire a skilled software developer.

3. Skills to look in developers:

Basic Technical Skills

It’s essential to know that academic qualification is not the only factor that makes someone a great software developer; as experience is one of the significant factors for evaluating suitability.

Guarantee that your potential employee practices the suitable programming language for your development company or that you have education ready, and remember the business is very competitive even though there is a shortage of good software developers, so you can be selective.

Problem Solving Skills

If applicants exceed the first filter test, then you need to interlace them in a deeper in-depth development project. Usually, this requires some time operating with the team on exact product work, which they need to certainly be compensated for.

Otherwise, it might be a synthetic project that is the same as the type of difficulty they would face in their job.

Ability to learn, adapt and grow

According to the latest LinkedIn survey, successful developers consume more time training compared to other professionals —around 48% of software engineers discovered a new skill freshly, opposed to 36% amongst all experts.

Continuous software development is an excellent practice for the software as well as it’s exceptional for the engineer too. Some of the key sources of software engineering learning for successful developers:

  • On-the-job training with GitHub, StackOverflow, etc
  • Upskilling plans or boot camps
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Training from an expert and coaching

Time and Task Management

An exceptional programmer is extremely stable. They have a great work ethic and attend all the meetings on time. An essential skill is the capability to determine the time required to perform a task, communicate this, and deliver on it.

Excellent great software developers are high at handling their customers or managers rather than you controlling them.

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Domain Expert

Several companies nowadays are not looking for just some “generalists”. Generalists are those kinds of developers who have substantial grounds in computer science and extensive knowledge across various sorts of technologies, often with one field that they know enough.

For instance, you might have a generalist web developer who can perform front-end (UI) as well as back-end development.

Soft Skills

As we all know that soft skills are essential for any applicant aspiring to be a member of an organization, though the development of this work differs from person to person.

Listening is an essential feature of soft skills. Knowing what the customer wants includes Listening and Probing the customer to gain transparency into his uncertain thoughts. Other developers are regularly low on soft skills.

Clear understanding of UX/UI

Design is as essential as coding. Experts conduct several discussions to follow the design thought of the applicant. The purpose is to receive an impression of their process of designing a project. The essential feature we look for is the severity of the solution. Make some modifications to the use-cases and then understand how the applicant changes to them.


This trait is seldom used by businesses as a substitution for “They won’t demand a higher pay and will manage long hours without nagging”.

However, that’s not something this skill is regarding, as it is unnecessary to state, you need to always give people subsistence pay and avoid overworking them.

4. Conclusion

With time and the latest techs, it’s difficult to discover great programmers. The tech capital is progressing through an expertise deficiency situation.

That means we require more developers than we can get, and businesses are exceeding their methods to bring top tech talent.

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