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5 Signs You Need A Professional Email Developer

5 Signs You Need A Professional Email Developer

Every digital marketing strategy has email marketing as one of its key drivers. With this being said, the days of sending readers boring plain text emails have long gone. Subscribers, too, are expecting something out of the box in their inboxes. As a result, businesses have to come up with something new, innovative; thereby putting the whole email team, including the marketers, designers, and email developers, under ‘creative pressure.’

This may make the giant teams bite their nails, but what about smaller firms? They usually have few resources who pull off entire campaigns to pursue the 42 USD ROI that emails offer. If you are a business facing issues with the development of HTML email templates, this is the right place for you. Read this article to identify the top five signs that tell if you need to hire a professional email developer to boost your email campaigns. Let’s begin:

5 Signs That Hint The Need Of A Dedicated Email Developer

Hiring email developers can be difficult, but several factors may signal that hiring an email developer is the best way to drive your project ahead. This section will walk you through various indicators that will help you determine whether or not you require an email developer:

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1. You’re Always Short Of Time

If you feel that your email marketing team always finds it difficult to complete their respective tasks on time, it can be a big indicator. It takes almost 1 week for an entire team to come up with an HTML email template, and multiple versions for email segments only stretch it further. This often strains teams, and they end up delivering sub-standard work, or you fail to shoot emails as per schedule.

Therefore, seeing your staff bothered with deadlines and performing under rush hours frequently can be a big sign pointing towards the need for email developers.

2. Brand Awareness Is A Big Concern

If you have just got started with email marketing, it is likely that you have tasted some fruits. However, brand consistency and awareness soon become sizable challenges for organizations. For instance, not being able to maintain the same brand tone or inconsistency in branding elements can leave your subscribers to turn suspicious. It can get even more challenging if you aren’t an established brand since your subscribers may discard your future messages considering you as yet another rookie business.

In case you have experienced a lower open rate or have been labeled as spam due to suspected quality issues, you can safely assume that brand awareness is a concern for your email strategy. In such cases, a professional email developer can help you tremendously by curating a brand asset repository and standardizing your email designs and development process.

3. Your Company Is Rapidly Expanding

If you’re in a fast-growing firm that needs aid from outside sources, consider hiring email developers. When you have a few developers in your team, you’re bound to make them work more than you should at some time. For most brands with a handful of resources, this is the scenario as they would look forward to increasing their email campaigns, including new types of emails, and even level up transactional emails, thereby stressing their teams.

An expanding business will require you to rapidly scale up your marketing capabilities, but that won’t be practically possible for your staff in most cases. Since email forms the backbone of all your marketing activities, it may become the biggest component of your overall strategy. This will ensure the quality of communications while keeping emergency hirings at bay.

4. Your Conversion Rates Are Impacting Your Bottom Line

One of the prime indicators that indicates something is wrong with your email strategy is steeply falling conversion rates. This could be due to malpractices in email design, faulty automation workflows in your ESP, the use of blacklisted words in your email copy, or any other technical reason.

Under such circumstances, it is in your best interest to hire a professional email developer to bring your email efforts back on track. Their extensive experience can help you find the falls in the older development process at your firm and make necessary changes. In most cases, you will witness multifaceted benefits across all email metrics, including conversion rate optimization.

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5. Your Email Strategy Requires Advanced Functionalities

At some point in time, you may feel that your image strategy requires you to use advanced functionality for your HTML email templates. It may not be possible for your regular email developers to do so, and that’s when professionals kick in.

Having a dedicated email developer onboard who helps you with advanced functionalities like API integration for templates and building interactive emails can boost your efforts significantly. It is also advisable to outsource email development if such requirements are not regular in nature and your overall email strategy isn’t dependent on them.

Over To You

Whether you are just getting started with your business or looking to up your email marketing game, seasoned email developers will always be a valuable addition to your organization. You can leverage their experience to not only scale your email campaigns but to drastically improve the quality of messages you send. I hope this article helps you identify if you really need an email developer and ultimately improve your email marketing operations.

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