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10 Sales Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Sales Promotion Ideas

Your target audience won’t be influenced by your marketing budget and your team plastering social media with your logo. Here are give some promotion ideas to help your business.

Aside from the fact that “promotion” is often equated with “marketing”, there are important differences. Your business should view promotions as part of its overall marketing strategy.

Your organization may be about to launch a new product or open a new location. You need to promote your products and let your customers know that you have the best stuff. How can you approach this creatively and make sure your competitors notice?

Although it is lofty, this goal is achievable with the right creative promotion idea strategy, planning, and execution. We have plenty of ideas to help you create your next wave in promotional messaging.

Marketing ideas, advertising and sales promotions: What’s what?


Marketing is the umbrella. Marketing encompasses all the activities, campaigns, and messaging that your brand uses to increase awareness about the company and its offerings. Marketing efforts include industry and audience research to form sure the brand is leveraging the proper messaging in each ad, blog, one-sheet, eBook, and other collateral.


Advertising is a strategy that aims to educate and call attention to a product or offer. Advertising is often an ongoing process with goals such as increasing customer loyalty and raising awareness about the brand’s service offerings.


Sales promotions can overlap with advertising. For example, a company might use traditional ads as part of its sales promotion strategy. The key difference is that sales promotions are usually shorter-term and part of a continuous campaign to educate or increase loyal customers.

Promotions are often designed to increase sales, attract attendees to an event, and/or increase revenue in a quick-win manner. This often involves offering customer incentives to encourage purchasing. One example of this is a brand that offers deep discounts after holidays. Customers enjoy lower prices, and the brand creates an urgency that encourages sales and clears out excess inventory.

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Growing Online and In-Store Revenue: Sales Promotion Ideas

If a company has a lot of creative promotions, it is easy to get stuck with sales promotion ideas. Let’s look at some unique promotion ideas that you could use to increase sales in brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce stores.

1. Discount on the price cut and go for the upgrade

The last decade has seen sales decline. Everyone can reduce prices (or make it appear so with red slashes or lower price tags). Customers, especially those in B2B, are very aware of this trend. With so many options to compare goods and services, it’s easy for decision-makers and customers to determine a fair price.

Suzanne Brown is OKsuzi Marketing CEO. She suggests you replace this idea with an upgrade offer.

This means that customers will be offered the next tier (or “premium”) offering at the same price as the “basic” one. You might also consider adding a complimentary upgrade service. Brown pointed out that this will not only help you increase sales, but it will also help you and your marketing team understand which upgrade opportunities are most appealing to your core customers.

2. Support your loyalty program with gifts and an exclusive club vibe

Loyalty is key to customer loyalty, which many businesses can profit from through a loyalty program. It’s not enough just to have a loyalty club in place. You also need to market it and make it worthwhile for customers.

Costco is a great example.

Costco members are well aware of their perks. You can shop at warehouse stores during regular business hours, use their gas stations, and enjoy a host of other benefits (e.g., purchasing 20-pack socks and an industrial-sized tub of Twizzlers all in one place). There’s a good chance that you got a gift with your Costco membership.

Costco allows non-members to shop during certain hours but their experience is much more limited than that of members. So it makes sense to sign-up and become a team member. Although this membership costs more than the traditional loyalty program you can still promote your business by giving small bonuses to clients who become members. You can also create an exclusive club atmosphere by offering special offers, services, or other specials to members of your loyalty program.

3. Hyper-targeted sales and promotions

Don’t worry if offering an upgrade isn’t right for your business model. Customers still love discounts, sales, and promotions. This traditional promotion can be taken to the next level with data-driven personalization.

Instead of blanketing everyone with non-discriminatory sales prices, you can tailor a promotion for a specific subset of customers.

The Oder, even better, offers individualized discounts to top customers based upon their buying history and other preferences.

Voucherify co-founder and CMO Michal Szezielewski pointed out that a personalized, laser-focused promotion like this relies on the ability of the business to collect, analyze, and leverage the data at the right time. The payoff is huge.

Sedzielewski explained that personalized coupons are sent at 1:1 to the correct segment at the right time. This prompts precalculated cart level discounts and upsells, ultimately increasing the average order value. as well as rolling out loyalty and referral campaigns using an omnichannel approach.”

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They will come if you make it: Creative event promotion ideas

Both online and offline, it is crucial to support loyal customers and increase sales. However, brands today are seeking deeper connections with their customers through event-based and experiential marketing. Once you have created your event marketing plan with your team, it is time to get out there and promote the event.

While strategies like sending out email invitations, posting event details on your various social media channels employing a social media tool, and traditional ticket sales will definitely help, there are some more unique and artistic promotions you’ll consider including in your event marketing:

4. Play hide and seek with event tickets

This is a great opportunity for your marketing team and customers. You can conceal tickets in the area or in your own packaging leading up to your event. You have a few options.

