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Top 10 Video Testimonial Software

Video Testimonial Software

Many consumers today rely on testimonials and online reviews before making a purchase decision. Even businesses in the B2B industry can check out potential suppliers to ensure their trustworthiness as well as service quality. There are too many stories about online frauds and scams that you can’t believe what you read. People are increasingly looking for social proof to prove that a company keeps its promises. We will be discussing a variety of video testimonial software that they can use.

Many brands include testimonials from customers on their websites to show their trustworthiness. There are many types of testimonials, such as customer quotes, case studies, customer interviews, reviews from high-profile sources, reviews by the press, reviews on social media, and posts about customers. Many companies include video testimonials of happy customers on their websites.  Easily capture video testimonials from your customers with our intuitive video testimonial software.

Our Ultimate Guide to Video Testimonials will provide tips and best practices to help you create effective video testimonials.

Top Video Testimonial Software and Tools

1. Widewail

Widewail is a company that specializes in products that can be used to generate feedback or review response-managed services. Their latest product, Invite Video is a video testimonial generation software.

Widewail Invite Video can be used to collect user-generated content. You can also use the customer’s words to convert future customers. Customers can record themselves, without the need for a crew or setup. Customers can instead record their videos directly on their smartphones, with no need to download them. Invite Video will guide your customers through each step.

A whole library of user-generated videos can be purchased for less than one professional video. This means that you won’t have to limit yourself to just a few testimonials per year due to budget constraints.

Widewail allows customers to upload videos. This app notifies your team when there is a new submission. The app allows you and your team to access the most recent video content, then download the best for your marketing.

Each video submission comes with a signed release form. Your business can use the video wherever you like, such as on your website or social media.

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2. Trustmary

Trustmary can be used to collect testimonials, optimize your website and increase conversion rates. It is easy to create lead generation forms and show off your happy customers. It can be used with any CMS, such as WordPress, HubSpot, or Wix.

Trustmary believes that testimonials and reviews are a form of social proof that can help build trust with potential customers.

This tool lets you send customers a request to record a testimonial video. It is often automated.

It is elegant and simple. Your customers are your best friend thank them for purchasing and ask them if they’d like to record a video testimonial You may find helpful questions that the form will direct you to answer. After agreeing, click “record” or “send”. You will receive the video and you can share it online.

3. Vocal Video

Vocal Video is a combination of editing, publishing, hosting, and reviewing video testimonials. It also creates embeddable galleries or walls of love. Vocal Video transforms raw footage automatically into multi-scene videos using motion graphics, soundtracks, and branding.

Vocal Video allows customers to record from any device at any time, and with an interface that matches your brand, Video, and audio responses can be collected remotely and asynchronously. Customers don’t even need to install anything in order to create testimonials.

You can start with a professionally-crafted video request template, and customize it to match your brand in just seconds. To increase response rates, you can add a video greeting or incentive. Vocal Video has 46 video collection templates that you can use to ask your questions.

Vocal Video automatically creates a video with your logo, colors, subtitles, scene transitions, and motion graphics when you receive a response. Vocal Video even generates subtitles automatically from text-to-speech transcription.

Vocal Video has simple editing capabilities. You can trim clips, add filters and change the music or add a call-to-action. Edit subtitles immediately and choose from 33 preset soundtracks, or upload your own. You can give your video testimonials personality by using a preset theme.

4. Vidmonials

Vidmonials is a powerful customer management tool that allows clients to collect and manage authentic and meaningful video testimonials from customers. Vidmonials can be used to create video testimonials and text-to-video recommendations.

Text-to-video testimonials are different from complete video testimonials because they convert your text reviews to video slideshows with background music. It is possible to convert text reviews into videos and post them on your social media channels. This will improve your organic SEO.

Video testimonials can be sent to customers by simply sending them review requests. Review requests can be sent via email, QR code, or automated through Vidmonials. Vidmonials users can submit video testimonials via a link that you provide.

You can collect testimonials and keep them in a book. Each testimonial can be viewed with all details about its sender. The videos can be shared directly on YouTube or Facebook, and you can also download them for marketing purposes.

Vidmonials embeddable widgets will showcase your brand’s authenticity for your website visitors. These could be either a Floating Vimonials Trust Seal or a Playlist widget that includes all approved video testimonials.

5. Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero understands that customer testimonials can provide a strong sense of trust in attracting new business. They have also been shown to increase the speed at which deals are closed. The Testimonial Hero guides you through the process of creating professionally edited, commercial-grade customer testimonials. To create your videos, you can either use remote or on-site video recording.

