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What is White Glove Services in Transportation Management?

What is White Glove Services in Transportation Management

Logistics is not the same for all shipments. There are tiers that define the rates, mode, and freight classes, but there is another layer to logistics. Some loads require extra care because they are delicate. You can imagine moving large items, such as appliances, furniture, or high-value items, and ensuring that they are safely delivered in perfect condition. This is the evolution of white-glove services and it’s another part of the transportation terminology puzzle.

White glove service is about making the most specific and tailored deliveries. Everything is now based on technology. The customer experience is changing with smart appliances, smart systems, and home theaters. Carriers must be flexible and offer tailored delivery, setup, and debris haul-away. White glove is about going the extra mile. It is important to understand how white glove and transportation management work together.

White glove services are services that are offered in transport management and go beyond what is expected for delivery. A package left on a customer’s doorstep after they return home may seem appealing, but it can also pose a risk to the consumer. It could be stolen or the contents of the package could die. They need to go beyond standard delivery in transport management. Consumers are pushing this trend forward.

White glove services are the name of this service. It refers to the care given to products when being moved by movers and shippers who literally use white gloves to protect them. This means that shipping is done with all the care necessary to ensure that the product arrives exactly as it was intended.

These services and solutions may be included in white glove shipping:

  • Delivery to your home that includes assembly, installation, and setup
  • For businesses without a dock or any other traditional means of receiving shipments, retail fulfillment is possible.
  • Businesses that require inventory replenishment in conjunction with restocking and/or setting up new fixtures.

The real trick to modern shipping is finding out which carriers offer what. It is important for shippers to ensure that they receive the right level of service when they book a shipment. This could mean hiring additional delivery drivers or moving heavy appliances.

This may mean hiring IT professionals and skilled technicians to install electrical components, or set up a home automation system. It is all about finding out which carriers are available and who will be required to complete the task. GlobalTranz, a managed transport service provider, can help you create turnkey shipping including white glove needs.

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What Products Require White Glove Services

White glove service is required for products that are difficult to drop off at the door. These products include large appliances and furniture, as well as expensive electronic items. These products can be damaged or improperly used if they are not delivered with care.

It can be difficult to deliver white-glove services in last-mile logistics because it requires meeting high consumer expectations and requires interaction with consumers and drivers throughout the shipment’s journey. These tips will help shippers streamline white glove services.

  • Define the key handling characteristics. this is a. This could include automated scanning, notifications, and alerts. This should include touchpoints with customers.
  • Use metrics to track performance. It is important to measure performance to ensure white glove services live up to their potential.
  • Prepare for exceptions management. Although most shipments go as planned, there are exceptions that may need additional handling or management, such as weather delays, labor shortages, in-home or limited access problems, and other issues. This allows shippers and customers to be prepared for all possible outcomes.
  • Define liability. Although it may seem insignificant, defining liability is crucial to ensure that shippers and carriers understand the terms and conditions of white-glove transportation management services.

What About Liability and Damage Guarantees

Last-mile delivery of high-priced products that require white glove service tends to be expensive so shippers need to reduce the risks involved in delivering such items. It is crucial to thoroughly vet all service providers for final mile service and only work with those who have been properly trained.

This results in lower shipping costs and fewer claims. Improved customer service and customer complaints will lead to increased profitability and growth for your business.

Delivery Service and Reverse Logistics Are Part of White Glove Service Too

White glove service is also more efficient and effective reverse logistics operations. Shippers are able to identify defective products faster and other issues quicker, which saves time both in the warehouse and in the factory. Reverse logistics and returns can be managed by white glove services, which reduces costs. There are some products that can be made more impact if they are properly refurbished, recycled, or reclaimed at the time of delivery.

It’s Service Before, During, and After Delivery

It is easy to understand white-glove service. It’s service before, during, and after delivery. White glove logistics build on last-mile services like delivery notification and cash-on-delivery. White glove services are designed to provide superior customer service and include touch-ups with customers after delivery to meet their expectations.

Choose GlobalTranz White Glove Services to Build Better Customer Experiences in Your Final Mile

White glove capabilities and final mile delivery are more than two aspects of transportation management. Customers expect more from transportation management today than a traditional, leave-on-porch (JLOP), approach to delivery. Customers expect installation and delivery in their homes using smart locks that allow them to authorize access while away, and much more.

White-Glove Services offer you the opportunity to give your customers an extra level of service, reduce claims and returns, improve customer service levels, and gain a competitive advantage.

Do you need white glove services for your business? Download the final-mile delivery whitepaper to get a refresher in all things last mile. Don’t forget to request a GlobalTranz consultation today to learn how your team can improve efficiency with managed transport, white-glove service, and other services.

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