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Top 10 Most Popular ChatGPT Tools

ChatGPT Tools

In recent years, AI-powered GTP technology is gaining popularity. It has revolutionized the way we interact and communicate with computers. It has made it possible for us to accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

This article will highlight 10 powerful resources that are built on ChatGPT and GPT-3-based AI models. It will make it easier to harness their full potential. This article is essential reading for anyone who wants to use AI technology in their lives or businesses. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Most Popular ChatGPT Tools

1. ChatGPT Desktop

The ChatGPT Desktop is a multi-platform solution that can be used on macOS, Linux, and Windows. ChatGPT can be used on your desktop to export your conversation history as a PDF, PNG, or Markdown format.

The app offers common shortcut keys and integrates with awesome-chatbot-prompts for easy import of prompts which can be synced with one click and disabled if needed.

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2. ChatGTP Everywhere

ChatGPT is now available as a Google Chrome extension. This extension allows you to quickly find information using Google search. You can also access the sidebar with just a click. This allows you to easily access ChatGPT’s full language model from anywhere on the internet.

3. ChatGPT for Gmail

Chrome extension that will help you manage emails efficiently, whether you are answering or composing the email. This extension makes email writing easier by allowing you to finish the subject of the email, correct typos, and provide a button to activate completion. The feature can also be disabled or enabled at any time.

4. AI Engine

This WordPress plugin allows you to add a ChatGPT chatbot to your website using a shortcode. It allows you to generate new content, correct translations, and make suggestions in the AI Playground.

It also offers quick title and excerpt suggestions. It tracks OpenAI usage with built-in statistics and has an internal API that allows other plugins to tap into it.

5. AI Post Generator

Another AI-powered WordPress plugin to help you create high-quality content on your website. OpenAI’s GPT-3 language engine powers the plugin. It supports multiple languages and automatically detects the language of the title to generate content in that language.

It can also find images that are high-quality and related to the theme or topic of your writing.

6. GPT3 WordPress Post Generator

This script creates a WordPress post using the OpenAI GPT-3 API, the OpenAI Python library to make API calls, as well as the WordPress XML RPC library for post creation. The generated post can be customized to include topics, length, and tone.

7. ChatGPT for Google

This browser extension integrates ChatGPT in popular search engines such as Google, Baidu and Bing, DuckDuckGo. Brave, Yahoo!, Naver, Brave, Yahoo!, and Naver to display ChatGPT answers alongside search results.

It supports Markdown rendering, code highlight, dark mode, and copies to the clipboard. Language switching is also possible. This extension will improve your search engine experience.

8. ChatGPT VSCode

Visual Studio Code extensions integrate ChatGPT API. This extension allows you to ask natural-language questions and receive answers from OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly within the editor. You can use the sidebar input box to ask questions and a panel to see responses. It also allows you to continue the conversation by asking additional questions. You can also insert code snippets from AI’s responses into the active editor by clicking.

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9. ChatGPT macOS

Simple macOS app that integrates ChatGPT API in the menubar. You can quickly access it from any location by using the Cmd+Shift+G keystroke.

At the moment, there is no Windows version. But it can be run on Windows by Cloning the repository, installing electron-forge, and running the build a Command. You can access it using the Ctrl+Shift+G shortcut.

10. ChatGPT for JetBrains

This plugin is for JetBrains IDEs and allows integration with ChatGPT. This plugin adds a section to the IDE that allows you to input prompts and see ChatGPT’s replies. It is a handy assistant for code development.

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