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Top 10 AI Generated Meeting Notes

Top 10 AI Generated Meeting Notes

If you’re not a pro at multitasking, you could be unable to concentrate on the meeting and take precise, complete notes for the meeting. In this situation, it’s probably more beneficial to concentrate on the conversation and allow your AI assistant to take notes.

This sounds like a great idea, then read on for a list of ten tools that allow creating AI-generated meeting notes.

Top 10 AI Generated Meeting Notes

1. Otter

Otter is an incredibly well-known automatically AI generated meeting notes and records meetings. Otter does an excellent job of identifying speakers, displaying live transcriptions, and creating an AI outline or summary for meetings that are longer. Of course, it is possible to manually highlight specific items assign tasks, and add notes.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to ask Otter Assistant to join meetings. Otter Assistant to take notes and join meetings by itself, even when you aren’t able to attend the meeting by yourself. All you need do is link Otter to the scheduled meeting on your calendar before the event and let it note notes.

It’s compatible it is compatible with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams and has a mobile application too. Otter offers a free trial that gives 300 minutes of daily transcription. Other premium plans start at $16.99 and $30 per month.

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2. Supernormal

Supernormal is a note-taking software that integrates seamlessly in conjunction with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Even better, if you have recordings of any meeting you have attended then you can utilize Supernormal to create notes regardless of the platform used for meetings. The templates that have been pre-designed for various types of meetings make notes more appealing and speed up the process.

Apart from notes, it’s able to create transcripts, and also record meetings videos, and audio. The sharing of your recorded recordings can be easy also since you can share them via the hyperlink. Supernormal is compatible with English, French, and Spanish or other languages. The free plan allows you to record ten meetings every month. The Pro plan starts at $15 per month and increases higher based on the amount of minutes.

3. MeetGeek

MeetGeek is a different tool that you can use to capture your meetings, write short summaries, and send them to your colleagues. MeetGeek allows you to record enter and take notes of meetings using Meet, Zoom, or Teams meetings with the help of an invite link. You can also link your calendar to MeetGeek and let it automatically record your meetings.

In addition to taking notes of the event and creating an audio transcription, MeetGeek creates short video/audio highlights of the most important aspects that take place during the session. Also, it provides written summaries that detail the facts, actions, and issues. You can also add your own keywords that are relevant to your business as well, and MeetGeek will be sure to include those keywords in the summary and highlights.

Other noteworthy features include integration with well-known tools for managing projects, meeting templates, and customized branding. Meeting insights also provide statistics on silence and punctuality, attendance, and sentiment, among others. A basic membership plan costs completely free however, Pro and Business cost $15 and $29 per month, per user per month, respectively.

4. Colibri

If you’re looking for a straightforward and clutter-free way to keep track of meetings, show live transcription, and make notes, then try Colibri. Colibri keeps a searchable database of your entire meetings, making it easy to locate pertinent information quickly.

Colibri will automatically create time-stamped notes, identify the topics, and extract customer questions. In the course of the meeting, you are able to highlight key snippets of the live transcript to add to your notes. It is also possible to create agendas for meetings and templates prior to the meeting.

The conferencing tools that are supported include Zoom Teams, Meet, Teams BlueJeans, etc. Colibri offers free and two paid plans that cost between $25 and $50 monthly. However, AI notes is a feature that’s only available to paid customers.

5. Notes by Dubber

Dubber is a call recording application that allows businesses to capture meetings keep them in mind the recordings, and gain insight. One of the tools, named Notes by Dubber can help you concentrate on the meeting by creating meeting summaries in a way that is automated. It is able to transcribe the entire conversation and employs AI to find the action items and then create an executive summary.

It integrates with the most popular video conferencing software. It automatically records your sessions, transcribing them in real time. It allows you to transmit the audio recording along with AI-generated summary and action tasks with your participants. Since it allows you to import audio recordings, you can create notes from previous gatherings. Notes by Dubber comes with two plans priced at $19 and $39 for each month per user.

6. Instaminutes

Instaminutes will summarize your long meetings into essential takeaways nearly instantaneously. While you’re at an event, Institutes will display live notes along the sides. When the session is over, you’ll locate all of the notes and quickly go through them once more. It works with Meet Zoom Webex and Teams.

