9 Best Green Screen Apps for Video Editing

Green Screen Apps

Video editing takes up to a higher level. It is not just possible to make use of simple editing tools, like cutting or overlaying, but you can improve your videos using green screens. Numerous apps are available to bring incredible effects to your video however, choosing the most effective green screen applications to use on your device is an absolute challenge.

Green screen applications work as the real green screen that is used in film production. You can apply background effects to your images, such as New Zealand, Golden Gate and other places that which are not accessible in the present. Stay tuned for the most highly-rated apps available for Android or iOS.

9 Best Green Screen Apps for Video Editing

Green screen apps are the most effective way to create background effects for your video. When replacing the background after recording can alter the quality of your video, using green screen apps ensure the quality of the final video. These are the top apps to create a stunning background that to use on Android as well as iOS.

1. Chromavid

To top the list is Chromavid which is one of the most popular apps on both mobile and desktop operating systems. The green screen tool can be used to not only make videos but also create photos using chroma keys effects. With this application, you will be able to view incredible videos or photos with stunning backgrounds with smartphone cameras.

What is Chromavid function? Before you use the app for photography or video ensure that everything is set up correctly. After everything is configured then select a chroma-colored color that could be yellow, blue, or red. You can also choose green. It could be an unadorned wall or curtain. Select a background video or an image from the app to change the color of the chroma and begin taking pictures. That’s it.

Explore your creative side with various backgrounds in this application. If you’d like to share your ideas with your family or friends, you can share via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Do you like this application? Chromavid is available for the free and subscription versions. If you sign up for the subscription version, you’ll have access to unlimited recording, premium packs, and without the Chromavid logo.

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2. KineMaster

If you are looking for a green screen app that offers all the features you need, KineMaster can be a suitable choice. KineMaster is a well-known video editor that packs a plethora of options and functions that allow you to create stunning videos for your phone. Apart from the green screen function It also comes with basic editing tools like adding layers, combining, and color adjustments.

For a truly stunning video featuring effects that are unique to the background, choose from the available colors. But, there’s no specific palette, so you have to choose the slider in the RGB palette. This isn’t easy. Once you’ve selected an option, it is time to you can change the background. It is easy to reduce or increase the brightness of the background, change the transparency, or alter particulars.

To enhance your video, make use of a variety of editing tools available in this app, including trimming, cropping, adding voiceovers, controlling speed as well as applying filtering. In addition, the app allows you to export 4K videos at 30fps to produce high-quality output. The free version comes with KineMaster watermarks and the only option to get rid of it is to upgrade to the premium version.

3. Stop Motion Studio

This is a full-featured, video editor that can make your stop-motion movie experience more exciting. The app has an intuitive and well-designed interface that lets you make animated videos without any effort. With a variety of features, including green screens that help you make amazing videos.

Through the green-screen option, you can alter the background to fit the setting. It is possible to make the figure fly, dive into deep oceans, and travel wherever you’d like. After you have recorded, you can utilize the many editing tools to enhance the video. If you’re looking to make a sound effect, soundtrack or apply filters, this application can handle it.

Stop Motion Studio offers a number of additional options, including copy, paste, frame insert, and animated guides in addition to overlay mode. An interactive timeline that allows you to work with hundreds of frames won’t cause you to be overwhelmed. Like a similar video editing app, this lets users share their work via social media or save it to the gallery.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is the editor’s pick on the Play Store and has become one of the most highly-recommended green screen applications. With more than 50 million downloads, this app could be a fantastic partner to create high-quality videos, just like a professional. It offers a variety of editing tools at your disposal so that you can design your own video or film using your smartphone.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and numerous functions that are incredibly powerful. If you prefer to be able to see the green screen, PowerDirector is worth trying. For replacing the background, you’ll have to choose the color of your background, such as red, blue, green yellow, or any other color. You can also alter the denoise value to change the color’s hardness and brightness.

In addition to the green screen, you also have access to other editing tools, such as the ability to trim, rotate, and combine with text, adjust brightness, and even voiceovers. After you’re finished you can export your videos at 4K resolution for the highest quality and upload them to your social media accounts through Facebook and YouTube. Free versions of PowerDirector include a watermark but it is necessary to change to the Premium version in order to get rid of the watermark.

