Concept Mapping
Growth Strategies

Concept Mapping: What Are Concept Mapping and 7 Uses for A Business

Many people struggle to remember what they read, see or learn each day. It can be difficult for many people to recall even...

lifesaving technology

4 Lifesaving Technologies You’ve Never Thought About

When you think of lifesaving technology, you might consider highly technical medical equipment or advanced GPS tracking devices. But what about the technologies...

Apple's Privacy Changes Affect Marketers

Will Apple’s Privacy Changes Affect Marketers?

Let’s face it, Apple’s announcements of privacy updates will impact how marketing is conducted. According to Statista, 13% of the global market share...

Budget Management (2)

Essential Things Students Should Know About Budget Management

Budgeting in college ensures that the money available takes you to the end of the semester. It is the only way you can...

5 Tools to Speed Up Real Estate Recruiting
Software Development

5 Tools to Speed Up Real Estate Recruiting

Employees can make or break a company and this business truth is probably the truest for real estate brokerages. Without talented agents, it’s...

Social Media Monitoring Vendors
Growth Strategies

Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Increase Productivity and Profitability

Today, millions of people around the globe have smartphones and laptops that allow them to connect to the internet. There are many opportunities...

Big Data in Investments
Big Data

The Benefit & Leveraging of Big Data in Investments

What is value investing? Value investing is when stock is purchased at a lower price than its actual value. Value investing can be...

Free Content Analytics Tools
Growth Strategies

10 Best Free Content Analytics Tools

You have an effective distribution strategy and are consistently producing engaging content. You now need to understand how your content is performing and...

machine learning technologies
Machine Learning

Most 6 Technologies are Needed For Machine Learning

Due to the rapid technological boom in the IT and development sector a few years back, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become...

Healthcare Gadgets

Top 10 Healthcare Gadgets and Device You Should Know

The healthcare industry has seen a shift in the way it operates thanks to the latest software and communication technologies. New trends in...