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Best Practices and Upcoming Trends in Game Testing

Video Game Testing

Game quality assurance testing is a crucial stage in the creation of video games. Finding problems and giving your players a game-responsive activity are both part of the testing process. Testing video games may be done at any stage of the production process, including the prototype, development, soft launches, and post-release testing. The purpose of game QA testing is to evaluate, pinpoint, record, and fix any software flaws that can negatively impact the overall gaming experience. Depending on the experience your players will have, this aspect will determine if your game is successful.

Best Practices for Testing Games

Fun Factor Evaluation

Testing for usability or user experience is done on every software. Testing for the enjoyment factor, on the other hand, is unique to games as an entertainment good. Games must have straightforward functioning as well as interesting gameplay. Then, game development teams need to decide if an idea is entertaining and would appeal to the target audience. It requires a special grasp of game design and a wealth of knowledge and data on the target audience and their interests. Now special attention is paid to 2D mobile game development because these games are gaining popularity again. These games cause a lot of pleasure for the audience.

Individualized Testing

Because each company owner has different needs. Hence, relying on a single size is not the best course of action. Every game should be seen as a distinct entity. Similarly to this, you should concentrate on all regions that are required to be tested in the game and pay attention to all game features.

Beta Testing

However, the majority of businesses believe that QA should only be involved after the game has all of its features. This strategy is ineffective, however, since the QA team can discover problems with the fundamental functionality that would need extra time to fix. It will be easier to hone the essential components of the game if you start with a small development team (1 to 2 people). As a result, the development team can concentrate only on completing sprints and adding features, saving time and money. They wouldn’t need to go over the essential components again.

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Engage Developers In Testing

It is crucial to confirm that the game is well-made before testing any component of it. As QA is an integral element of the testing process, you should always hire game QA testers to concentrate on the game’s fundamental functionality. This will give you more time for debugging even after you’ve fixed a lot of game bugs.

Audio Evaluation

When it comes to audio testing, games have unique traits. The music in a video game must engage the user and improve gameplay, according to QA teams. The music should enhance the gameplay as well as play without stuttering or missing segments. It requires deep audio knowledge, unique gaming audio experience, and especially domain expertise.

New Trends in Video Game Testing

Perfect Game Performance

Any glitch in the game might harm players. Progressions blockages, game-stopping, and system crashes are some of the most typical flaws that game testers discover. One of the technological features that separate an average game from a well-liked game is flawless operation.

Performance Of Multiple Players

Quality assurance testing is anticipated to put a lot of emphasis on multiplayer performance in 2023. “85% of gamers play video games with other users online,” according to a recent survey by the Entertainment Software Association, up from 77% in 2021 and 65% in 2020. Multiplayer games must be able to manage a high number of players concurrently without suffering any problems given the popularity of online gaming. This will include evaluating the game’s server setup and its capacity to deal with huge volumes of traffic and avoid any difficulties like latency or connection issues.

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Simple To Use Interface

The significance of an intuitive user interface is one of the trends that is anticipated to take off in 2023. It is crucial that new players can quickly grasp and participate in the game as more and more people are exposed to the world of gaming. A user-friendly interface may make all the difference between a player losing interest in the game and giving up after becoming annoyed. Game developers are likely to place a greater emphasis on user experience testing, which involves testing the game with a diverse group of players to see how they interact with it and identify any problems or opportunities for improvement, to ensure that their games have an intuitive and simple interface.


In 2023, the game industry’s quality assurance testing trends will probably be flexible testing teams, user-friendly interfaces, multiplayer performance, and the use of artificial intelligence. Game creators can ensure their games are of the highest quality and provide players with an immersive and pleasurable experience by closely monitoring these trends and investing in extensive testing techniques.

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