5 Best AI Tools to Create YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos

AI Tools to Create YouTube Shorts

In the ever-changing world that is digital media creation, the rise of YouTube Shorts has marked an important shift that emphasizes simplicity and engagement. Since content creators and companies make use of these features to engage larger audience, AI tools have surfaced promising to make it easier and enhance the creation of YouTube Shorts from existing videos.

Best AI Tools to Create YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos

This blog highlights the most effective AI tools to create YouTube shorts based on existing videos.

1. Klap

In today’s competitive world of content creation, Klap is a revolutionary AI tool that allows creators to quickly convert YouTube videos into more engaging and short videos. The perfect tool for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts, Klap optimizes the content production process by making it easier and user-friendly, serving as a perfect companion to marketers and creators looking for greater reach and engagement.

Klap’s user-centric interface enables easy integration with YouTube content. Simply by copying and pasting your YouTube URL, viewers are able to activate Klap’s AI which meticulously analyzes the content for key areas of focus and creates multilingual captions. The result is polished, ready-to-publish videos which reduces the need for additional work while increasing the output of content.

Key of Features:

  • AI-Driven Efficiency: Allows for the creation of videos using advanced AI that ensures an optimal focus and subject selection.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provides seamless user experience through a simplified YouTube link input method.
  • Multilingual Captioning: Broadens reach to the public through captions automatically generated in multiple languages.

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2. Dumme

Dumme is an extremely versatile tool for content transformation that lets creators upload existing videos to different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter or upload a video directly. The AI models it employs are skilled in separating significant events from videos but preserving their context and structure resulting in output that is as unified and succinct as the ones edited by human beings.

Dumme does not just optimize the content to create a coherent narrative with a natural end but also embellishes the shorts with stunning captions, titles, and descriptions. It supports more than 20 languages. Dumme offers broad users, from content creators to businesses.

Key of Features:

  • Contextual Highlight Detection: It uses advanced AI to precisely identify relevant instances while keeping their original meaning.
  • Multiple Import Option: Supports imports from various platforms and direct uploads.
  • Comprehensive Output Provider: Fully optimized shorts, with precise captions, captivating titles, and clear descriptions.

3. ClipMaker

ClipMaker is an early adopter in the advancement of AI tools, redefining the field of short-clip creation using YouTube videos. It combines artificial intelligence and an intuitive interface that allows users to create captivating and interactive videos. It streamlines the making along with scheduling the process. It positions it as a must-have tool for people seeking to improve the visibility of their accounts on social media such as TikTok and Instagram without putting in a lot of energy and time.

ClipMaker isn’t just about making clips, it’s about creating a brand. It provides customizable branding templates to ensure aesthetics and consistency across different clips. Furthermore, its automatic subtitle feature improves accessibility and content engagement, making sure the content is shared with a wider audience. Auto-schedule streamlines this sharing procedure, which makes ClipMaker an integrated solution for marketers, content creators, and brands.

Key of Features:

  • AI-Driven Clip Generation: It streamlines the creation of captivating clips using YouTube videos.
  • Customizable Branding Template: Creates a consistent visual and brand consistency across videos.
  • Effective Auto-Scheduling: Enables automatic clip scheduling on TikTok and Instagram to save time and increase the social media presence.

4. stands out when it transforms YouTube clips into captivating short videos using an intelligent algorithm for analyses and automatic editing. With its accurate transcriptions that improve accessibility and SEO, it will also allow for an immersive experience when watching. Integration with YouTube and its time-saving features makes an essential tool for marketers, creators, and educators who want to engage viewers with captivating content.

With a talent for creating visually stunning shorts that increase audiences and communicate effectively, optimizes every aspect of creating content. It helps creators improve their content strategy, leading to greater engagement and significant gains. The focus on the engagement of viewers and the simple process of creating content make it a revolutionary solution in the field of short video production.

Key of Features:

  • Intelligent Video Analysis: Utilizes AI-based technology to identify pivotal events in videos to create captivating shorts that grab attention.
  • Automated and seamless integration: Offers a hassle-free experience, with integrated YouTube support and automated editing functions.
  • Enhanced accessibility: Generates accurate transcripts which improve accessibility of content and SEO capabilities.

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5. Flixier

Flixier provides a unique method to create YouTube shorts. It allows users to create compelling content right in their web browsers, without installation or downloads. With its powerful and user-friendly interface, Flixier enables the transformation of already existing YouTube video clips into shorter versions and the making of brand-new videos from scratch without any specifications for the system or operating system restrictions.

This application is focused on simplicity and speed. It is equipped with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier to create video that includes cutting and combining clips, to incorporate effects. Flixier’s cloud-based process reduces the load on local systems, allowing short-form production a quick and seamless experience. The simple, fast, and efficient workflow is valuable for creators who wish to get into YouTube video clips without having to go through the difficulty and hassle of typical video editor tools.

Key of Features:

  • Browser-Based Operation: Removes the need to download, install, or account creation, providing a seamless user experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Includes a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows the easy assembly and modification of videos.
  • Cloud-Based Processing: It ensures fast and smooth video processing, regardless of operating systems.


This digital age booming with new technologies that are extending the boundaries of content creation and marketing via social media. AI-powered applications like Klap, Dumme, ClipMaker,, and Flixier have a major role in shaping the field of short-form video production that is derived from YouTube videos. These tools, together with their distinctive features, such as smart analysis and automatic subtitles along with seamless integrations, make making captivating and visually stunning shorts easier and effective more than before.

For content creators, marketers influencers, and brands that want to attract a larger audience on different social media, investing in AI tools could prove to transform the way they work. They not only help save time and energy by automating the tedious editing process but also provide quality, high-quality content that is distinctive in the social media landscape.

In a world that’s constantly changing and evolving quickly and advancing, using these cutting-edge AI tools is crucial to remaining relevant and competitive. It doesn’t matter if it’s improving engagement, maintaining consistency in the brand, or streamlining the production process the tools are enabling new avenues for the production and distribution of content and empowering users to achieve new levels of creativity and connection to the audience.

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