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Top 10 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Your Website

Top 10 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Your Website

This WordPress chatbot guide will be your Rosetta Stone on all things chatbot. You’ll be able to understand the best WordPress chatbots by the end of this article.

We have the right solution for you, whether you need a chatbot for WordPress that is simple and free or a machine to generate leads.

These 10 WordPress chatbot plugins have a lot of features and come with free plans.

Benefits of WordPress chatbots for businesses

Before we get into the actual reviews let’s take a look at how adding a chatbot to your WordPress site can make it more useful.

  • Increase customer service. Chatbots are able to answer up to 80% of customer service questions. Companies can also reduce their maintenance costs by 30% ( IBM).
  • Make employees’ routines more efficient. Chatbots can reduce repetitive, low-end tasks by 20% ( Accenture).
  • Customers will find it easier to research products. EMACS Journal survey: 92% of Millennials are interested in chatbots to obtain product information.
  • Enhance customer experience. Chatbots are used by 52% of businesses to welcome visitors to their websites ( Tidio).

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Top 10 WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Your Website

1. Tidio

In an article you wrote, it’s awkward to praise your product. No matter how much you love the product or how high you want to recommend it.

Instead, let’s rely on what users say.

“Easy to use, clean interface, and lots of features. I especially like how deep their bot and automation can go without needing to have a lot of technical knowledge .”

Read more reviews about the Tidio WordPress chatbot. Here’s what it will look like:


  • Easy to integrate WordPress chatbot
  • Chatbot templates free for lead generation and customer service
  • Software to create simple chatbots for specific industries
  • Mobile app for Android or iOS that sends out notifications about visitors and responds to their conversation requests


  • Free plan available. This plan is suitable for start-ups
  • Communicator–$19/mo. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Chatbots–$49/mo. Ideal for businesses that are growing

2. WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

WP Chatbot for Messenger is one of the best WordPress chatbots that provide 10,000+ active installations. The plugin is easy to set up and allows you to receive messages from customers via a Facebook page or the chatbot widget.

This WordPress chatbot allows you to share marketing messages or answer FAQs, and it will reach more customers.


  • WordPress chatbot plugin customization: Shape, colors, page location
  • All chats from Messenger and the website chatbot can be viewed in one place.
  • Templates and Builder to Create Custom Chatbots for WordPress


  • Free– live chat, chatbots, lead capture form + templates for WordPress, and Facebook Messenger for one operator
  • Pro–$21.75/mo. Notifications by email about new conversations, visitor engagement campaigns, and SMS marketing for up to two operators
  • Unicorn–$51/mo. Custom visitor notifications via email and mobile app + audience synchronization with Facebook ads
  • Team–$299/mo. This product is for marketing and customer support teams who manage chatbots on up 10 websites.

3. Chatbot With IBM Watson

This WordPress chatbot uses IBM Watson Assistant technology in order to create and use virtual assistants using artificial intelligence. Chatbot using IBM Watson is able to make this list due to rich messages that allow for clickable responses, rich customization, and language recognition.

Before you start using the AI website conversation plugin, be prepared to learn. IBM offers a free course that will help you deploy chatbots to your cloud.


  • IBM Advanced AI Website Chat Technology
  • Even for beginners, it is quick and simple to set up a plugin
  • Integration of WordPress chat plugin with any website page (homepage, landing pages, etc.


  • WordPress plugin directory indicates that Chatbot With IBM Watson is an open-source website chatbot. The IBM website confirms that the Watson Assistant is available for free. Prices start at $120 per month for premium features such as concurrent chats or multiple language support.

4. Join.Chat

Join.Chat a WhatsApp WordPress chat plugin has the option to activate a bot. It is called Svachat and can answer any questions you may have about your product or business.

The chatbot for WordPress is an add-on to a WordPress chatting plugin. Pre-written questions and answers are available for conversation and users reply with numbers to indicate which answer they chose.


  • WhatsApp Contact button for WordPress Sites
  • Chatbot provides answers in bullet points, so customers can select the answers they want
  • Chatbot messages include links that direct customers to support resources
  • You can switch to a WhatsApp support agent


  • $24 Installation for one Website
  • Three websites: $48
  • $149 for unlimited websites

5. Chatbot for WordPress by QuantumCloud

Chatbot for WordPress is an easy-to-install, functional chatbot to help online businesses. It includes templates for customer service and lead generation. It also integrates with Google Dialogflow to provide AI chat capabilities.

Chatbot for WordPress’ basic version is ideal for small businesses and personal websites. Premium features include a chatbot builder and Messenger integration. Exit-intent messages are also available in the premium version.


