7 Advanced Chrome Features to Improve Browsing Speed

7 Advanced Chrome Features to Improve Browsing Speed

Making the most of your browser’s features will improve the browsing speed and more enjoyable all around. Chrome has redesigned many advanced Chrome features over the years to give you one of the most smooth browsing experiences you can imagine.

Let’s take a look at what advanced Chrome features you’re making the most of.

1. Organize Your Tabs Into Groups

managing multiple tabs is among of the most difficult aspects of the long-term use of a browser. It is true that you can arrange tabs across various browser windows, but that is only a step in the right direction. In 2021 Chrome introduced a new tab grouping feature that lets you combine tabs in the same browser window.

If you have multiple tab groups on this same screen, it is possible to begin to organize different tasks without causing an unorganized mess.

Let’s take an example. For instance, suppose you’re working on your project. You can store web applications such as Gmail and Drive in a tab group, and the documents that you’ll need to refer to in a different. So, they’re always accessible when you require access to them.

When you are more involved in the project you could create a brand new group for articles you have already read to provide inspiration, as well as a separate group for research new ideas. As your project develops you may want to create a second tab group to store the sources you intend to reference, and then on and so forth.

You can also set up permanent tab groups for your most crucial tabs, and allow users to easily restore them when you restart Chrome or if you accidentally close them.

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2. Open the Last Tab You Closed

Have you ever had the experience of closing multiple tabs, only to close one that you absolutely required to open? It’s happened to us all trying to find the history tab for a specific page, but knowing that it’s unlikely you’ll even be able to recognize the page if you look at it.

Even tab groups can be susceptible to this, especially if you use the shortcut to close tabs over and over. This is why the world rejoiced when Google announced a reopening closed tab feature in Chrome that is accessible by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Shift + T to instantly erase your mistake.

The best part is that if you’ve closed several tabs You can press the shortcut a few times to open each tab until you locate the one you’re looking for. Phew!

3. Quickly Search Bookmarks, History, And Tabs

The bookmarks feature, the browser’s history tabs, and bookmarks are among the most crucial tools for any powerful browser user. However, even the most tidy bookmark system becomes an unwieldy maze with time and it becomes harder to find the items you need or to remember where you’ve been.

We’ve discussed the advantages of tab groups. However, the process of finding a specific tab is difficult if they’re all within groups.

Fortunately, Google has addressed both issues by implementing an @ shortcut in Chrome that lets you quickly browse tabs, bookmarks, and your entire history by entering @bookmarks, @tabs, or @history in your address bar.

4. Stop Websites Asking to Send Notifications

Being constantly asked by websites to send push notifications has to be among the most irritating aspects of the internet today. As if deciding on your cookies’ settings and closing pop-ups aren’t enough of a problem you’ll have to manage the other ones on nearly all websites you go to:

Perhaps, Chrome is making it a bit too straightforward for websites to send notification requests. However, it has made it simpler for people to stop notification requests within Chrome. The only issue is that the default settings in Chrome give websites the ability to freely send requests.

To stop this action, simply click the three dots on the right-hand side of the Chrome browser window, and then select Options > Privacy and Security> Site Settings > Notifications.

At the top of the notification tab, there’s a section labeled default behavior. It has three options: Websites can request to send messages (selected in default) use quieter messaging and do not allow websites to send out notifications.

Select Do not allow websites to send you notifications to you, and this will stop websites from sending notifications while you browse the internet.

5. Mute Website to Stop Notification Sounds

If there’s anything more irritating than constant notifications and notifications, it’s in-site notifications for chatbots, such as widgets. Let’s suppose you click several Google Search results at once and then switch back to a different browser.

Then, a few bells ring through your ears, courtesy of chat widgets that are willing to answer your questions. Music listeners and users of headphones particularly, will be aware of the challenges of excessive audio when browsing the internet.

To keep us safe from this kind of nonsense, as well as other issues, such as auto-playing video, Chrome allows you to mute all websites. All you need do is right-click the tab that is infringing and choose the option to mute the site by selecting the Dropdown Menu.

Chrome will store this option and continue to block the website for any subsequent visits, so long as you’re logged into your Google Account.

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6. Manage Your Passwords And Authentication Methods

The year 2023 was the first time Google created a shortcut to Password Manager in Chrome on desktops. It is now possible to get it by clicking the three-dot symbol at the top-right corner of an open browser window and choosing the Password Manager option from the drop-down menu.

Here, you’ll be able to manage your passwords for websites that you frequently visit and allow you to sign into your account faster. It is also possible to add an on-desktop shortcut to Google Password Manager for direct access to the tool from Your Google Account.

Simply start the Password Manager in Google Chrome and click on the “Add shortcut button located near the very top of your dashboard.

In addition to managing your passwords on apps and websites, You can also include verification methods, store notes on your accounts, and import information from other password management tools.

7. Summing up Articles Using Generative AI

As generative AI transforms the web, Google is experimenting with new features to improve the user experience. One of the most intriguing AI features is SGE when browsing, a new Chrome feature that makes use of an algorithm that generates AI to summarise the content of a page.

For instance, if reading a story about Route 66, you’ll see the Generator button in the lower right of the page.

Simply click on the Generate button Click the Generate button and Chrome will summarise the article for you, generating an outline of the most important bullet points that will help you figure out the relevant information quickly. If you click on one of the points listed, Chrome will take you to the page that contains the pertinent information and highlight it to you.

It is an experimental feature. the only method to access SGE for surfing is by signing into Search Labs.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Advanced Chrome Features?

Google is always adding new and advanced Chrome features. There are so numerous that it’s sometimes hard to keep up all.

It’s important to keep an eye on Chrome updates to see if there are new features as well as revising prior updates to include features that you’re not making use of. It’s common to find that there’s much more that initially appears and Chrome has also slowly improved functionality by releasing regular updates throughout the years.

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