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Mailroom vs Notifii: Which One Is the Best Mailroom Management Software?

Best Mailroom Management Software

Statistics show that around 75% of offices have tried an initiative to go completely paperless. The best way to do that is to opt for mailroom management software. 40% of businesses claim that incorporating a digital mailroom solution boosts their organization’s overall performance.

That’s because a digital mailroom offers:

• Faster and reliable access to mail.
• Reduces operational costs.
• Results in better customer service
• Enables easier compliance

However, there are many options for mailroom management software available on the market. This tends to confuse the customer. After all, which one is the best for your organization? This article will break down two of the top mailroom management software to determine which one is the better choice for you.

Mailroom VS Notifii

Mailroom by PackageX is a cloud-based solution that is easy to use and highly scalable. It uses machine vision and AI to automate your company’s mailroom operations.

On the other hand, Notifii is also an app-based package management software that aims to make mail management easy by reducing user time.

Both of these are leading software in the tech industry. So, which one is better? Following is the comparison of the two, in terms of three aspects:

• The OCR technology used
• How they manage mail
• Additional features

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1. OCR Technology

One of the biggest differences between Notiffi and Mailroom is the use of OCR. Optical character recognition technology allows Mailroom to automate packages in a way Notifii is not yet able to. Even though both the software makes use of OCR.

Through Mailroom, users can use their phone and other handheld devices to quickly scan packages. Recipients are automatically notified once the barcode has been scanned as it searches the label text and automatically identifies the rightful recipient.

On the other hand, OCR used by Notifii is only able to read barcodes. Consequently, users have to manually type in the recipient names to send them notifications. Due to this, the risk of human error is high with Notiffi.

2. Managing Mail

Mailroom and Notifii differ in the way they help manage mail. The two software have different features and styles concerning analytics, hardware, and plans.

  • Analytics and Reports

Both the solutions come with basic features like dashboards containing arrival dates and times of all incoming packages. However, Notifii’s dashboard shows insights into monthly package counts, speed of pick up, age of pending packages, and more.

Mailroom’s dashboard, on the other hand, displays activity according to the day and hour. Moreover, these statistical reports can be downloaded and exported to your PC as CSV files. These insights help companies make informed decisions and save operational costs.

  •  Hardware

In order to properly use Notifii, companies need to invest in external hardware like a barcode scanner, signature pad, and a printer depending on the version they are using. Mailroom does not require any of these additional hardware pieces.

With Mailroom, you only need a desktop and a smartphone and you’re good to go.

  • Mail Managing Features

Mailroom comes with additional features that aren’t yet available with Notifii. Users can remotely request the mailroom staff to hold, destroy, send or forward their packages with a single swipe.

In this way, they don’t have to worry about their packages being left unattended or stolen.

3. More Features

Lastly, PackageX has introduced a companion app for Mailroom named Shipd. This allows a user-friendly parcel tracking experience before they arrive at the mailroom. It offers full visibility and minimizes the risk of lost packages.

Mailroom and Shipd used together to make sure that you always receive your mail on time.

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Comparison Takeaways:

Mailroom Notifii
Uses OCR to scan packages and automatically notify the rightful recipients Uses OCR that only reads the barcode. Manual notifying of recipients is needed.
Analytics show all activity according to the day and hour. Reports can be downloaded as CSV files. Analytics show monthly package counts, speed of pick up, age of pending packages and more.
No external hardware is needed. External Hardware needed:

Barcode Scanners and printers are needed if used on a desktop.

The printer needed to integrate Notifii’s tagging feature.

Comes with nifty features to remotely hold, destroy, forward and scan the package. The app does not include these features.
Comes with a companion app named Shipd to take package management to the next level. Does not come with any companion application.


Based on the OCR technology used, mail management features, ease of use and efficiency, Mailroom seems like a better alternative to Notifii.

Different organizations have different needs and they need to choose the mailroom management solution that fits them best.

However, with its superior analytical insights, latest OCR technology and innovative features, Mailroom by PackageX has cemented its name as one of the best mail management solutions available in 2021.

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