5. VivaCut

If you’re looking for an expert green screen application for smartphones, VivaCut must be on the list. The full-featured video editor allows you to create masterpieces in your videos, whether it’s artistic or fun moments with your friends. With advanced video editing tools, you are able to express your imagination to create amazing video effects.

If you’re keen on focusing your attention on the green screen function This professional application has a feature called Chroma Key that allows you to mix videos at the Hollywood box office. Select a solid background select your most loved effects, and Hollywood Chroma Key is ready to make your video distinct.

This top green screen app includes not just the green screen but other effects such as glitches as well as fisheye, RB grainy, and more. If you combine it with a great transition, creating stunning overlays is not difficult using this application. Additionally, you can enjoy video adjustments that allow users to control the intensity, contrast, brightness, and other components that are part of the film.

6. Magic Green Screen

Created by BadonguTech, Magic Green Screen is an excellent option to replace your background. The application is simple and user-friendly for beginners, which means that they won’t face difficulties using it. In addition to the green screen, it comes with various other features that can improve the quality of your videos, such as contrast and brightness adjustment.

What exactly is Magic Green Screen work? Choose a background of solid color and aim your camera toward the object. Start the application, and then tap the background to become transparent. Adjust the sliders to adjust precision to tolerance, brightness, and contrast to achieve the desired result. When you are satisfied you want, press the record icon to begin recording. If you’d like to stop by pressing the power switch or the back button.

In addition to a simple-to-use and live green screens, the application provides a variety of functions such as front and rear camera compatibility, as well as sliders for simple adjustment. If you are looking to make an amateur video or wish to play around with a green screen, this application is worth considering. However, it could need permission to record audio as well as capture pictures.

7. Veescope Live Green Screen App

If you’re in search of an app that is free and has excellent scores in the App Store, Veescope could be it. The green screen app has nearly 4 million downloads and has become one of the most popular video editors on the iOS platform. With this app, making your unique masterpiece is no longer difficult. Because of the numerous features that allow you to show your creativity.

Veescope allows as high as 12 megapixels for photos with green screens with up to four-kilo UHD resolution for video. After taking a picture or video, you can edit it using the advanced tool for video edits. It not only has a blue or green screen as well, but it also has six layers of editing as well as support for stop-motion animation. It is interesting to note that you can also add new backgrounds to weather forecasts.

The basic green screen application can be used on a solid background that has colors like red, green blue, or yellow. If you’d like to change the backgrounds while recording, or even add videos from the camera roll Veescope will be able to do it. In addition, it allows live preview using Airplay to ensure that you don’t have to record repeatedly again. Most importantly the app is that it’s free but offers in-app purchases to access additional content.

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8. Green Screen by Do Ink

This app is an excellent way to help you take your editing skills for video up to the next step. The winner of the 2019 Best Apps of the AASL emphasizes ease of use and simplicity that allows anyone to make their own masterpieces using iOS devices. It is, however, a learning and teaching app. Green Screen by Do Ink allows you to create stunning video output.

Through this application allows you to show your imagination by telling stories or using video explanations. This effect of green screens allows you to create appealing animations so that viewers will be attracted to your explanation or story. This easy app features a live video camera, which can combine up to three elements, cut video and take images.

To get the best results from your video, Green Screen by Do Ink lets you capture videos in high-definition formats. After you have recorded your video, make use of various editing tools to improve the final outcome. You can mix the audio tracks, or remove any unwanted elements to enhance the quality of your video. When you’re done you can export the project and save to your gallery, or share it with friends. Unfortunately, the application isn’t free and costs $4.99.

9. Green Screen Studio

This is a chroma-key application that runs well on the iOS platform. It lets you change an ordinary and boring background into whatever you like by using the green screen technology that allows you to blend two frames. Green Screen Studio has an assortment of tools to take backgrounds by hand when you don’t have a green background.

The professional application comes with a user-friendly and simple interface that makes it easier to use. With the capability of loading background and foreground images and allows users to alter the content of their videos as they wish. You can also utilize this feature to automatically display green screens to serve an actual reason.

After you have recorded your video, improve it using a variety of editing tools. Utilize the auto-enhance feature to automatically enhance your video or apply fun stickers or texts to the video. Additionally, you can alter contrast and brightness as well as crop, rotate, and a lot more. Green Screen Studio is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

Making a stunning photo or video is no longer a distant dream using the top green screen applications above. Professional apps allow users to transform plain backgrounds into anything you can imagine. Explore your creative side and show it off to your friends and family.

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