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Top 10 Biggest Data Center Companies in World

Top 10 Big Data Center Companies in world

Data centers are central repositories that store and process information. These centers include servers firms and networking equipment that store, process, and distribute large amounts of data to clients. Data center companies offer data warehousing and data storage services.

Contrary to popular belief data centers are decreasing in number every year. They were 8.4 million in 2017 and will drop to 7.2 million in 2021. This is due to the decrease in average server prices as a result of falling component costs.

Cloud-based options to traditional on-site servers are growing in popularity. However, data centers that are offered by large server companies are still being built. here are listed top 10 biggest data centers company in the world.

On-Premise Data Center

A company’s on-premise data center is located near its headquarters or base. It stores all data produced and processed in-house by the company.

Cloud Vs Data Center

Cloud servers are more cost-effective and efficient than data centers. Cloud servers are data centers that house data from multiple companies under one roof. Cloud servers also provide software services such as office suites or applications to companies that they manage.

The companies can now shift from a Capital Expenses model to one that is Operational Expenses. They don’t need to worry about upgrading or maintaining equipment.

What Is A Hyperscale Data Center?

Hyperscale Data Center refers to a facility that is owned and operated by the company it supports. This includes Data Centers that are owned by large server companies such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. These Data Centers provide robust, scalable apps as well as storage portfolio services for individuals and businesses.

How To Select The Right Data Center?

When choosing the right data center provider, there are several things you should consider.

  • Location: It is a great advantage to have the data center nearby. This is far more advantageous than any cost savings that could be made if the data center was further away. Data speeds can be affected by the distance between your data center and you. They can also affect the time it takes to respond to an emergency.
  • Reliability: In case of an emergency, make sure you know what backup systems are available at the data center. This could be for bad weather or power outages. Also, ensure there is adequate cooling and ventilation.
  • Security: It is essential to have security in place at your data center. Any breaches of the data center could lead to compromise, as it houses both enterprise applications and data apps. Cyber-attacks on average can cost millions.
  • Network Capacity: This can be measured objectively using stats such as network reliability, speed, and security protocols. It is important to ensure they have the power and space required to meet your requirements. Server collocation is another option. This allows you to share a local facility. Space can be rented and you pay for power. The data center operator will maintain the security systems.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: It is essential that you choose a data center capable of meeting your business needs. You may face obstacles when expanding if you partner with someone who has a rigid structure but no flexibility.
  • Emergency Systems: Data centers that are able to identify potential points of failure and put in place emergency systems to address them quickly are great. They find ways to reduce the risks of natural disasters, hacking attacks, and power outages.

The data centers company will also have backup generators and protocols for hacking, as well as UPS power in an emergency.

Top 10 Data Center Companies In The World

Enlisted below are the most popular Data Center Service providers available worldwide.

  1. Equinix
  2. Digital Realty
  3. China Telecom
  4. NTT Communications
  5. Telehouse/KDDI
  6. Coresite
  7. Verizon
  8. Cyxtera Technologies
  9. China Unicom
  10. Amazon Web Services

1. Equinix

Equinix is one of best top 10 best data center companies in the world and was established in 1998. It is headquartered in Redwood City (California), USA. As of 2017, the company employed 7273 people and served 24 countries, including the UK. The company has 202 data centers worldwide, and 12 more are being installed.

Core Services:

Equinix offers 5 core services which include:

  • Managed Services: Equinix provides managed services that enable the integration of data, applications, and other information. This is similar in concept to office suites offered by Amazon and Google.
  • Equinix Marketplace: Equinix Marketplace makes it easy to find colocation solutions for IT problems. Nearly 333,000 interconnections have been made by the ecosystem’s 9800 members spread across 52 countries. Both buyers and sellers can participate in the marketplace.
  • Network Edge: This virtual network service allows you to deploy programs and update instantly.
  • Consulting: Equinix offers professional consulting to businesses, as well as digital solutions for scaling and interconnection.
  • SmartKey: This cryptography service helps improve cloud data protection.

Website: Equinix

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2. Digital Realty

Digital Realty is also known as the best data center company and was established in 2004. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA, USA. Digital Realty employs over 1530 people, has 214 data centers, and is active in 14 other countries. Digital Realty Data Center Companies in the USA and They Provided Data Service

Core Services:

The company offers 3 core services:

  • Rapid Response Support: Digital Realty offers remote assistance to its clients. They optimize data center performance. They are particularly skilled in responding to threats. The coverage is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a calendar year. These services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each corporation.
  • Scheduled Services: Schedule services include equipment inventory and deployment, cabling, on-site support during maintenance windows, tape swaps scheduled, and other such services.
  • On-Demand Services: These services include repairs, upgrades, equipment assistance, and hard or soft restarts.

Website: Digital Realty

3. China Telecom

China Telecom is the largest data center services provider company in the world. It was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Beijing. Although its services are only available in 10 countries, it has 456 data centers that serve mainland China. The company employs 287,076 people. It is the best data center in the world.

