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10 Best Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Time Tracking Software

Time tracking is crucial for small businesses to monitor productivity, manage projects, and ensure accurate billing. But manually keeping track of time can be tedious and error-prone. That’s where time tracking software for small businesses comes in.

This article will discuss the 10 best time tracking solutions specifically designed for small businesses.

1. Traqq

Traqq is a user-friendly time tracking software that is ideal for small businesses. It offers features like automated time tracking, activity monitoring, and detailed reports, providing valuable insights into employee performance and project costs.


  • Record time spent on tasks and activities without manual input.
  • Track time even when you are offline or experience internet connectivity issues.
  • Adjust hourly pay rates individually for your employees.
  • Create 4 administrator tiers with different access privileges and monitoring capabilities.
  • Form groups to generate team productivity reports.
  • Customize screen recording settings, desktop screenshots, and tracking options for web and app usage.
  • Blur screenshots to ensure employees’ privacy.
  • View average daily activity for easy monitoring and assessment.

Pricing: Free up to 3 seats. The premium plan starts at $6 per user/month.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking software for small businesses that also provides project management features. The tool’s website and application monitoring, distraction alerts, and productivity reports enable small businesses to identify and address time-wasting activities, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and success.


  • Create custom user roles and define specific permission settings for enhanced security and control.
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 60 tools.
  • Access Time Doctor on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Gain insights into employee web and app usage with convenient summaries and website history reports.
  • Help employees stay focused by receiving alerts for potential distractions.
  • Create tasks, assign projects to team members, and easily track and review progress to ensure effective project management.
  • Keep track of employee attendance and measure their level of engagement.

Pricing: Starting at $5.9 per user/month.

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3. TMetric

TMetric’s affordability and seamless integration with popular business tools make it a cost-effective solution for small businesses, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.


  • Track and measure the activity level of your team members.
  • Create projects, set rates, and establish budgets for efficient project management.
  • Access a flexible reporting system to generate comprehensive reports tailored to your business needs.
  • Implement a PTO policy for employee time-off management.
  • Assign tasks and distribute the workload.
  • Simplify the billing process by setting billable rates and effortlessly generating invoices based on tracked time and expenses.
  • Integrate with over 50 apps.

Pricing: Offers free plan. Professional plan starts at $5 / month.

4. Timeular

Timeular is a time tracking tool for small businesses that allows you and your team to effortlessly track and manage time. Whether it’s tracking billable hours, managing projects, or improving productivity habits, Timeular offers a user-friendly solution that helps small businesses streamline their operations and achieve success.


  • Maintain privacy with a 24-hour delay in time entries appearing on the manager’s side, fostering trust and autonomy.
  • Utilize the physical time tracker device.
  • Keep track of working hours and monitor overtime with dedicated tracking capabilities.
  • Integrate Timeular with over 3,000 platforms.
  • Timeular prioritizes data privacy and security by ensuring full compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Export reports in different formats such as PDF, CSV, or XLSX.

Pricing: Starting at $7.50 / month.

5. TimeCamp

TimeCamp provides valuable insights into project costs, resource allocation, and employee performance, empowering small businesses to make informed decisions. The app’s robust reporting capabilities offer detailed analytics and visualizations.


  • Access TimeCamp conveniently through the desktop application.
  • Track project time and monitor budget utilization for effective project management.
  • Generate accurate invoices based on recorded timesheets.
  • Set adjustable rates for different tasks or projects to ensure accurate billing and cost calculation.
  • Create personalized reports based on your specific needs.
  • Access real-time reports.

Pricing: Offers free plan. Premium plans start at $2.99 per user/month.

6. Harvest

With Harvest, small business owners can easily track and manage time, expenses, and projects. The software allows users to track time through a web browser, desktop app, or mobile device. Harvest’s invoicing and expense tracking features simplify billing and expense management, ensuring accurate and timely payments.


  • Track and manage time with user-friendly timesheets.
  • Set personalized reminders to stay on track with crucial tasks and deadlines.
  • Connect your calendar to Harvest for seamless scheduling.
  • Generate personalized reports for team members.
  • Track project budgets and costs to ensure efficient resource management.
  • Create professional invoices directly from timesheets and send them to clients via email for prompt payment.

Pricing: Offers free plan. The pro plan starts at $10.80 per user/month.

7. Everhour

Everhour offers simple and intuitive timesheets, making it easy to monitor and allocate time spent on various tasks and projects. Small businesses can benefit from Everhour’s budgeting and reporting features, allowing them to keep project costs under control and gain valuable insights into team productivity.


  • Generate insightful reports and conduct analysis of the team’s performance.
  • Get a clear view of your team’s schedule.
  • Keep track of work-related expenses to control project costs.
  • Integrate this time tracking software for small businesses with popular accounting tools like QuickBooks, Xero, or FreshBooks.
  • Create tasks and organize them into sections for improved organization and project planning.
  • Track and manage project billing.

Pricing: Offers free plan. Premium plans start at $5 per user/month.

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8. TrackingTime

TrackingTime is an excellent choice for small businesses with its task management capabilities, team collaboration features, and productivity insights. The mobile app ensures productivity on the go, while customizable features and data security provide a tailored and secure experience.


  • A flexible time tracker allows users to easily adapt and customize their time tracking approach based on their specific needs and preferences.
  • Keep a record of employee attendance and hours logged.
  • Get a clear view of project progress.
  • Shared reports allow multiple users to access the same reports, promoting collaboration and transparency.
  • Utilize reminders to ensure your team stays on track.
  • Customize user reports according to your business requirements.

Pricing: Offers free plan. The pro version starts at $5 per user/month.

9. Paymo

Paymo is ideal for small businesses, offering easy project and task management, time tracking, and efficient client billing in one seamless platform. With its easy-to-use interface and extensive features, Paymo helps small businesses streamline their operations and increase productivity.


  • Track time without manual effort, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Utilize the mobile app and desktop timer.
  • Switch between different views to adapt to your preferred time tracking style.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your team’s schedule and tasks.
  • Quickly identify team members who are overbooked or underbooked to optimize resource allocation.
  • Collaborate with your teammates in real time, ensuring smooth communication and project progress tracking.

Pricing: Offers free plan. Premium plans start at $4.95 per user/month.

10. RescueTime

RescueTime offers automated time tracking, valuable productivity insights, and user-friendly reports to optimize time management and enhance overall efficiency. The standout features of this time tracking app for small businesses are Smart Coaching and Focus Sessions, which ensure you stay on track throughout the day.


  • Monitor time with automated tracking.
  • Set custom focus goals for team members to optimize their work schedules.
  • Access end-of-day summaries to review your daily activities and accomplishments.
  • Engage in focused work sessions and block the websites that most negatively affect your and your team’s concentration.
  • Receive valuable insights through Smart Coaching.
  • Get notifications that provide updates on your progress.

Pricing: Offers free plan. Premium plan starts at $6.50 / month.

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