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Kotlin Vs. Java Comparison In 2022: What Works Best In 2022?

Kotlin Vs. Java Comparison

No matter what your business size is, if you want to scale your business growth, you are obliged to boost your online presence. This requires the application of android systems to develop business apps. The more versatile the experience your app can provide your customers, the greater the business potential. In the year 2021, a survey reported that 3.8 trillion hours were spent by internet users accessing mobile apps. So, if you employ business apps, you can reach a huge base of clients in a moment.

The current scenario specifies a battle between Kotlin and Java when it comes to android developing languages. It leaves a burning question: which one to go for? Kotlin or Java? Well, if you are struggling to find the answer, you have already landed in the right place. This article is going to clear up your confusion.

Java: What Is It?

Java is the most widely used and well-recognized programming language. When it comes to finding a class-based, object-oriented programming language, Java serves well.  The main motto for creating this programming language was to deal with as few implementation constraints as possible. Java is a powerful and well-versed programming language. It drives the development of diverse software applications and operating systems. Added to that, it fuels the development of new programming languages.

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These qualities are the factors behind the emergence of Java as one of the most successful programming languages. The current number of Java developers sits at around 9,007,346. If you are looking to hire a Java developer, the upcoming section is going to guide you by stating its advantages and disadvantages.

imagePros Of Using Java

  • Java is compatible with any device, application, or operating system.
  • Java ensures a top-notch security feature. It helps to minimize the risk of memory loss.
  • It is based on a strong and stable coding framework. This makes the system reliable.
  • If the task includes making extendable apps, the reusability feature of Java serves the best.
  • Java offers the ability to use third-party code to facilitate development.
  • When the comparison is made against Kotlin, Java is way more user-friendly. The process of bug elimination is also way easier.
  • The safety standard of Java is also more reliable than Kotlin.

Cons Of Using Java

  • When it comes to grasping the concepts of programming languages, Java is a little bit more complicated than languages like Python and C++.
  • There is very little content that becomes inaccessible from Java programmed devices or systems.
  • With regards to mobile app development, the advancement rate of Java is not satisfactory.
  • Java deals with challenges within the API design framework.
  • Java programming is primarily test-driven. This factor compels the developer to write additional code. This contributes to higher risks of defects and errors.
  • The speed is comparatively slower than in other languages.
  • The system requires lots of memory to enable Java programming.

Kotlin: What Is It?

Kotlin is another programming language that is moderately new as compared to other languages. It is widely used to develop Android-based mobile applications. JetBrains released Kotlin in February 2016. It is an open-source programming language that functions with the help of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Kotlin breaks into Java byte code to achieve extra compilation. However, there are tons of instances that distinguish Kotlin from Java.


Pros Of Using Kotlin

  • Since the code compilation of the Kotlin language takes very little time, the app development rate is fast.
  • Kotlin programmed apps consume very little space on devices.
  • Programming Kotlin requires writing very small codes. This leads to fewer faults and defects. And add to that, if bugs are found, it takes very little time to debug the system.
  • Since the JVM framework is capable of executing bytecode generated by Kotlin, Kotlin programmed apps can get access to Java libraries.
  • Projects that require auto-completion rely on the Kotlin framework due to the lesser chance of getting bugs and errors.
  • The Null Pointer Exception is not a challenge for Kotlin.

Cons Of Using Kotlin

  • When it comes to the success rate of a programming language, it majorly depends on the developer community size. In the case of Kotlin, the developer community is not big enough now. Since it is a relatively new language, the community is still growing.
  • Kotlin embodies flaws in patterns. So, it becomes difficult to decipher the code.
  • Kotlin possesses tight syntax. So, it becomes challenging to learn and it frequently changes teams.
  • It is very tricky to find an experienced Kotlin developer because the language itself is very new to developers.

Java Vs. Kotlin

  • Java requires making a class in order to ensure extension functionality, whereas Kotilin already possesses the same.
  • Null safety accessibility is not possible in Java. However, Kotlin gets access to null safety.
  • Static members are present in Java. On the other hand, Kotlin does not possess any static members.
  • Java gets the authority to access wildcard types while Kotlin does not.
  • Java does not have any smart casts. However, Kotlin has them.
  • String templates are prevalent in Java but do not endorse expressions like Kotlin. Kotlin has two types of string templates.
  • In Java, you can use constructors to take parameters. Kotlin possesses two types of constructors, including a primary one and a secondary one.
  • When it comes to Java, there are diverse varieties of references associated with the fundamental concept of class. On the contrary, Kotlin delivers nullability support, universal protection, and classification inference.

Which Is The Best For Learning In 2022- Java Or Kotlin?

Kotlin is an analytical programming language that functions on the JVM. Developers report that Kotlin’s syntax is incompatible with Java. However, it not only handles Java code but also heavily depends on the Java Class Library. Kotlin is not an entirely new language. It is a modification of the Java programming language.

So, if you are a developer who already knows Java, you can easily apply your learned skills to your Kotlin assignment. If you struggle to understand significantly different code, you might get help from Kotlin. Some of the Kotlin features that have increased its value as a coding language include:

  • It necessitates minimal coding.
  • It is safe.
  • It is simple to learn and understand.
  • It has exciting uses.
  • excellent functional programming abilities

So, the debate ends here. In 2022, it will be far more useful to study Kotlin than Java. Kotlin integrates with Java. It allows for a progressive transition of programs and an elevated system format. The mixed language library of Kotlin is more effective and practical than Java because it has aspects like declarative and less code.


The present statistics ensure that Kotlin is utilized by 7.8% of industry professionals. Since the community lacks experienced developers, the scope for moving forward for developers is huge. The aforesaid factors would also help you understand the potential of learning Kotlin over Java in 2022.

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