Core Services:

The core services include:

  • Business Solutions: China Telecom offers business consulting services to various businesses and the government.
  • Unified Communications: These include cloud conferencing and global voice services, as well as IP connectivity between customers (and Service Providers).
  • Bandwidth: China Telecom offers low latency networks, VPNs, and International Privately Leased Lines to improve connectivity.
  • Internet: These are internet services that provide DDoS protection.
  • IDC & Cloud: These services include storage options and Virtual Private Clouds. Private mail servers and collocation are also included.
  • CTExcel Mobile Business: This suite of 4G LTE services is available to international customers.

Website: China Telecom

4. NTT Communications

NTT Communications was established in 1999. It is headquartered in Tokyo. NTT Communications has 48 data centers and is present in 17 countries. The company employs nearly 310,000 people around the globe. hetops data center providers and contractors worldwide.

Core Services:

NTT communications offer 9 core services including:

  • Network: These include VPN services, CNS, and leased line services. It is basically their internet service provider branch.
  • Voice and Video Communications: This includes the provision of SIP Trunking, Conferencing, and UCaaS, as well as International Call Services.
  • Security: This is NTT Communications’ standard security service that includes risk management.
  • Operation Management: This includes cloud management, IT managed servicesand end-user support desk.
  • Cloud: Cloud services can be used to store, IoT, and process data.
  • Data Center: Collocation services are provided by data centers, which include the establishment of storage and processing areas.
  • Services for Application: Cloud-based DaaS, File transfer, G Suite services, and others
  • IoT: This is the company’s in-house IoT platform.
  • AI: AI services include APIs, Virtual Assistants, and a Chat Service.

Website: NTT Communications

5. Telehouse/KDDI

Telehouse/KDDI combines two companies. KDDI was established in 1953, while Telehouse was created in 1988. Both have their headquarters in Tokyo, while the former is based in London. They operate in 12 countries and have 40 data centers. They employ 35,000 people around the globe. The biggest server company for recovery and security.

Core Services:

KDDI/Telehouse offers a total of 4 core services:

  • Managed Services: Managed services include system monitoring, hardware upgrades, and on-site cabling services.
  • Cloud Services: These services include data processing, storage, security, and so on.
  • Connectivity: This includes services such as ISPs and Inter-Site Connectivity.
  • Colocation: These services include disaster recovery and building on-site data centers.

Website: Telehouse/KDDI

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6. Coresite

Coresite was established in 2001. It is headquartered in Denver Colorado. It employs nearly 454 people. It currently has 22 data centers in 8 countries.

Core Services:

Coresite has 4 core services:

  • Colocation: Coresite allows you to operate shared facilities on-site through colocation services. These services include maintenance, upgrades, scheduled updates, and emergency protocols.
  • Interconnection: Interconnection offers hardware and software solutions to internet connectivity. These include the installation of hardwired cables which provide reliable and high-performance connections.
  • Cloud Services: Cloud services can include data processing, storage, and multi-cloud implementations.
  • Industries Solutions: This service provides tech-based solutions for companies such as network providers and health providers or digital media companies.

Website: Coresite

7. Verizon

Verizon was established in 1983. It is located in Basking Ridge in New Jersey. Nearly 139,400 people work for the company. Nearly 150 countries have its services, and there are nearly 40 data centers. the largest data center company in the world.

Core Services:

Verizon provides 2 core services:

  • Secure Cloud Interconnect: Secure Cloud Interconnect protects data and apps using Verizon’s cloud services providers.
  • Marketing for Business Process Applications: This service allows you to efficiently monitor apps and business transactions. This service includes monitoring from end to end, down to the code level, if necessary.

Website: Verizon

8. Cyxtera Technologies

Cyxtera was established in 2017 and is located in Coral Gables in Florida. It employs nearly 1150 people and operates in 9 countries. It operates 60 data centers all over the globe. he is a data center management company.

Core Services:

Cyxtera has 4 core services including:

  • Colocation on Demand: This service provides extensions and modifications of on-site data centers.
  • Interconnection: Interconnection refers to the Cyxtera global data center footprint, which services all kinds of connectivity options. This includes cloud data, connectivity.
  • Marketplace: Marketplace refers to CXD-powered providers that include storage-as-a-service providers and cloud on-ramps. This allows for modification of existing collocation facilities.

Website: Cyxtera

9. China Unicom

China Unicom was established in 1994. It is headquartered in Beijing. It employs nearly 246,299 people and has 550 data centers. It serves two major markets: The company serves two major markets: mainland China and Hong Kong. he listed the top ten data centers providers company.

Core Services:

China Unicom offers a variety of Data Center services including:

  • Cloud Interconnection: This service allows for faster connectivity between various cloud and data storage locations.
  • CDN: This service offers great video streaming capabilities.
  • Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest cloud service provider.
  • Cloud Bond: Cloud Bond allows you to connect with the best cloud services in the world for multi-cloud solutions at a low price.
  • Service for Customized Data Centers: This service provides customized solutions to different companies.

Website: China Unicom

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10. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services was established in 2006 as an Amazon branch. It has almost 25,000 employees and is headquartered in Seattle. It operates 116 data centers all over the globe. Amazon top data center provider in all countries.

Services Core: AWS provides a wide range of core services, including data analytics, application Integration, AR and VR as well as Blockchain, Developer Tools, and many others.

Website: Amazon Web Services


All of the Top Data Center Companies we have mentioned above are central repositories for information and provide core services.

Therefore, the best Data Center company will differ based on your needs and budget.

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