Things You Need to Know about Smart Washers

Things You Need to Know about Smart Washers

You must have wondered what a smart washing machine is and whether you need one. These WiFi-enabled washing machines are becoming popular these days. However, do you know what they exactly are? A smart washing machine is a device that can connect to your home WiFi network just like any other device, such as a tablet or smartphone. You can then set up your washing machine subordinately using an app on your smartphone or tablet, or using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart washing machines come with multiple features. To get the best features and functions, try to buy washing machines in the Philippines. Some of the top reasons to buy a smart washing machine, cut through the selling tales to see how useful they actually are, and some of the best smart washing machines you can buy right now are listed below.

  • Remote control via the app: You can use your smartphone, Alexa, tablet, or Google Assistant to start, pause and stop your laundry.
  • Automatic Program Selection: Enter a few simple details and the app will determine the best program for your wash.
  • Automatic dosing: Some machines weigh the load and accustom the extent of detergent accordingly.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the machine is from 6 kg to 12kg. Most models regulate the amount of laundry and use the appropriate amount of water and energy.
  • Troubleshoot: Machines can identify issues and maintenance that require your attention and notify you immediately through the app.
  • Memory function: Some people remember their most used programs and suggest them when setting up the laundry.
  • Additional programs: Most apps offer additional downloadable programs, such as steam cleaning or drum cleaning cycles.
  • Energy consumption: You can check the energy consumption of the washing machine in real time.
  • Add Items: Did you drop a sock on your way to the machine? This can be chucked into the mid-cycle.
  • Safety: The cycle will not start if the door is expanded or the machine is not associated with the water supply.

Non-smart washing machines come with many adept features, but the smart washing machines we’re articulating here can categorically relate to your home Wi-Fi to take advantage of certain features. These can check:

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Smart Home Compatibility: Some smart washing machines grind with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to voice-activate laundry programs and incorporate laundry into smart home sequences or routines. Search more about the leading smart assistants in our buying guide.

Maintenance Details

In the event of a problem with your washing machine, your connected smartphone can send details of the error to the accomplice app to alert you as soon as possible. Some even help you fix the problem yourself so you don’t have to call a plumber.


A washing machine has to be one of the most feature-rich appliances in your kitchen. The finest machines have everything from pre-washing and wrinkle prevention to extra rinsing and delayed starts. When washing, there are many things to understand. It even has numerous washing programs, temperature settings, and spin speeds in front. The guide explains everything you need to know about smart washing machines.

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