  • Call requests, automated FAQs, and feedback messages
  • Drag-and-drop chatbot creator to create custom WordPress chatbots
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger, Google Dialogflow AI bot software


  • Personal plan – $25/year For personal websites or bloggers, one-site installation is the best.
  • Master plan – $88/year Best for online businesses, install on up to 100 websites
  • Ultimate plan – $239/year WordPress native conversational forms for media, live chat with Facebook Messenger integration, multilanguage support.

6. WordPress Chatbot is an excellent option for service-based businesses. Website visitors can set up appointments using a template by giving them a calendar. Customers can choose the dates they want to be recorded in your Google Calendar.

This chatbot for WordPress websites also sends email notifications about conversations. These notifications are useful for ensuring that you are available to engage in conversation if needed.


  • Chatbot creator for WordPress with intuitive features and rich customization options
  • More than 50 chatbot templates are available for different purposes (FAQs and lead generation, appointment booking, etc.).
  • Reports with chatbot engagement, visitors’ answers


  • Free plan–Basic chatbot features, with 50 responses per month for websites with low traffic.
  • Lite plan — $24/mo. You can get up to 500 responses each month
  • Standard plan — $49/mo Email notifications, campaign tracking, 2500 responses per month
  • Plus plan–$99/mo. Collaboration with customer support team + 5000 monthly chatbot replies.

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7. Cliengo Chatbot

One of the most striking features of the chatbot on WordPress is its 130+ integrations. Cliengo can connect with Google Ads and Facebook Ads as well as Google Analytics. It also integrates with popular CRM tools such as Google Analytics and Google Analytics.

Cliengo, like many other best WordPress chatbot plugins, has one inbox to store customer messages. These can be sent from instant messaging apps and social media. This feature makes it easier to support customers for any business.


  • Integration with WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and CRM
  • Chatbot templates to support customers and generate leads
  • WordPress chatbot replies with answers


  • Free –Three users can use the free service. Chatbot for one website + integrations with social media and livechat
  • Starter–$24/mo. Three users, two website chatbots. CRM and email marketing reporting. Google Ads conversions. 50 leads/mo
  • Premium–$90/mo. This plan is suitable for medium-sized businesses. Six users, more integrations and 200 leads per month
  • Corporate–$300/mo. Large businesses will find this best. Unlimited users, chatbots, 1000+ leads per monthly.

8. My Chatbot

My chatbot is a simple WordPress AI chatbot that integrates with Google Dialogflow (in the Pro version). This integration allows for Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning capabilities. This improves the chatbot’s ability to comprehend messages from users.

This best chatbot WordPress plugin offers many nice features. The chat window allows you to answer FAQs, post links, and media, and view the conversation history.


  • Rich chatbot messaging options–videos and images, answer cards and quick replies
  • Customization of WordPress chatbot plugin (colors and text, fonts, background, etc.)
  • Welcoming messages for new visitors
  • Google Dialogflow integration to improve recognition of messages sent by users


  • Free-of-charge rich messages, conversation history and customization of the WordPress chat box
  • Pro–$23.99/year. Chatbots with NLP, menus and other features for easy communication

9. Chatra Live Chat + ChatBot + Cart Saver

Chatra is a WordPress chatbot that helps with sales. It is part of Chatra’s multichannel marketing platform and offers templates for automating lead generation as well as simple support tasks such as FAQs.

Chatra’s Facebook integration may also prove useful. It is a smart idea to choose the best chatbot WordPress, as 50% of customers use social media to find out about products.


  • Chatbot templates that can be customized to generate leads, provide basic assistance, and help with the checkout process
  • Chatbot messages for exit intent to stop visitors from leaving
  • Marketing information storage for customer data and conversation history


  • Essential–$15/mo. Chatbot templates to help with customer support, lead capture, and welcome messages with promotional offers.
  • Pro–$23/mo. Data export, Zapier integration, and chat reports.

10. Live Chat by Hybrid.Chat

Because it comes with ready-made templates, the WordPress chatbot from HybridChat is suitable for universities, law firms, healthcare institutions, and marketing agencies. Hospitality experts recommend that bots be used to improve guest experiences. HybridChat’s industry-specific chatbots make HybridChat stand apart.

Templates can be used to collect contact information of leads, answer FAQs, make appointments, and many other things. You can use the chatbot builder to make custom WordPress bots.


  • Chatbot templates that are ready-made and industry-specific for different types of users
  • Conversational AI allows AI chatbots to function
  • Integrations with popular business applications like CRM


  • Access to chatbot templates, 2 concurrent sessions of chatbots, chatbot answers using media and buttons, plus 100 monthly conversations
  • Basic–$29/mo. Basic–$29/mo.
  • Pro–$79/mo. 10 simultaneous bot sessions, chatbot and agent collaboration + 10,000 monthly discussions
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