Visualize Your Spotify Profile: How to Find Your Best Artist & Make Your Own Spotify Pie Chart

In today’s world of digital music streaming, Spotify Pie offers an innovative way to visualise your musical preferences through data-driven pie charts. Spotify Pie is a third-party website by Darren Haung that generates a personalised pie chart Spotify highlighting your favourite music genres and listening habits. With just your Spotify data, Spotify Pie creates a colourful pie chart, your very own Spotify pie that gives you a deep understanding of your audio taste profile.

What is Spotify Pie?

Spotify Pie is a fun website that creates a pie chart showing the different music genres you listen to on Spotify. The pie chart visualises the variety of music tastes for any Spotify user.

How Does Spotify Pie Work?

Spotify Pie connects with your Spotify account and studies your music listening data. It then divides your tracks into different music genres and styles. Based on how many songs you have listened to in each genre, it makes segments of a pie chart.

The size of each slice in the Spotify pie chart depends on how many tracks of that genre you play. The bigger the slice, the more you listen to that type of music.

For example, if you listen to more pop songs, the pop music slice will be bigger. If you have fewer jazz songs, the jazz slice will be smaller. This Spotify pie gives a breakup of your musical taste.

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How to Make Your Spotify Pie Chart

The pie chart spotify shows your favourite music genres in a colourful pie. You can make this for free to see your Spotify listening habits. Connecting Spotify Pie to Your Account

  • Go to the Spotify Pie Website

First, go to This is the website to make your Spotify pie chart.


  • Connect Your Spotify Account


On the website, click on ‘Connect With Spotify’. This will ask you to log in to your Spotify account. Log in to connect your account.

  • Allow Access to Your Spotify Data


Spotify Pie will ask permission to read your Spotify data. Allow access so it can analyse your listening history.

  • See Your Pie Chart!


Once connected, Spotify Pie will create your personal pie chart! It usually takes only a few seconds.

Reading Your Spotify Pie Chart

The Spotify Pie chart gives a clear visual split of the genres you love listening to. Here are some ways to interpret your Spotify Pie:

  • Size of slices – The bigger the slice, the more songs you hear in that genre
  • Colour coding – Each music type has a different colour slice. So you can easily see which is pop, rock etc.
  • Percentages – Mouse over the slices to see the exact percentage of each genre in your music taste
  • Variety – More slices mean you listen to more varied music types. Fewer slices indicate specific music tastes.
  • Top genres – The top 2-3 biggest slices are your most heard genres on Spotify. This is your music preference.
  • Missed genres – No slice for a genre means you need to expand your musical horizons!

The Spotify listening pie chart allows you to discover insights about your music taste and habits. You can learn which genres you love, which ones you avoid and which type makes up most of your listening.

What Music Genres Does Spotify Pie Show?

Spotify classifies the music you listen to into various genres and sub-genres. Mostly, these music types are covered in the Spotify Pie chart:

  • Pop – Pop music slice is usually big for many listeners
  • Hip Hop – Rap, hip hop and R&B tracks come under this genre
  • Dance – Electronic dance music and house music fall into this category
  • Rock – Alternative, indie and hard rock tunes are grouped here
  • Latin – Latin pop reggaeton falls under this music type
  • Classical – Classical and instrumental music tracks go in this slice

There are also other genres like country, metal, jazz, blues, folk, film scores, etc., based on the variety of your listening habits on Spotify.

Features of Spotify

Spotify Pie has some cool features that make it fun to use. Let’s look at what they are:

  • New Music Genres

Spotify Pie shows both popular and lesser-known music genres. This helps explore new genres like nu-metal, post-grunge, Canadian metalcore, etc. One can find new types of music they may genuinely like.

  • Monthly Updates

Spotify Pie updates every month, unlike Spotify Wrapped, which is annual. One can see their listening habits promptly each month instead of waiting for long.

  • Amusing Slogan

The website has a funny slogan, “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie”. This makes the experience of using Spotify Pie entertaining.

  • Share on Social Media

Though Spotify Pie does not have a sharing feature, one can easily take a screenshot of their pie chart. This screenshot can then be shared on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

  • Shows Top Artists

Spotify Pie makes a list of top artists one has listened to over different time periods. One can see which artists they listen to the most each month.

Get More Insights with the Spotify Pie Chart

The Spotify Pie chart not only shows your genre split but also gives other cool insights. You can click on the ‘More Stats’ button below your Pie to see:

  • Top artists – See the top 5 artists you have listened to
  • Total genres – Check the total number of music genres in your listening
  • Total tracks – See total tracks played to generate your Pie chart
  • Time period – Check the time period of your Spotify data used to make the Pie

This gives you deeper statistics beyond just the genre pie chart.

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Pros and Cons of Spotify Pie

Pros of Spotify Pie:

  • Visualise your Spotify listening data in a pie chart format
  • See your favourite music genres at a glance
  • Pie chart updates every month showing the latest listening habits
  • Explore new and underrated music genres not found on Spotify charts
  • Easy to share pie chart screenshots on social media
  • Free to use without any subscription charges
  • Simple interface that is easy to understand
  • Gives insights into your music taste and listening diversity

Cons of Spotify Pie:

  • Only works with Spotify and is not compatible with other music apps
  • Songs have to play for at least 30 seconds to get counted
  • There is no native sharing feature within the tool
  • A pie chart can get crowded if you listen to too many genres
  • Doesn’t offer listening stats beyond the pie chart
  • Requires logging in via Spotify, which some users may not prefer
  • The pie chart is a static image and not an interactive
  • Shows only the last month’s listening data

Does Apple Music Have Pie Charts?

The Spotify Pie Chart is very popular to see your favourite music genres. But this feature is not available on Apple Music. Apple Music users cannot directly make pie charts of their listening data. This can be disappointing for people who want pie charts like on Spotify. But there is another way to get Apple Music pie charts. It involves more steps. A website called Last.FM can be connected to Apple Music. It collects your listening data. Then provides charts and statistics. Using the data from, Apple Music listeners can create their own pie charts. But it requires some extra work. The pie charts can then be shared with friends and others.

So, the Spotify Pie Chart is simple for Spotify users. But Apple Music listeners can also make pie charts through stats. But this method needs a few extra steps


Spotify Pie provides a fun, interactive way to visualise and understand your music listening habits. Your pie Spotify gives your audio profile at a glance. Use Spotify Pie to discover your different music tastes, genres you avoid, diversity in listening and more. Compare your Spotify Pie with friends and explore playlists relevant to your chart. Spotify Pie offers data-driven insights to music lovers in a simple, engaging graphic form.


Q1 What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

You can see your listening habits on Spotify in a pie chart with the help of the free online application Spotify Pie Chart. It provides you with information on the best performers, tracks, and genres over any given time frame.

Q2. Can I use my PC to create a Spotify Pie Chart?

The Spotify Pie Chart is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. To make your pie chart, just visit the website, link your Spotify account, and start using. You don't have to download any apps.

Q 3: Can I use Spotify Pie Chart with other music apps?

No, only Spotify data can be used with the Spotify Pie Chart. It is not compatible with YouTube Music, Amazon Music, or Apple Music, among other music streaming services.

Q4. What is the difference between Spotify Pie Chart and Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is an official yearly feature by Spotify that shows your listening stats. Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party tool that lets you generate pie charts for any time period.

Q5. Is it possible to make pie charts for Amazon and YouTube music?

You cannot directly connect YouTube Music or Amazon Music to the Spotify Pie Chart. But you can use Last. fm to track your listening stats from different music apps and create pie charts. Just connect your accounts to Last. fm and access your data.

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