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Top 10 Tools For Project Planning And Management For Freelancers

Top 10 Tools For Project Planning And Management For Freelancers

Whether you’re a freelancer or simply an owner of a small business, it comes in useful to understand what is demanded and needed as a way to control a customer’s project successfully. However, you don’t need to really go at it alone, particularly when assistance is easily available online.

Developers and engineers have made many different tools to make our lives easier in regard to project management.

When you utilize international co-workers, who might be hard to place into precisely the exact same area together, project management programs like those in this listing are much more crucial to the business.

Let us get right to it, will we? Inside this article are ten resources you need to certainly offer a go should you require assistance in help in managing your future projects.

1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management and planning software. It sports a user-friendly interface using a dash which enables the users to program, keep track, and assess project improvement with flexibility.

It is also possible to sync your Zoho Projects accounts with Dropbox to get access to your documents from any place. Additionally, it has support for up to 16 languages.

To get a bird’s eye view of your project, Zoho Projects is outfitted with a Gantt chart feature which enables you to get the entire image and reports of those projects you’re working on.

Besides the totally free single project you may try, pricing programs stand at $199 to $599 for yearly plans and $20/mth to $80/mth for monthly programs.

2. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool that gives users plugins to manage projects efficiently.

It enables you to get complete access and screen of your project branches by incorporating them with an assortment of attributes. LiquidPlanner includes team preparation tools, project scheduling choices, project reporting, lively collaboration applications, drag-n-drop scheduling, quote instances, all shown to you on a single page.

The service is currently extended to cellular platforms, specifically iOS and Android platforms, also it’s totally free to test on a 30-day foundation, but even below a paid pricing program, it is under a dollar per day. Educational bodies may use to use it in the course to get free, and there’s a 50% reduction for nonprofit organizations.

3. Projecturf

For individuals who face problems in getting things done, this instrument can be helpful. The idea of Projecturf would be to assist the consumers to handle their projects with efficacy.

The project includes a boatload of features, including a dynamic Gantt chart screen, powerful drag and drop management, a budget and time monitoring system, innovative designs, customizable templates, and many others.

Pricing plans go by the number of projects from $9.99/mth for one project or $19.99/mth for five projects, all of the way to $199.99/mth to get an infinite number of projects.

There’s a 30% reduction for nonprofit organizations, but in the event that you only wish to give it a try, it’s free for your first 14 days.

4. ProProfs

Sometimes it is challenging to complete a client’s project in a particular time frame and using a fixed budget.

ProProfs will help with this by keeping an eye on your valuable time and budget whilst maintaining it encrypted and giving a fantastic environment with easy features to handle your team improvement and collaborate with them.

Free trial lasts for 15 days, and should you decide this is the direction tool that’s right for you, you then get to select between three pricing bundles, little ($24/mth), moderate ($49/mth), and large ($99/mth).

The tool also features a program for iPhone users and also a portable version for iPad and Android users.

5. BaseCamp

BaseCamp is among the most well-known projects management tools. With close to a decade of experience under its belt, BaseCamp includes a solid and clean UI, letting you have a complete view of all of your projects, files, tools, and collaborators, all in one page.

Maintain your workspace clutter-free, everything in reach, calendars and schedules updated and in sync, and continuous access to team members if they’re halfway across the world.

Pricing begins at $20/mth for ten projects and 3GB storage. Power users might prefer to opt to find unlimited projects and a 100 GB storage area for $150/mth.

Each package includes daily online backups and data encryption, and it’s currently available for your own iPhone from the App Store. The cellular version of Basecamp can be optimized for both Android and iOS devices.

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6. Podio

Podio is a potent tool that intends to help users manage projects, projects, events, and meetings. Alongside this application, you can manage recruiting matters of your upcoming team members at a dedicated workspace.

The interface is simple to use and provides features like task management, instant messaging, and integration using OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox to help you access your freelancer projects.

Podio is somewhat different in regards to pricing strategies as it costs per per-user instead of projects. It is possible to begin with a group of 5 to get free or pay $19 per user every month below the Podio Team pricing program. Podio can be obtained on iOS and Android.

7. Clarizen

Clarizen is an award-winning project management tool. With Clarizen, you’ve got the proper environment to collaborate with other freelancers and have been assembled with distinctive features, such as project roadmap performance, project tracking, resource management tools, and even success kits to assist project managers become more efficient.

It has its own market featuring add-ons and cellular programs that match many different needs.

Clarizen has services for iPhone and Android. It is possible to test Clarizen for 30 days prior to opting in to get a paid plan.

8. Wrike

Wrike not only permits you to manage projects and tasks professionally, but in addition, it supplies you with incorporated functionalities together with Google Apps, mails, cellular, and spreadsheets.

Additionally, there are loads of features like budgeting and project management, dynamic Gantt charts performance, along other group collaboration tools to make your life simpler.

Wrike the program can also be available for iOS and Android, also you’ll be able to begin using it for free for up to 5 users per team.

Paid plans begin at $49 for 5 users and 5 GB storage, up to $199 a month for 50 users and 100 GB storage.

9. TriveSolo

TriveSolo covers the vital needs of freelancers when managing a client’s project.

If invoicing for your customers remains a thorny and complicated task, this app can help you a great deal with these things. The same as ProProfs, this instrument includes a time- and – budget-tracking system that’s very coordinated and lively to utilize.

The whole screen of this project is very robust, including the project progress, contract, and deadlines.

10. ViewPath

If you’d like a professional instrument for a professional team, ViewPath is your thing to do. This tool is built with a flexible interface that enables the users to drag and drop menus and also have a complete picture of the project they’re managing.

Task deadline, inline editing, drag and drop Gantt chart, and everyday action dashboard are attributes to make certain you will complete your projects.

Users may register for a free starter package and access each of the vital attributes or update to the Team Edition for $12.95/mth per user for more innovative capabilities.

Viewpath works on a 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription modal with discounts offered for multiple user signups. When a person fails to clean payment in time, then they will only be downgraded into the starter package instead of losing all their information or project progress.

Give the free trial a try for 15 days, to have a whiff of what Viewpath has to offer you.

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