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Top Education Software Development Companies

Top Education Software Development Companies

Education software is a type of innovation that can transform your business. What do we mean by that? For example, a gamification program can shift the way you teach English lessons. If you’re reading this text, your goal is likely to find experts for developing edtech. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key players in the market. As you’ll see, it currently has options for all needs. Educational software developers are diverse and work with different technologies. Let’s see which ones are among the best.


The first company to consider in this list is KeenEthics. This business is interesting for a combination of experience and great technologies. Firstly, the business has worked on many projects over the last 5 years. Edtech solutions are among such projects, making KeenEthics a strong choice. Secondly, we also like the business for its technologies. Modern edtech must consider issues such as COVID. The pandemic is nearing its end but many people now want to engage in smart learning/smart working. KeenEthics works with new tech for web development.

They concentrate on platforms such as Node.js and Meteor.js to enable the front and back end. This web-centric orientation makes the business a perfect choice for you. It can deliver projects that both work and scale, giving you a chance to spread them to countless learners. Moreover, the prices in the business are accessible for small businesses. KeenEthics works on many outsourcing and outstaffing solutions that can be cheap.

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Belitsoft is one of the bigger players in the market. It has been working in the development field for more than 17 years, having completed 60+ projects. If you’re interested in a business with major expertise in development, Belitsoft is perfect for you. They have dedicated teams of developers and testers. Only one problem exists: Belitsoft concentrates on development in general, with this meaning that their technologies extend to non-web sectors. In practice, this lack of concentration can be negative sometimes. We don’t doubt the experience of the business but its prices for edtech can be high. Lack of exclusive focus on the field and 17+ years on the market may inflate the prices.


Brainhub is a software development company with major work experience in web development. It works with technologies such as Node.js and React.js, making it perfect for the current web-centric world. This business is interesting for its projects too. On the main web page of the company, you can immediately find an example of an ed tech app. What we also like is the list of partners for Brainhub. Do you like Europa Universalis 4 or Victoria 3? These guys helped Paradox Entertainment in their development. The only downside here is price: with such a list of successful partners and cases, Brainhub can be a premium option.


To summarize, many companies offer help in the edtech sector. There are talented new businesses that deliver high-quality products. You can also find players which are present on the market for decades. This means that your choice is extensive: make your decisions based on the scope of the business and its needs.

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