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How the Internet of Things is changing the world

How the Internet of Things is changing the world

The Internet of Things – known as IoT – is changing the world, and fast. While the concept centers around new technologies associated with or connected to the Internet, there’s so much more to IoT than just computers. In fact, according to recent research, the number of IoT connections is expected to reach 38 billion by 2024.

From medical innovation in surgery to remote-controlled devices in your home, IoT presents a huge bounty of different potential resources. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the biggest ones you’ll be seeing in your world already.

1. Systems at work

From individuals working remotely to business managers processing consumer data, IoT enables new processes to be developed in professional environments. As consumers start to expect ‘smarter’ shopping experiences, like browsing in the metaverse, businesses must adapt and introduce the right technologies for the current moment.

2. Smart homes

Whether it’s outdoor lights, smart locks, smoke detectors, or smart window shades, nothing compares to the convenience of being able to adjust the technologies in your home with just the touch of a button. Plus, you can easily improve your connectivity with a transceiver like a LoRa network module, offering greater accuracy for sensors and actuators and improving your safety – especially if you’re using a remote locking system.

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3. Wearable technology

It’s rare to spot a cyclist, swimmer, or runner without a smartwatch, and all these gadgets fall under the wider IoT bracket, too. Almost all wearable technologies rely upon an associated IoT smart sensor, like an optic heart rate monitor.

Wearable technology also covers medical innovation, where remotely controlled equipment can be used to monitor, treat, or even operate on patients. In the US alone, the remote patient monitoring market is predicted to start growing by over 12% per year.

4. Smart cars

The general release of smart cars might be delayed, but clear signs point to the future application of IoT in the automotive industry. Smart cars connect across a network called cellular vehicles to everything (CV2X) connecting vehicles, communication systems, and smart transport systems with each other. This accelerates data transmission, helping in turn to improve drivers’ reaction times.

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5. Urban planning

Seamless integration of cloud sensors is at the forefront of the minds of urban designers since these new IoT features could help to control energy flows, real-time incidents, traffic, and much more. Since IoT boosts the digitalization of services and functions offered in any environment, it’s easy to imagine it working in a new city.

It’s almost impossible to go through a day without using a branch of IoT technology – even if you don’t notice. We should expect to see more and more edge IoT introduced over the next few years, particularly across industries.

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