To record and create notes, you could download the Chrome extension or include it in your Google Calendar. If you don’t, you can upload audio files and receive an auto-generated summary of your notes. The best part about Instaminutes is that it can make it a better AI. When you meet, choose the highlights from the notes you’d like to add.

This can help Instaminutes understand your requirements and help you create more efficient notes in the future. If you use under 300 minutes per calendar month, you may opt for the free plan. If not, you’ll need to change to the premium or Small Teams plan for $50 or $84 per month or $84 per month, respectively.

7. Sembly

Sembly is an effective tool that generates meeting minutes and summaries that can identify risks, dates events, risks, and actions. It’s also great the ability to give instructions to Sembly in the course of the session to add specific things to your notes so that you never forget any crucial details.

Sembly integrates with tools for project management and communication and lets you manage your notes with Notion and other applications. If you’re busy attending an event, Sembly can attend it for you and then share notes afterward. It’s accessible as a web-based application or a mobile application. The free plan does not permit the creation of summaries and minutes, so you’ll need to move to Professional and Higher which is priced at just $10 per month.

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8. Avoma

Avoma means A Very organized Meeting Assistant. True to the title, Avoma provides a variety of features to ensure that your meetings run smoothly. A key feature is automated meeting notes and action items.

It organizes meeting highlights into an outline, breaking down things into categories. Apart from connecting with calendar and meeting applications, Avoma syncs with your CRM and allows you to upload notes from meetings automatically.

Although it’s able to create notes automatically, it also has an option to take notes by hand as well. It can provide live transcription, and can also identify the speakers, topics, and even specific keywords. It is required to pay $17 a month or more for access to AI notes.

9. Fireflies

Fireflies perform everything you’d expect an AI-powered assistant for meetings to accomplish. It records and transcribes the meetings you have in real-time and creates meeting notes that include pertinent time-stamps and highlights important action items such as dates and highlights from your meeting and integrates with all important video conferencing software which includes Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and many more. Fireflies can also be downloaded as an Android app and a Chrome extension.

Additionally, you can join Fireflies on your calendar, and it will automatically join the video conference; this way, you won’t need to add the bot manually to your meetings. If you’ve got recordings of audio from previous meetings, you could transfer them over to Fireflies and let it translate the recordings. Participants can create discussions about specific portions of the call, provide feedback using the like, dislike, or pin, and then create sound clips to allow them to jump to the most important parts.

The most popular feature of Fireflies Perhaps, it’s its AI assistance AskFred. It’s akin to ChatGPT but with meetings. It allows you to ask a person who assists you in translating or defining words in transcripts of the videos, summarising sections, writing email and report templates, and many more. The free version of Fireflies provides you with 800 minutes of storage. The paid plan comes with three options that include additional options: Pro for just $10 per month Business for $19 per month and Enterprise for an additional fee that depends on your requirements.

10. Fathom

Fathom is similar to Fireflies in that it is able to record your meetings, include highlights to highlight any important points provide AI-generated summary reports, and automatically record meetings to make sure you don’t need to manually start recording each time you start an event. Fathom integrates together with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

One of the cool features of Fathom is the ability to categorize highlights into various kinds, such as Action Item Insight, Positive, Feedback, Objection, and Tech Question. This makes it easier to organize the contents of the meeting. Additionally, as of the moment that this article was written, Fathom supports seven languages which include English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and German. It’s not as extensive as Supernormal however it’s certainly more comprehensive than the other apps that are on this list.

Fathom is accessible for free, but there is a paid Team Edition. It’s a Team Edition that has extra enterprise options, including advanced access control, and is available with two payment plans. Based on whether you decide to pay annually or monthly the Standard plan costs $32 and $24 per month, respectively and the Pro plan is $39 or $29 per month, depending on the plan.


Not taking notes during meetings is a pain taking notes after the meeting, and doing it afterward requires a lot of time. The best solution is to make use of AI tools to generate meeting notes.

Utilizing AI assistants for meetings will significantly increase your productivity. As these programs handle notes, you can concentrate more on your discussion as well and participate in meetings more efficiently.

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