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Dynamics AX-CRM Integration: Everything You Need to Know

Dynamics AX-CRM Integration Everything You Need to Know

Data integration remains a daunting mystery to many people who might otherwise benefit from it. A successful data integration project is an incredible boon to many businesses, facilitating exponential growth and optimizing workplace efficiency. Armed with quality data integration platforms like RapidiOnline, data integration projects have never been quicker and more approachable. Rapidi can have your Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and CRM system seamlessly integrated in days, letting you get the most out of both systems.

What are the Basics of Dynamics AX-Salesforce Integration?

So what is data integration, really? On a basic level, data integration is the process by which disparate software are allowed to “talk” to one another, meaning that their data is pooled into a single point of truth. This is important, especially for organizations with globally stationed branches and teams. Different teams often have their own unique ways of acquiring, collecting, and extracting data.

Different methods mean different standards, which can result in unwanted inconsistency and data siloing. Data integration mitigates this, helping to standardize data management and collection, eliminating redundant data entry, and ensuring that all teams have access to the up-to-date information they need.

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Why is Dynamics AX-Salesforce Integration the Best Option for My Business?

Integrating Dynamics AX with Salesforce (or your CRM of choice) immediately results in a 360-degree view of each customer’s profile. Standardized data collection and fewer manual entries mean fewer instances of human error and more time devoted to revenue-generating projects, customer outreach, and real innovation.

In this day and age, a lack of information is rarely the main issue plaguing companies. Most organizations have dozens of incoming data streams from web traffic, marketing operations, and partnered organizations; the real key is separating the wheat from the chaff and organizing relevant information in a way that is accessible and intuitive for team members to navigate and manage.

The purpose of any data integration project is heightened efficiency. Without integration, a report may need to be logged in to any number of individual systems, involving copying, reformatting, and resubmitting data manually. This detracts from time that could be spent on more creative or meaningful endeavors; leave the number crunching to the computers! Dynamics AX-CRM integration eliminates horizontal redundancy and minimizes chances for human error, resulting in a huge boost in speed and efficiency.

What are Some Challenges I Should Consider?

Some businesses elect not to integrate due to budget or resource restrictions, or because they’ve become so accustomed to managing workarounds that they haven’t even considered streamlining their operations.

What these businesses fail to recognize is the incredible potential for a return on their investment down the line; by cutting down on hours wasted on menial tasks such as manual updating of systems, playing phone-tag between departments in search of the latest information in a customer’s profiles, organizations are honing their competitive edge. Maximizing the efficiency of their ERP and CRM through integration is a great way to ensure that an organization is squeezing the most out of its investments.

AX does not implement timestamps. This can prove challenging for data integration platforms that weren’t crafted with Dynamics AX in mind. Luckily, Rapidi boasts a team of Microsoft enthusiasts and experts who will ensure that your Dynamics AX integration project is fast, effective, and completely painless. Rapidi’s solution to the issue of timestamps (and lack thereof) is a component of their solution right out of the box.

Who Can I Trust With My Data Integration Project?

RapidiOnline is Rapidi’s proprietary, cutting-edge data integration platform. A Microsoft-certified solution, it was crafted by a company with nearly three decades of experience pioneering in the realm of data integration and replication. Don’t take our word for it; RapidiOnline has customers and enthusiasts all across the globe vouching for its efficacy and robust functionality.

Real-Life Success Stories and Happy Customers

Allan Iskov was the Director of Business Process for NetOp, and one of Rapidi’s many customers willing to come forward with nothing but praise for the company and its proprietary integration technology. NetOp is a longtime user of Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Iskove was finally ready to pull the trigger on a significant data integration project between Dynamics AX and NetOp’s CRM. He reports that Rapidi’s installation of RapidiOnline was seamless, and his company was up and running in no time.

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In the wake of the project, Iskov agreed that his decision to implement RapidiOnline transformed his employee’s efficiency. Not only that, but the 360-degree customer profiles enabled by the integration process have been invaluable to NetOp; it has saved team members hours of hassling with manual data entry, or redundant or out-of-date data. With its accurate, standardized, and unified information, NetOp finds itself extraordinarily well-positioned for optimized decision-making.

Dynamics AX-CRM integration

RapidiOnline is built and run according to best business practices, geared towards maximizing your business’s potential, revenue, and efficacy. While non-integrated businesses struggle to manage, implement, and build off of their captured data, organizations with fully integrated data continue to surge ahead of the competition. And if you haven’t taken the leap yet? Well, there are solutions within reach.

RapidiOnline’s installation and training process are quick and painless, and your business can be back up on its feet in a matter of days. All the data RapidiOnline touches is compressed and fully encrypted from beginning to end-point, meaning that your information is entirely safe from prying eyes. Plus, information transfer is lightning-fast and requires minimal bandwidth to operate effectively. Don’t put off that data integration project for even one more day–contact Rapidi today, and ensure that your organization is poised for growth and success.

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