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Top 10 Bug Tracking Tools and Software

Top Bug Tracking Tools

Bug tracking tools can be used to track, assign, report and track bugs within software development projects. There are many different defect tracking tools. This can be put in another way: “Better bug tracking tool, higher quality product.”

Top 10 Bug Tracking Tools and Software

1. ClickUp

ClickUp allows you to customize your bug tracking tool. A project management tool that provides comprehensive task and time management. It facilitates collaboration between business units. You can assign tasks and manage comments. This application makes it easy to establish priorities and manage work.


  • It is easy to filter and search for specific tasks.
  • It provides a wide range of templates.
  • Allows you to import documents automatically from other applications
  • This allows you to work with others.
  • You can assign multiple tasks in one click.
  • ClickUp allows you to organize tasks by project.
  • Google Calendar can be synced.

2. SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam provides a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), a solution that integrates bug tracking. SpiraTeam allows you to manage all aspects of your testing process, from requirements to bugs and issues, as well as traceability at every stage. SpiraTeam comes with the following features:


  • Automated creation of new incidents during test script execution
  • Fully configurable incident fields. This includes priority, statuses, and defect types.
  • Ability to link incidents (bugs) to other artifacts and incidents.
  • Comprehensive reporting, searching, sorting, and audit log tracking of changes are all possible.
  • Email notifications are triggered when the status of the custom workflow changes.
  • You can report bugs and issues via email.

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3. BugHerd

BugHerd makes it easy to find bugs and track feedback. To help you resolve problems, pin bugs and feedback to website elements, and capture technical information. The Kanban-style task board allows you to track feedback tasks until they are completed.


  • Simple point-and-click bug and feedback capture
  • You can capture technical information such as browser, OS, and screen resolution.
  • The kanban-style Task Board allows you to track and manage all feedback.
  • Take a photo or a video of each bug you report.
  • You can save hours on QA and UAT for websites and applications
  • It is loved by all stakeholders.

4. Userback

Userback allows users to report visual bugs and provide feedback. It is the easiest way for users and software teams to report bugs on any website or application. You can quickly collect contextual and visual bug reports to help you reproduce and fix problems faster. Userback automatically captures annotations on screenshots, videos, console logs, and custom data.


  • Visual bug reporting for both you and your users
  • Easy-to-use drawing, annotation, and video recording tools
  • All your bugs and user feedback can be managed in one location
  • Kanban-style task board
  • Make custom workflows
  • Team collaboration is powerful
  • Get bug reports that developers will love!

5. provides visual bug reporting tools for software developers and agencies. Install the website widget to collect feedback using screenshots, annotations, and technical meta-data directly into your preferred project management tools such as Jira or Trello, Asana, and ClickUp.

You can say goodbye to PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and messy emails. There’s a better way.


  • Widget for Website
  • Screenshot and annotations
  • Recording technical data (browser OS, URL, console logs, etc.)
  • 2-way sync with Jira and Trello, Asana (and many more),
  • Browser extension / WordPress plugin/JS snippet code
  • Custom branding

6. Zoho bug tracking

Zoho Bug Tracker is an extremely powerful bug tracker that allows you to filter issues by severity and priority. This improves productivity tool by identifying reproducible bugs. This online tool allows you to create bugs, milestones, reports, documents, and other projects. All of this is on one platform. Zoho bug tracker makes it easy to remind and notify team members.


  • Integration and bug views
  • Flexible workflow with issue trackers
  • Different categories are used for the classification of issues

7. Monday

Monday allows you to track your progress and manage your team from one location. It offers a flexible dashboard that allows you to visualize data easily.


  • Collaboration is possible with others.
  • It automates your day-to-day work.
  • Integration with Mailchimp and Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.
  • Track your work progress.
  • It allows you to work remotely.

8. SmartSheet

Smartsheet allows businesses to track bugs and manage multiple projects using a spreadsheet. It allows organizations to improve collaboration and manage their workflows. Smartsheet makes it easy to automate tasks using simple rules.


  • It provides security, user management, single sign-on capabilities, and single login capabilities for projects and team management.
  • We can help you create a solution that meets your specific needs.
  • It allows you to create your own templates.
  • Seamlessly connects with your enterprise ecosystem
  • This tool will simplify your budgeting and planning.
  • It provides powerful analytics and reporting.
  • Automates input from web forms, proofing, and approvals.

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9. Axosoft

It’s a bug-tracking system that can be used on-premises or hosted software. It’s a Scrum team project management tool. Developers and project managers can see each task, their requirements, defects, and incidents in the system. They can also view them on individual filing cards. Axosoft allows you to manage user stories, defects, support tickets and provides a snapshot of your progress in real-time.


  • It is the best bug management tool.
  • Scrum planning board
  • Scrum burndown charts
  • Management of Requirements
  • Wiki for teams
  • Data visualization
  • Integration of SCM
  • Reporting
  • Tracking incidents and help desk

10. IBM Rational ClearQuest

IBM ClearQuest manages, tracks, and captures all types of bugs. IBM rationalquest gives you all the benefits of bug tracking tools, just like any other tool. It supports multi-platform, such as HP-UX and Linux. It allows for better visibility and control over software development projects.


  • Integration with other tools
  • Real-time reporting and metrics support
  • Collaboration among teams can be improved
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