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Top 10 Free and Open Source RPA Tools

Top 10 Free and Open Source RPA Tools

It can be difficult to find Robotic Process Automation Tools. This is because it requires a lot of research and deep pockets. Many of the most popular RPA tools and software offer more functionality than is necessary for non-enterprise organizations. They also have advanced functionality that can be used by only the most technical users. There are many free and open-source RPA tools available. These solutions may be offered by vendors who want to sell you their enterprise products. Others are maintained by a community of people looking to open up robotic process automation.

This article will focus on open-source and free RPA tools. We’ll start by giving a quick overview and briefly describing the available options. This directory is the most up-to-date and complete on the internet.

Free RPA tools defined

The solution provider offers commercially-free products through free RPA platforms.

These are often reduced versions of enterprise or expert editions. They offer basic functionality that allows users to back up their data.

Although commercially available RPA tools offer less functionality than open-source counterparts, they can still be a great way for you to get more than a trial if it is a product that you are already interested in.

What is open-source RPA?

Open source RPA tools are tools that can be accessed by anyone who wants to modify, improve, or inspect the source code. These tools are intended to be openly accessible and can often be managed and maintained by organizations with a specific mission. These open-source RPA tools are quite robust and offer a wide range of capabilities to a variety of users.

You should keep in mind that some open source offerings on this list may require you to have some programming skills. This could make them less suitable for your particular use case.

To understand the requirements for each tool, we recommend you review its FAQ. Open source tools often do a great job explaining the requirements to be used on the download pages.

Top 10 Free Open Source RPA Tools

1. Another Monday

Another Monday provides automatic process analysis via its tool, AM Muse. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can export this analysis to the AM Composer. Split and pull architecture is also available for efficiency and scalability. AM Console provides users with centralized administration. This tool allows for automatic documentation, quick scaling, and drag-and-drop workflow configuration.

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2. Automai

Automai RPA simplifies business processes and reduces errors. Robotic Automation Platform allows users the ability to use the same automation scenarios throughout the lifecycle of all applications that they use for business processes. It is entirely code-free and offers an intuitive scenario creator that uses recorder and user actions. Automai gives users access to one platform that can serve all automation needs for their development and operations teams.

3. Automation Anywhere

Automation Everywhere is an RPA software that combines traditional RPA with intelligent elements such as language understanding or reading unstructured information. It also provides intelligent automation for IT operations and business, using SMART technology. The platform automates complicated and complex tasks, distributes them to multiple computers, and offers scriptless automation. Automation Anywhere’s primary platform is the Intelligent Digital Workforce.

4. Blue Prism

Blue Prism RPA platforms help business operations become more efficient and cost-effective by automating repetitive tasks and rules-based back-office processes. You can also use the flow chart to drag and drop functions and Automate various business processes. Blue Prism can usually be applied within four to six weeks It does not require programming skills for deployment.

5. HelpSystems

HelpSystems is an RPA platform that automates repetitive and manual tasks within an organization. Automate is easy to use, has robust functionality, and can scale up automation strategies. HelpSystems provides a visual workflow design that brings together IT and business teams. It can integrate with a wide range of applications and has the ability to provide centralized visibility, management, and reporting.

6. Kofax

Kofax RPA is a method of acquiring, enhancing, and delivering information from any data source or application. This can be a website, web applications, portals, or enterprise systems that do not require any coding knowledge. Kofax assists users in removing errors by automating data collection and input, increasing operational efficiency through intelligent software robots, as well as monitoring and optimizing processes with robotic process intelligence.

7. Linx

Linx can be used as a non-code RPA platform. This allows rapid development and deployment of automated processes and tasks. A no-code IDE design can be used to speed up development. The platform also provides a hosted server that allows for rapid deployment. Additionally, Linx allows users to integrate easily with Software as a Service tool, legacy systems, and any ODBC or OLE DB databases.

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8. Pegasystems

Pegasystems’ RPA tool supports many usage scenarios. The platform unifies architecture using a business rule management system as well as a predictive analytics decision-management mechanism. Pega offers open APIs to connect to existing services. It also provides actionable intelligence which automatically finds optimization processes and adaptive intelligence that continuously learns. It also provides insight into the desktop and complete details about how work was executed.

9. Workfusion

Workfusion provides a complete automation ecosystem that can be customized and integrated to meet user needs. There are three versions of the platform: Express, Business RPA, and Enterprise. Express is for individuals who are looking to build a desktop RPA. Business RPA is best for larger organizations. Enterprise is for large companies. Workfusition provides no-code RPA and drag-and-drop builders, web and desktop automation, as well as a recorder that records user actions.

10. UiPath

UiPath provides desktop automation, web automation, and GUI automation. It also offers screen scraping, mainframe automation, and SAP automation. This tool allows you to automate via your web browser or desktop while maintaining accuracy. The platform includes claims processing automation and accounts payable automation. It also allows for contact center automation, call center automation, human resource automation, and healthcare payer automation.

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