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6 Tools That will Help to Boost Your Startup Productivity

entrepreneur tools

Great entrepreneurs know how to organize their ideas and which entrepreneur tools they can use to bring them to life.

This can be a key to getting a startup off the ground. It’s not enough to have great ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. Sometimes, you need to have the right combination of technology and tools in order to avoid getting bogged down by mundane or tedious tasks.

Lawtrades: For legal help

It’s not something that entrepreneurs find exciting, but entrepreneur tools are essential to ensure your startup has all its legal ducks in order. Lawtrades helps with all of this while keeping costs low — music for any startup business owner.

This service is a legal marketplace that caters to entrepreneurs and startups. It connects business owners to legal professionals who, it claims, don’t charge excessive hourly rates.

Lawtrades provides a variety of services including employment and labor business formation and contracts and agreements, as well as intellectual property and legal advice.

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Do: For productive meetings

Everybody who has ever started a business knows the importance of having many meetings. Do can make your meetings more productive and reduce time waste.

You can plan and share your agenda with the app to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also track your accountability by seeing which tasks and points have been completed.

1Password: For easy password management

Many online accounts will be required to start and manage a business. AgileBits ‘s 1Password app helps you save time and remember passwords, as well as other information.

This app allows you to create strong passwords for multiple accounts and then secures them behind a single password that you only know. It doesn’t just work with passwords; it can also be used to remember other information, such as street addresses or safe combinations.

Kanbanize: For product development

Kanbanize is a tool that helps startups develop a product or set of products. It doesn’t slow down the process. You can post and share boards with product information and progress. You also have the option to choose who sees which information.

You can, for example, share boards with stakeholders to inform them about the progress of your product development.

Evernote: For an organization

Many applications exist that help improves team productivity. Evernote however, is the best.

The software allows you to work with your team in one place, keeping all projects together. The software allows you to give feedback and exchange notes, while simultaneously syncing data between computers and smartphones.

You can also use the in-app chat to communicate with your friends and integrate with Google Drive.

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TaskHusky: For web development

While almost every new business needs some type of business, startups don’t always have the option of hiring web designers or developers. It is a very useful entrepreneur tool for business.

TaskHusky is an online service that small businesses can use to help them with specific tasks on the Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WordPress platforms. It is a three-step process. You create a task, pre-pay, and a TaskHusky member assigns the task. Once the task has been completed, it is sent back to you for approval.

The takeaway – Best entrepreneur tools

Entrepreneurs who are smart know that they cannot do everything on their own when it is time to start a business. Although these six entrepreneur tools won’t be all you need to launch or maintain a startup they will help you to keep your productivity high.

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