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Top 10 React Development Tools and Software

Top 10 React programming Tools and Software

React JS, a component-based, open-source JavaScript library that is widely used to develop front-end web apps, is known as React JS. It’s great for creating single-page web apps. React JS has a wide range of libraries and tools to help developers increase their productivity.

 10 Best React Development Tools

1. React Developer Tool

Our top pick is React developer tool. This tool is indispensable for developing and debugging React applications.
The components tab allows for easy access to root components displayed on a page. These components can be easily inspected and debugged. React dev tools provide a visual representation for component re-renders, with precise time information using flame graphs. It’s available as an extension for Chrome or Firefox. If you’re working in Safari, the NPM package can be used.

2. Reactide

Reactide is the original react IDE designed for web application development. These are the top features of this cross-platform desktop app:

  • Component visualization
  • Reloading hot modules
  • Configured in a simple way

Compatible terminal to execute workflows and command commands. Reactide offers a development environment that includes an integrated Node server and a custom browser simulator. There are many other features as well. This makes it possible to eliminate the need for servers and build-tool configurations.

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3. Storybook

Storybook is an open-source platform that allows for rapid iteration and testing of UI components. It simplifies UI development, testing, and documentation. Storybook allows developers to create their own components and display them in an interactive environment. It runs independently of your React app, so we don’t have to worry about the business logic.

4. CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox, a popular online editor for code, automates bundling and transpiring and allows you to create new projects in one click. Simply share the URL to share your projects with others. Another cool feature is ‘live preview’ which shows you what your code will look like while you are typing.

It is compatible with all JavaScript projects. However, it does not include specific React features.

5. Bundle Analyzer

Bundle Analyzer is a Webpack plugin that provides a visual representation for your application bundles in an interactive treemap. You can also view the contents of the bundle to identify which modules are the largest and which ones you should remove.

6. Evergreen

These are the highlights of this open-source JavaScript framework.

  • Best in aesthetics
  • Simple implementation
  • Amazing documentation
  • Flexible and adaptable

Evergreen react components are built on top of a React U Interface Primitive to provide boundless flexibility.

7. Bit

React tool is easier to use, faster to create, more reliable, and more fun to work with. Bit makes your components discoverable. Bit is simple to use and allows for easy extension and integration.

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8. React Sight

React Sight, one of the most powerful React development tools for app structure visualization, is a great choice. You can see the hierarchy of your app’s components in real-time.

You can easily track the relationships between components with a tree-like flowchart of your app’s structure. You can also hover the cursor over each component to see its current state and any props.

9. React Proto

React Proto lets us define the components hierarchy and state props. It also allows us to visualize our application architecture. The architecture can then be exported as application files to a previous project or into a new create-react-app project.

10. React Styleguidist

React Styleguidist, one of the most widely used React developer tools, is for creating and enhancing UI elements of React apps.

It’s a component-development environment that allows you to build individual components using a style guide. It is a great tool for react developers because it allows them to focus on one component at a time and all variants are available at their fingertips.

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