How Do Subtitles Improve Video Comprehension, Attention, and Memory?

How Do Subtitles Improve Video Comprehension, Attention, and Memory

Subtitles offer viewers a variety of advantages. If you regularly produce video content, you probably assume you’ll need to include subtitles, mainly if you’re aiming your content at international audiences. Foreign, deaf, and hard-of-hearing individuals will find your videos appealing if they have subtitles. A video with subtitles has positive effects and enhances focus, memory, and comprehension.

Even though they are prevalent and well-known, few people know the processes involved in producing great subtitles for a video. However, if you have video content and want to prevent your subtitles from being inefficient, you should use a web-based video editing program that can add subtitles to video (automate captions), customize, or digitize text-to-speech.

How do subtitles help you understand and improve your focus and comprehension? Read on to find out why subtitles are helpful.

Good Reasons to Subtitle Your Videos

Subtitles are transcribed video versions meant to give viewers a real-time experience. They appear below the screen. Subtitles are for audiences who don’t speak the video’s language but can hear other sounds, like music and know who’s talking. You must include subtitles in your video content if you aim to reach a foreign audience.

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Subtitles Improve Comprehension

The research found that watching videos with subtitles improves viewers’ comprehension in any generation. Also, if a viewing spectator cannot hear the video, the additional details in these subtitles can aid understanding.

The National Library of Medicine reports, “Over 100 empirical studies show that captioning a video helps improve comprehension, attention, and memory. Captions are especially useful for people watching videos in their second language, children and adults learning how to read, and people who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

It helps with understanding quickly spoken dialogue, foreign words, or accented language. Rewinding a video or using subtitles are alternate options if the viewer cannot hear speech due to ambient noise. Closed captioning and subtitles are excellent alternatives for this.

Enhance Focus

A great advantage when adding subtitles to your video is that it enhances focus or maintains concentration for longer. It gives a better guide for viewers with attention disorder or autism.

Some people prefer watching videos with subtitles to learn information more effectively. This way through it, focus and reading comprehension is improved.

Develop Great Memory

Watching movies with subtitles can help viewers learn a language and improve their memory. Viewers can continuously read and listen, which trains their brain’s cognitive processes to remember and retrieve information. It enhances their ability to comprehend and store the information they got from the video they watched.

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Subtitles Function Differently for Various Audiences.

It is crucial to keep in mind who will be viewing your video when adding subtitles. You should bear the following in mind:

  • Know your audience: Before creating your subtitles, it is essential to understand your views. For instance, subtitles for videos aimed at kids will differ from subtitles for videos aimed at adults. Additionally, subtitles written for a general audience may vary from those reported for experts.
  • Plan: You should understand who your target spectator is before you start writing your subtitles. Let’s assume that your video content is intended for a general audience or educational purposes. Given that not all of your viewers have the same level of education, you must use straightforward language for the general public. The more thoroughly a subtitler comprehends the video and the overall plan, the more specific and understandable the final product will be.


What is the difference between subtitles and Captions?

Subtitles are video transcriptions that give the viewer an experience of what is happening on screen. Subtitle text is typically displayed at the bottom of the screen. Subtitles are commonly used by viewers who cannot understand the language used in the video but can hear other audio, such as music, and can identify the speaker.

The purpose of captions is to make video content more accessible to people who are hard of hearing or deaf. The rhythm of the dialogue or action may not accurately reflect the captions, usually a word-for-word transcription of the spoken dialogue in the video. In addition, they might contain background noises, speaker distinction, and other crucial audio cues that aid in understanding videos without sound.

How to add subtitles to the video?

You can add subtitles to your videos in various ways, including using automated subtitling services, DIY techniques, and foreign language translation services. The caliber of these services can, however, differ significantly. It is preferable to be aware of the tools or features of your video editing software to achieve effective subtitling on your projects.

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