Testimonial Hero handles all aspects of creating testimonial videos via remote video capture. This includes interviews and editing. They work with you to determine the message and story that your employee or customer wants. This will help them create the best interview questions. Then they coach the customer or employee via a simple, remote capture process.

Finally, they conduct the interview. The platform does not require any sign-in or accounts. Within ten business days of filming, Testimonial Hero will send you the first version of your core testimonial. The team will work with you to finish the video in the next ten days. This will create the perfect 90-second edit.

6. Boast

Boast is all-in-one video testimonial software that makes it easy to capture and share praise. This will help you build trust with prospects, increase sales and increase your credibility. Boast allows you to share a link from your Boast-hosted forms and embed them on your site. Customers can record video using any camera-enabled device.

Boast can be integrated with your existing tools so that you can request testimonials at just the right time with the right message and through the right medium. This will get your customers to take action. You can create new reviews and testimonials to be automatically published on your Facebook page. To request a Google Review when positive feedback has been submitted, you can link each location’s Google My Business listing with Boast. You can also use Zapier’s 1,500+ integrations to collect more feedback and integrate Boast seamlessly into your existing processes.

You can tag and filter testimonials by product, location, staff member, or custom fields so that you can show the best testimonials where they are most relevant. You can also set up notifications to be notified whenever new testimonials are submitted. This allows you to review them and approve their publication on your website or social media channels.

7. Testimonial

As its name suggests, Testimonial helps you gather and display testimonials in one place. Start by creating a landing page specifically for your business. You can then easily share the link via email, social media, or SMS. Customers can upload their testimonials to this page. The MP4 files will be available for download with the original resolution. You can also upload your video to the space page. This is more personal and can encourage customers to send their best shoutouts.

Testimonial is a clean and simple way to manage all testimonials from one location. You can share testimonials via social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. YouTube, Vimeo, and other review sites such as Yelp. You can add them all to your Testimonial Account.

No coding knowledge is required to embed a Wall of Love on your website. Your Wall of Love can be used to display your favorite testimonials.

You can also embed Testimonials directly on your website. You don’t have to use any third-party Ad-free hosting services, such as Wistia and Vimeo.

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8. VideoPeel

VideoPeel automates every step of the customer video lifecycle. Quickly create campaigns and share them with your customers. You can also start collecting testimonials. Within one VideoPeel campaign, you can add your video or logo, create prompts and add calls-to-action.

You can pinpoint your viewers’ needs by asking questions directly and getting organic responses. This will provide you with greater insight into your target audience.

VideoPeel technology allows anyone to follow your instructions and create a video using their smartphone. Then they can submit it to you. The software can handle large files, transcoding, multi-devices, and multiple video formats.

VideoPeel is more than just a tool for video testimonials. You can also use it to collect videos from influencers and beta testers, product videos or contests, or video tutorials from employees or customers.

9. VideoAsk

VideoAsk allows for face-to-face interaction with your audience using asynchronous video technology. This will help you build stronger business relationships. One-on-one conversations can be conducted at scale. You can record your questions and then share the link. Then, your customers can record their responses. Use conditional logic, and multiple response options (video, audio, text, etc. Contact forms and conditional logic are used to facilitate the conversation. VideoAsk organizes, records, and transcribes all your communications.

VideoAsk allows you to ask for testimonials from customers and integrates seamlessly into your customer journey. You can embed your VideoAsk request testimonials in emails, and texts, or share the link. Respondents can then answer in just one click.

VideoAsk makes it easy to gather all video testimonials in one place. They are already transcribed. You can download your videos now and share them on your website.

Ask one question per customer to guide you through their testimonials. You will get better testimonials and more thoughtful responses. As part of the submission process, ask for consent. This will ensure that you have all the permissions required to share a testimonial. All your testimonials can be gathered in one place. You can then use the transcription to download and share your testimonials.

10. Trust

Honest customer feedback, including video and text testimonials, reviews, and ratings, can help you grow your credibility and increase online sales. Videos and testimonials are especially valuable because they show how customers and clients get the most out of your offer. Trust Testimonials are based on real customer feedback. They provide all the features that you need to collect and display on your site.

The widgets include photos of clients, titles, and company names as well as icons that link to social media accounts or websites. Trust provides a complete solution for video testimonials and makes it easy for clients to submit video reviews.

Customers can quickly record new videos from the testimonial request form or add links to existing videos on YouTube and Facebook.

To collect testimonials, you can create a testimonial request form, send its URL, and pre-fill a testimonial (client’s name, company name, etc.). To collect feedback, you can either send the URL to the client or create a rating survey. You can ask customers to leave testimonials if they give you a positive rating.

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