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10 Best Customer Feedback Tools and Software

Customer Feedback Tools

Customer feedback tools that are the best make it easy and simple to gather useful data from customers in order to improve their experience.

It can be hard to find out what customers want, but there are great tools that allow you to directly or indirectly collect customer feedback and turn it into actionable insights.

Understanding customer behavior can help shape products and services, while also helping to improve the customer lifetime value.

Online marketing and Data analytics only go so far. Businesses should look for the best customer feedback tools to collect rich qualitative data in order to understand customers’ motivations.

It can also be useful to receive feedback via customer experience tools, Q&A platforms, and other surveys tools.

However, not all customer feedback tools work the same. Below, discover which one is right for you.

10 Best Customer Feedback Tools and Software

1. Typeform

Your customers will fill out the best customer feedback tools. They won’t just close it after a few seconds. Typeform’s attractive form designs are a great way to get customers’ feedback. Typeform allows you to express your brand personality by encouraging you to ask questions in a casual tone and by being creative with the design.

Typeform has a Live Preview mode to see changes in real-time, simple analytics to access quick insights, and a Logic Jump feature that makes each Typeform more intelligent and personal by advancing users towards relevant questions.

2. Hotjar

Hotjar is used by companies like Adobe, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey to provide innovative visual approaches to customer feedback. This all-in-one solution visualizes behavior to help marketers, product managers, and UX designers understand your customers.

This is done through heat maps, which allow you to identify how users scroll, move, click and click. You can also choose to view visitor recordings, which will show you exactly how visitors navigate your website. Hotjar’s conversion funnels can help you identify where visitors are leaving and how to reduce their bounce rate.

A cool feature that analyzes forms identifies fields people take too long to fill out, and feedback polls help illuminate the reasoning behind users’ choices.

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3. Userbrain

Userbrain is used by Red Bull Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Spotify, and Virgin to track visitors’ behaviors and help them identify and resolve any issues they have while visiting your website. One person might have difficulty buying an item while another might struggle to navigate the forms on different pages.

It is simple to use and allows you to set up multiple URLs to monitor specific tasks. Userbrain allows you to bypass the need to find, manage and pay for test participants to your website. Instead, you have access to a global pool of user participants who are impartial.

4. UserReport

It’s not enough to know who your users are. You also need to understand what they want from you in order to provide the best products and services. Companies such as Toyota and Johnston Press use UserReport to embed into their websites or apps. It is based on two widgets: a survey widget and a feedback widget.

This is useful because it gives you an NPS (or Net Promoter Score), which allows you to see how your users feel about your product. Users are broken down by demographics. Feedback widgets allow you to collect ideas to fix bugs. This can make it easier to prioritize features based on popularity.

5. Sprinklr

Sprinklr allows you to create an online community for customers. This can be a great way of engaging with visitors and getting faster answers, consumer feedback, or gathering information that will help you make purchasing decisions.

Sprinklr has many features. It can deflect customer support calls while helping customers get faster answers. Customers can also be assisted with purchasing decisions by user-generated content.

It is also easy to embed gamification capabilities that recognize and reward community experts and motivate all members of the community to take part in more conversations.

6. Revoo

Revoo is a great way to get your website visitors’ feedback on your product or service. It gathers reviews written by companies. Only people who have purchased or used your software can submit this information.

It’s transparent and avoids fake reviews, making it one of the most useful customer feedback tools. Revoo works by inviting customers to review your products and then emailing them. Also, they inquire about the purchase process and the service received. It allows people to sign up for a volunteer pool that answers questions from curious shoppers.

7. Loop

It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation to grow revenue or improve a product. The loop allows you to collect visual feedback from customers.

The customer feedback software comes with a plug-in for capturing screenshots. It also includes an embedded forum where visitors can vote on their feedback. This will help to catch bugs and drive product decisions.

You will be notified by email whenever someone replies to your comments. This means that you can – you guessed right – always keep them in touch.

8. Canny

Used in companies like Lyft or MongoDB, The Canny platform is used to collect feedback and help you make better product decisions.

Canny is available with a 14-day free trial. It uses a three-step process that allows you to gather feedback from key stakeholders. Next, plan your roadmap to show the future. Finally, share updates with people to let everyone know that the features they are interested in are available.

Fully-fledged versions can handle 100 users and go up in price for 1000 users. You can choose a custom option if you need more users. This gives unlimited tracked users, a dedicated account manager, and an uptime SLA (or service-level agreement).

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9. Intercom

Intercom enables companies to communicate with customers in real-time. It helps them build loyalty and grow at all stages of their customer lifecycle. It is used by more than 30,000 companies, including Shopify and YCombinator.Chatbots are one of its features. They help improve conversion rates and engage website visitors. These messages can be supplemented by targeted onboarding and activation messages, which help to forge the 1:1 relationships necessary to find value from products.

Intercom also offers rich insights and real-time tools that can be used to increase user engagement and boost teams. The lowest package is free to try, but if you require more functionality, the Pro or Premium packages are available at an additional cost.

10. Clarabridge

Clarabridge turns complexity into clarity. It uses AI and machine learning to make sense of customer feedback from multiple channels. It uses rules to determine the thoughts and desires of customers, which allows you to automate and measure things such as emotion, intent, and effort.

All customer feedback can be gathered from many sources and compiled in one place. Data connectors are able to pull information from any type of customer feedback in just one click. This gives a snapshot of the customer journey.

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