7 Must-Have iPhone Accessories

7 Must-Have iPhone Accessories

If you own an iPhone, you already know about the many benefits of having one. These popular smartphones are easy to use and offer a variety of apps to enhance your experience.

Since the iPhone’s emergence, many accessories have been developed to take your experience to the next level. Whether you’re buying your first iPhone case or any other accessory, below are the seven must-have iPhone accessories to help make your iPhone experience more enjoyable.

1. Apple AirPods


The Apple AirPods came on the market and quickly became a sensation. While some people might try to get by with a cheaper option, this iPhone accessory is more than worth it.

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds specifically designed to work with iPads and iPhones. You can use just one at a time or both. The introduction of the Apple AirPods also helped bring back a feature that many iPhone users wanted — listening to music while charging their phones.

That’s right. You can simultaneously use AirPods while charging your phone via the lighting port. Whether music is your passion or you’re a casual listener, no iPhone is complete today without a set of AirPods.

Are you looking for the best protection for your AirPods? An AirPod case cover is the way to go. They come in a range of fun colors. A case cover is durable and can protect your AirPods from drops, scratches, and dents.

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2. Apple AirTag


Are you constantly misplacing your important items? The Apple AirTag is your answer. AirTags provide a simple way to keep track of your things. These little tags can attach to essential items like your keys, backpack, and more. If any of these items are ever misplaced, all you need to do is go into your iPhone, select the Find My app, and you’ll be able to locate your lost items.

3. Apple MagSafe Module

If you’re an iPhone user on the go, keeping your smartphone charged is a necessity. The MagSafe Module is a useful accessory to add to your collection, and it will keep your iPhone powered.

The Apple MagSafe module is designed to charge your iPhone safely, quickly and wirelessly. This impressive system adapts to the conditions of your iPhone to optimize charging. The MagSafe charger provides up to 15W of peak power delivery for a faster charging experience.

If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 mini, your device will receive up to 12W of power, but that’s more than enough to keep your device powered throughout the day.

4. Waterproof Pouch

This next iPhone accessory is best for someone who spends a lot of time near the water or for those who like to be extra cautious. Several universal waterproof pouches make a convenient accessory to own, whether you anticipate being in the water or not.

With a waterproof pouch, all you need to do is place your iPhone into it and seal it at the top. If your phone encounters water, the pouch will protect it. A bonus of purchasing a waterproof pouch is that many of them come with extra room. You can place some cash or keys inside to keep everything together. These pouches often have a strap to go around your neck so that you can keep your valuables close while swimming or snorkeling.

5. Leather Wallet With MagSafe

Leather Wallet With MagSafe

Many different types of wallets are available for the iPhone, but a leather wallet with MagSafe is probably one of the best. This type of wallet is considered a premium accessory because it includes sturdy magnets that allow it to securely attach to the back of your iPhone. You’ll also find that this wallet has more than enough space for cash and two or three essential cards.

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6. Phone Grip

Even with a phone case, your iPhone isn’t impervious to drops. Consider a case designed for your grip, like one that features a loop design to help you keep a hold of your phone even when taking selfies.

7. Screen Cleaner

Keeping germs away has always been a priority, but it has become even more critical in the last few years. Unfortunately, cell phones carry a lot of bacteria and germs, which means that users have to be more diligent about cleaning their devices.

One of the best accessories for iPhone users is a screen cleaner. Many screen cleaners are non-toxic and odorless and do a great job of keeping your iPhone screen spotless. Be sure to use screen cleaner with an antimicrobial microfiber. Alternatively, you can purchase screen cleaning wipes.

iPhone users should also invest in a liquid screen protector, which is an innovative alternative to wasteful plastic screen protectors. Pela’s zero waste screen protector helps protect your iPhone from cracks, scratches, and breaks without using an environmentally harmful plastic covering.

Enjoy Your iPhone With Personalized Accessories

No iPhone is complete without a few accessories to personalize your experience. Luckily, there are many great accessories available for iPhone users, even if you just switched to a new model like the iPhone 14. If you’re looking for accessories to enhance your iPhone experience, be sure to consider these seven recommendations.

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