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6 Tools to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

6 Tools to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

The right tools are essential if you want to generate leads and get results in digital marketing. Optimizing conversion rates is essential to optimizing your SEO and marketing efforts. All sizes of businesses are looking for ways to increase conversion rates in order to gain more loyal customers.

You need to understand what attracts people to your blog, landing page, and website. These proven tools will help you increase your conversion rate.

Let’s first clarify conversion rate optimization (CRO), and its importance. To make CRO effective, it is necessary to first identify why users are not converting to your site and then take steps to rectify the situation.

There are many ways to improve the performance of your website. However, time and resources are both limitations. To get better results, ensure that you are focusing your entire operation on fixing the issues that affect your conversion rate. This should be a company-wide initiative. What are the best and most popular methods for converting website visitors to fintech? Let’s start now.

1. Google optimize

Optimize by Google, a free tool for web developers and marketers, allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of different text and visuals on the page. You can create two different versions of a website (e.g. A and B) and then run multivariate testing using both of them. After a certain time, you can look at the page’s conversion rate. The page with the highest traffic is chosen.

There may be several page variations, each with its own set alterations. It is possible to test pages that are fundamentally different from each other or have multiple modifications.

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2. HeatMapCo

“Can you increase conversion at first glance?” This is a question that many people are asking themselves. This tool can be used to measure the effectiveness of your visual message or message in eliciting action from visitors. Its name is misleading.

It is worth noting that the algorithm uses real-time data and scientific studies to predict eye-tracking. HeatMapCo allows users to view and analyze on-page items. This method doesn’t require any code modifications to your website.

3. Convert Pro

Convert Pro was designed to be the best email opt-in or lead generation plugin that you will ever need. It’s easy to use, powerful, and produces tangible results.

It also includes multistep forms for high conversion and optimized opt-in formats. This allows you to integrate it with your favorite email provider and CMS. Convert Pro includes readymade templates, which can be used in conjunction with the drag and drop page maker to create fully responsive forms.

4. GTmetrix

It’s not worth the extra time required to load large pages. A higher conversion rate doesn’t make up for slower loading times. GTmetrix is a CRO toolkit that helps improve the performance of your website. This solution uses over 30 methods to assess your website. The platform will provide a report that will help you determine what can be done to improve loading speed and conversion rates.

GTmetrix provides customers with the tools to create and implement a digital marketing strategy. Each subscription plan offers different capabilities, API credits, and report filters. You can analyze up to three URLs with the free plan. Only $14.95 per month is the most expensive plan.

5. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange now offers live chat, in addition to dynamic heatmaps. This area allows you to visualize your dashboards, charts, and visitor behavior. You can also view real-time session records to help you learn about your clients’ problems before their departure from your site.

Lucky Orange’s snaps of scrolling, clicks, and movement on the page can also show you where parts of your website have been overlooked.

Lucky Orange’s conversion enhancement software can be tested for free for seven days. You can pay between $10 and $100 per month depending on your business size to get a more comprehensive package.

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6. UserTesting

The slogan says it all: We can also dispel the notion that intuitive websites do not exist. UserTesting can be used to analyze your intended audience. You will receive the data and a report detailing their user experience within an hour. It’s unbelievable, but it is true.

This tool can be used to evaluate websites, applications, or even web prototypes. You can also customize the screen resolution, aspect ratio, operating system selection, and other options. You can either use pre-written surveys or make your own survey based on the demographics in your sample.

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