9 Reasons WordPress Is So Popular

9 Reasons WordPress Is So Popular

Since the internet became accessible, having a website has been a necessity rather than a privilege. Businesses, public figures, stores were given a chance to reach out to more people by creating a webpage.

Yet, it is not that simple. To construct a webpage, one has to have a solid knowledge of coding. For obvious reasons, people started looking for a cheaper and more convenient alternative, and soon their demand was satisfied.

At first, the need for a platform capable of simplifying webpage construction was not that obvious. WordPress as we know it today started off as just a platform for bloggers. Nevertheless, it soon managed to fill the niche providing website development services that many businesses and people needed so urgently.

Today WordPress has many competitors. Yet, it still ranks top among all the companies offering website development services. Moreover, it keeps growing its audience.

Below we are going to discuss what makes it so successful.

WordPress Is Still Free

WordPress could have started offering its services for money, but it didn’t. On the contrary, it advocates for its services to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

So how does it make money? WordPress offers lots of internal products that come with a price. It means that you can easily create a website for free. However, if you need your website to stand out, every special theme, plugin, or effect will cost you.

Also, to keep your domain name, you should also pay. Yet, this price is often pretty low for a business and even for individuals.

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WordPress Does Not Keep Its Code in Secret

If one creates a website with WordPress but wants to adjust it a bit, they have all the resources to do the job. WordPress is open-source. It means everyone can have access to the code and modify it the way they see fit.

That is not common for other companies like WordPress. On the contrary, other platforms try to ban coders from accessing the code and modifying it. For them, it’s a matter of keeping the commercial secret. They can sell it, but they won’t offer it for free.

WordPress Is Developing

WordPress started with a relatively small collection of themes and services. Today, this is a powerful platform that hosts millions of effects for customers. Yet, the best thing WordPress offers is plugins. These little pieces of software can fix or customize literally any function on your website. The fact that new plugins are created every day proves that WordPress is actively growing and developing.

Imagine that you create a website that provides mathematics homework help for students. You don’t want your webpage to list the answers openly. On the contrary, you want to collect some information about students inquiring about these tasks. You can use plugins to modify your website or to require visitors to register before they access the homework help. That’s all possible due to the software that is embedded in your website code.

WordPress Is Still for Blogging

Even though WordPress took a U-turn in its development, it still remains a key platform for blogging. Just as it was in 2003, WordPress helps bloggers showcase the best of their ideas, hobbies, and interests by utilizing the most advanced web tools.

WordPress still beats its competitors in the blogging sphere. It offers such conditions to customers that no other platform can outperform them. Moreover, today’s WordPress blogs look far more exciting than they used to.

But It’s Not Only for Blogging

WordPress also successfully develops in several directions apart from blogging. Based on its code and software, people with no solid knowledge of coding can still create a beautiful website for their needs.

These are the examples of what you can build on your website using WordPress:

  • Knowledgebase
  • Invoicing systems
  • eLearning platform
  • Jobs portal
  • RSS News portal
  • Event management platform
  • Appointment management system

WordPress Recognizes SEO

SEO is essential for every website because it helps to grow its rankings. If a website creator ignores SEO requirements, the page they create won’t be seen by anyone.

WordPress encourages users to use a wide variety of tools to improve their search engine optimization. Moreover, there are SEO plugins that can be easily integrated into the website to help you manage SEO better.

WordPress Fits All

WordPress does not prioritize businesses over individual users. On the contrary, it exists to help diverse users meet their needs.

For example, you can be an avid essay writer whose website contains a page with essay topics on the hierarchy of needs, and you want this website to perform well. Or you can be a business owner working with different groups of customers. In this case, you’ll need to clone your website, utilize suitable themes, and apply other tools to make it grow.

All of it is possible with WordPress.

WordPress Makes Content Management Simple

Even if you lack coding skills, WordPress has made daily website operations easy for you. Content management takes no more than a few clicks right now. But if you want to make some significant changes, there is always a qualified developer that can help with that.

In any case, WordPress has enabled people to create and manage their websites alone. They don’t need help from outside to add some information to their website or remove an outdated post.

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WordPress Supports Media

To make sure your website appeals to visitors, WordPress allows adding images, documents, and audio of different formats. You can choose what kind of media you want to put on your website and do it. There is almost no format or file extension that WordPress would refuse to support.


WordPress is a unique platform for blogging and website creation that can satisfy even the pickiest user. Moreover, it never stops growing and developing. WordPress plugins and upgrades make sure your website stays up-to-date and meets all recent trends and criteria.

WordPress is the number one choice for online stores, professional portfolios, educational websites, and many other products. It has gained its reputation as the leading website development platform, and it keeps getting even more popular.

No way it’s going to lose its popularity any time soon.

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