  • It should be a mystery. Promote the idea that tickets can be found hidden in your city, but don’t reveal their location. This strategy adds mystery to your promotion. You can also publicize the moment each ticket is purchased (or allow users to use a hashtag to post on social media) in order to keep the buzz going about your event.
  • Post clues: You can make a scavenger hunting promotion that offers clues to ticket locations for a more interactive experience.
  • Host social media contests: If hiding and seeking is not your thing, you could host social media contests and get attention using a hashtag. You can also give away tickets to the event. Stihl, a tool brand, offered customers the chance to win tickets for last year’s Timbersports British Championship sponsored event. To be eligible for the prize drawing, you must pass a quiz.

5. Bring a sneak peek into the streets

Consider performing a preview of the event lives on the streets. This theatrical approach allows you to showcase the talent of the attendees and promote the event creatively.

Although it is not a true-world example, Andy Bernard from The Office and his fellow Sweeney Todd cast member are some of the most memorable. Andy, the showman, brings his cast to the Dunder Mifflin offices.

Nard Dog is a skilled performer. Nearly all of his co-workers are there to witness his act.

You might consider scaling up the performance to be near the event site or in an area with a large audience.

6. Tap an influencer

To spread the word about your event, you can leverage the influencers or brand ambassador partnerships. This strategy has the additional advantage of a dual audience. Not only will your core audience be notified by the brand ambassador, but also the influencer’s followers will be informed about the event. This will increase your brand’s reach, and help you get event details in front of as many eyes as possible.

It is important to make the right choice when partnering with influencers. An invitation to an event that isn’t in line with the brand of the influencer and the interests or audience they are targeting will most likely fail. As with any marketing and promotional tactic, there are pros and cons here – read more about these and industry experts’ takes here.

Strategically, an influencer’s approval of your event can be just the thing you need to increase ticket sales and attendee numbers. Revolve’s #Revolvefestival is an example. Revolve was held on the same weekend as Coachella. However, it has managed to grow attendance year after year due to the buzz generated by brand influencers.

Ring that dinner bell: Restaurant promotion ideas

It is not as easy to increase sales in restaurants as it is with traditional business strategies. A large part of the customer base is dependent on the food preferences of the locals. For example, a seafood restaurant in a rural area that is known for its cattle production might be questioned.

With the right promotion, customers will be hungry for what you have to offer. These unique promo ideas will get them to taste the flavors of flavor town.

7. Draw them in from the door – or beyond

This strategy is a variation of the flash mob approach to event marketing but with a food-friendly twist. A promotion like this could be done in a number of different ways:

Show it off in a sample spread

Many restaurants post their menus in a window or on the door side. But, you can take this one step further by offering a sampling of actual food. You may have been to a fancy restaurant that has a dessert or cheese cart. When you have a piece of chocolate cheesecake right in front of your face, it is difficult to turn down that delicious piece.

You don’t have to showcase your desserts. Instead, work with your kitchen and choose dishes that are durable enough to be left out for a while but still look fresh and delicious. This can be a great way to help your waitstaff sell appetizers or specials, and it will also make your customers wait longer.

Take it to the streets

You can also take the sample to the streets. You can also have a server bring a tray of dishes or entrees to your local promenade. You might find that customers are drawn to the sights and smells of what they can eat at your restaurant.

8. Make a splash with a celebrity diner

Celebrities are a great way to get people to your restaurant. In essence, this promotional strategy extends the influencer marketing approach to the real world and back to social. A single picture of a celebrity eating at your restaurant is better than a wall of autographed headshots.

Toast’s Robert Hale correctly pointed out that not all businesses have the resources to pay for such promotion. Consider tapping local celebrities who may be more willing to support local businesses. Hale suggests that you combine celebrity promotion with charity and donate a portion to the chosen organization.

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9. Make the most of the holidays – encouraging check-in

Holidays are a great time to sell restaurants. This is also a great opportunity to create a social-friendly promotion.

This approach has been adopted by many restaurants, bars, and eateries. You can have a Mother’s Day brunch, where guests are encouraged to take photos of their eggs and post them on social media. Restaurants and bars can also take advantage of Halloween as a socially friendly holiday. You might consider hosting a costume contest, where entry costs are a post, like, and check-in via social media.

These promotions help you showcase your restaurant to your customers. . The best part is that user-generated content such as social media posts or check-ins can be low-cost and highly efficient ways to promote your brand, food, and beverage products.

10. Promotion ideas support a local cause

Another great way to promote your brand is by sponsoring or supporting positive efforts in your local restaurant’s community.

Local sponsorship is a great way to show your commitment to the community and to humanize your restaurant.

It could be as simple as sponsoring new gear or jerseys for a local team. You could partner with a local school or charity to provide culinary education for students. A low-impact way to help your community is to send a chef or host a class at your restaurant. It’s also the best photo opportunity for social media.

It’s not always easy to increase sales or create buzz about your latest product. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. These promotion ideas will help you bring out the creativity in your next promotional campaign.

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